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Off the shelf @ your local library - Library Card Month


By Kathy Pillatzki
Assistant Director
Henry County Library System

  Hereís a bit of library trivia for you: September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month! In Henry County, nearly 60% of residents are active public library cardholders. OK, thatís two bits of trivia. But that second one puts us well above average. We at HCLS are proud that we have that level of involvement from our community, but there are always a few holdouts that donít see the need for a library card. The most common reasons:

  I can find all the information I need on the Internet. Maybe, but it takes time and skill to search for it, and to make sure that the person who posted it on the web knows what they are talking about. Henry County libraries subscribe to specialized databases that are unequalled by anything available for free online. Your library card gives you access to electronic resources that can help you look for a job, start a business, prepare for a standardized test, research homework assignments, and more.

  I do all my reading on my Kindle or Nook, or other e-reader. Thatís cool. Reading is reading. But do you know that Henry County Library System subscribes to Overdrive? Your library card gives you free access to bestsellers in e-book format. Overdrive also offers audio book downloads if you prefer to listen to your books.

  I went to the library 20 years ago, and it was boring. I got shushed. A lot can change in 20 years, or even 2 or 3! Give us another try! Henry County libraries offer a full calendar of activities for all ages, including story times and entertaining literacy-based activities for kids and teens. For grownups we have book clubs, author signings, and more.

  I used to have a library card, but I canít find it. Call or come in and talk to us. If your records are still in our system, we can replace your card for a paltry two dollars. If not, we can issue a new card.

  I might have a fee or an overdue book from a long time ago. Iím not sure, and Iím kind of afraid to ask! Again, talk to us. If you owe money, we can work out a payment plan. Itís easy. Weíre nice people who want you to have a library card in spite of any past oversights.

  I just buy the books I want. Yay for you! But even as a devoted book lover, there are lots of things I want to read only once. I buy a few favorites to re-read or loan to friends, but the value of my tax dollars becomes apparent when I can borrow that one-time read with no out-of-pocket cost. Plus, that book wonít be taking up space in my house, AND Iíll never have to dust it. Win-win!

  The library doesnít have the books I want to read. No library can carry everything, but we are a member of the statewide PINES network. That means if we donít have the book you want, we can borrow it from another PINES library and have it sent to your home library at no cost to you.

  To get a library card, visit any Henry County library with a driverís license that lists your current address, or a photo ID with other proof of residency.



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