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Meet Bayor, the mascot of McDonough City Hall


Compiled by Times staff 

 Bayor, the mascot of McDonough City Hall, has been gaining a great deal of popularity on Facebook as well as generating a good bit of interest. It seems he has been busy behind the scenes helping Mayor Billy Copeland and his assistant, Leslie Balog, however in an effort to learn more about Bayor, we decided to get to know him better with 10 hard-hitting questions:

Special photo


1. How did you come to be the mascot of McDonough City Hall?

 I was found sitting in a local intersection. I donít know how I got there, and I was quite frightened. I guess I must have lost my memory. I also scared the people in the neighborhood because they thought that I was a bomb! Our fine City of McDonough Police came to my rescue, and Chief Preston Dorsey brought me to Mayor Copeland. Thatís when I became Bayor!


2. What is your favorite part of living and working in City Hall?

 My favorite part of living at City Hall is the Mayor. Second best is when people visit me, especially children.


3. You look great, very young. How old are you?

  When I lost my memory, I forgot my age. But the Mayor tells me that Iím as young as I feel!


4. Is there a significant other in your life?

 The Mayor is my most special friend.


5. Do you like to read? If so, what is your favorite book?

 I read The Henry County Times every week. And I read letters that kids send to the Mayor and me. I also have some favorite stories; the one that the Mayor tells me about our City, as well as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


6. What do you like to do for fun?

  For fun, I like to spend time with the Mayor. He lets me water the geraniums at City Hall. And, for Easter, he hides eggs around the office for me to find. Also when Iíve been extra good, he gives me coins to get a snack out of the vending machine!


7. What is your political affiliation?

  The City of McDonough Mayor and Bayor are non-partisan because we serve all people.


8. Do you know any other famous bears?

  Maybe I did before I came to City Hall, but I canít remember.


9. Do you have an opinion of the recently released movie, Ted?

  I donít know Ted.


10. Do you accept speaking engagements or other outside appearances?

  No, after my life on the street, Iím very shy.


  You can follow Bayorís adventures on Facebook at



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