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The Preacher
went to meddlin’


Beverly Wittler Columnist

  Ever heard someone say that about their pastor. that the preacher quit preaching and went to meddlin? That means he or she was talking about sins being done by those in the pews. Well my preacher was guilty of that today as he gave a moving tribute to one who’d suffered from illness AND addiction. Alex talked about being addicted, and warned us to do whatever it takes to heal ourselves, and stay healed. Well, I try, and as I’ve mentioned before, I no longer smoke, drink any alcohol, but yes, I sometimes do sneak a couple spoons of potato salad. Have learned to just buy one of those small boxes from the Publix deli, and that way there’s not a big bowl of temptation in my black Amana. 

  I did learn, as a young adult, that I truly had an addictive personality.  My sweet Mom became too fond of her nightly drinks and agreed to admit herself to a hospital somewhere in south Georgia, IF her family would agree to come be analyzed and counseled too. Well we all agreed. I do like taking tests, already knew I was Type AA before SunTrust pronounced it. And not too long ago after running a red light, I came home and took a senior driving test on -line, got 14 out of 15 right but the result was …. I need a copilot.  I now look twice both ways, then once again before turning right, plus no talking, and no checking out the gorgeous Mustangs, Camaros, etc. I’m meeting. 

  But, back to the addiction testing. First of all, I came up as a passive personality, and then, yep, addictive.  (Kind of knew that already.) I was put through a small class, given pointers and ideas about how to step away from the dangerous addictions, and how to limit the others.  Sometimes I do well, sometimes I fail. For example, I own every John Grisham book ever printed, go on-line to Barnes & Noble and put in the order as soon as the next volume’s announced. Same thing with Alan Jackson, don’t have to hear the first word to request that CD’s arrival via my postal friends. Well those addictions are kind of harmless, except for the money I spend. 

  I have learned to pace myself on Clausen Kosher dill pickles, cut them each into fourths and only allow two bites a day. Same thing for Dove chocolates, well you know they DO have lots of good uses for the body, as long as you restrict them to two a day.  Fries? Nope, will eat the whole order, so bum one or two off my dining guests when we’re at Wendy’s, Hardees’s or Burger King. One Whopper Jr. allowed a week, and I remove the bottom of the bun, eat it very slowly too.

  So, I think I’ve about conquered this addiction thing, maybe I’m cured. You think? I did, until today when I bought some grape tomatoes, picked up one of the little red washed beauties and then sat it down on top of a big spoon of Hellman’s Canola mayonnaise. And then it hit me, I’ve still got it. Found some Hellman’s regular mayo on sale at Walgreen’s, but actually tossed the last half of the jar, because…it’s just not what I like…or am addicted to? Yep. Another food item I must limit.  You’re probably thinking the same thing I am now…she’s addicted to her car. Okay. None of this would have come up if my talented pastor hadn’t ‘went to meddlin’. Thanks Alex, I’ll try harder. And I hope your words help heal another soul too. 

   Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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