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Hey Henry is our own little vent section.  Read others' vents, and post one of your own. You'll never look at life the same way again.



Hey Henry, the economy is bad? I don’t think so. Everybody and their brother eats out just about everyday in Henry County. Every time you turn your head, someone is driving a new car or one of those gigantic SUV’s. Just about everyone I know is going out of town on vacation. I sure would like to know where they find these high paying jobs.

Hey Henry, I’m a concerned grandparent and went to grandparent’s day at New Hope School. Their health score was 88. The reasons were for undercooked food and personal cleanliness. I’m not sure I want my granddaughter to eat there anymore.

Hey Henry, tailgaters slow me down. You tailgate me, I slow down!

Hey Henry, I was at Kroger and my car wouldn’t start. Being disabled, there wasn’t much I could do. A nice young man came up, got his jumper cables and started my car. In this age when people are so stressed it is nice to know that someone cares.

Hey Henry, hats off to the teachers in Chicago. We need to do this in Henry County, but I believe teachers are too afraid of losing their jobs.

Hey Henry, I think I will open up a funeral home in Locust Grove. As many overweight people as there are walking around Henry County, I should have plenty of business. Instead of eating out all the time, they need to spend all that money on prepaid funerals, because they probably won’t live past 45 years old. Thanks in advance for the business.

Hey Henry, to the lovely couple and the lady who helped me when I fell outside of Kroger. Thank you so much for your kindness and concern. It really hurt and I wanted to cry, but your kindness kept the tears at bay!

Hey Henry, Stockbridge’s staff was and is already disciplined, and if by change you mean running off employees with years of valuable experience and knowledge, disrespecting and demeaning employees, and falsely and maliciously accusing employees of everything from theft to ticket fixing, then YES, we resist that change!

Hey Henry, my house has been broken into three times in the past two weeks during the daytime. Maybe the county can hire a security force to patrol our neighborhoods to keep us safe while our police look for speeders?

Hey Henry, aren’t there dog leash laws? My neighbors breed pit bulls and they run loose in the front with no signs to warn people. They are dangerous, I’ve seen it first hand.

Hey Henry, I have noticed when I take my child to school (Timber Ridge) almost every time a non-handicapped person is parked in the handicapped spot. Not only is this against the law but what kind of example does this set for their kids?

Hey Henry, regarding the airport, one of your Hey Henry patrons does not know the difference between the BOC and BOE. The BOC owns the airport.

Hey Henry, does the city of McDonough have a noise ordinance? I am constantly being awakened by loud music from the vehicles riding up and down the neighborhood of Regency Park.


Hey Henry, it is great to see changes at Woodland Middle School, just sad that it took this long for them to happen.

Hey Henry, to the people who are messing with mailboxes in the Lake Dow area, you’re involved with a federal offense.

Hey Henry, to the person referring to “cops being in private driveways”.... as a cop, you’d be surprised how many times we are asked to sit in people’s driveways to help stop speeding vehicles. As long as he can be seen from 500 feet away clearly, there is no violation.

Hey Henry, does Henry County or McDonough have a noise ordinance for autos. I hear quite a few going up and down Hwy. 155 with their music jacked way up and others that are in need of muffler repair.

Hey Henry, I believe in about five years, Henry County is going to be another Clayton County. Everybody hang on and be sure you’re armed and don’t go to the shopping centers at night because you will probably be robbed.

Hey Henry, why is it that people keep ignoring the obvious drug dealing going on at the intersection on Independence Road in the Saratoga Woods subdivision in McDonough?

Hey Henry, do you think the leaders we elected in Stockbridge to manage the city will ever grow up enough to actually worry about city business instead of all the finger pointing and fighting?

Hey Henry, can we sell the airport we bought but never really needed now? The money we get can be used to buy duct tape for teachers to hold together school books for our students.

Hey Henry, the political “robocalls” were so bad this last time, we cancelled our home land line. It’s horrible that we had to do this, we’ve had that phone number for almost 18 years.

Hey Henry, I would like to say thank you to all the teachers who work hard everyday to teach our children. Also, I would like to thank the maintenance and custodial staff that keep our schools clean. Shame on Henry County Board of Education and shame on the State of Georgia for not giving these people a raise in going on six years.

Hey Henry, what has happened to the Republican Party in Henry County? Are we supposed to come out and support them without knowing who they are and what their plans are for Henry County? Who is running the party and why aren’t they visible in the county.

Hey Henry, in regards to the person who wrote about the Mayor of Stockbridge’s attitude, perhaps the problem is his staff doesn’t like discipline and don’t want any changes. Time to clean house in Henry County.

Hey Henry, thanks to the four folks from the Haunted History Tour who stayed late to rescue me after I locked my keys in the car. When no one else would help, y’all didn’t give up until we opened the door. You were my angels! Thank you!

Hey Henry, can the dog owner that allows your animal to come in my yard and leave it’s droppings at least be considerate enough to pick it up? And you stand there watching?


Hey Henry, what high school football game are you going to where you only spend $5? The tickets are $7 for the Woodland High football games. I agree students should be free (elementary age) or half price.

Hey Henry, speaking as a library employee, let me set the record straight: There is no change in the cell phone policy. Please turn your cell phone to mute or vibrate and take all calls outside the buildings.

Hey Henry, the awesome students in the special needs class at Luella High School would like to give a huge “Thank You” to the generous gentleman in the Freightliner shirt who donated $20 so we could enjoy a cool, refreshing Frosty at Wendy’s on a recent Community Based Instruction trip. The world is full of wonderful people and you touched our lives!

Hey Henry, to the person fussing about the round-about at Fairview Road and Highway 155! We love it and our grandkids call it the “round d round.” This was a great idea and it keeps the traffic going. A big thank you to whoever came up with that idea.

Hey Henry, I keep my yard neat so if I find your kids’ toys laying in front of my house, I’m going to pick up the trash.

Hey Henry, listen up some of you drivers that use Daily Mill Road, Please stay in your lane while crossing the bridge at Walnut Creek.

Hey Henry, the person talking about jobs in Henry County, forget it. You have to be a family member or friend. That’s how most people get jobs now-a-days. A degree used to mean something. Now it’s who you know and who you are related too. Just go to the Henry County Board of Education and look around.

Hey Henry, I think it is ridiculous when you have well water and the County won’t run water down the road you live on, but you have to pay tax for county water! Seriously?

Hey Henry, there is one good thing about Honey Boo Boo. The American tax payers won’t have to fund the wide-load electric chair she will need for shopping at you-know-where-Mart. She should be able to afford it herself!

Hey Henry, to the two McDonough police officers who gave a woman 2 speeding tickets at the same time for the same incident on Industrial Blvd. One would have sufficed. Meanwhile in the crime world.

Hey Henry, congratulations on the Chicago teacher strike. At least they have the courage to strike. Henry County teachers are too scared, they might lose their jobs. Until they get together and protest, they may never get a raise.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about people coming late to appointments. I assume you were referring to medical appointments. I would gladly show up early for a doctor’s appointment, if I knew I would be seen at the time set aside for me. However, most of the time I’m stuck in the waiting room well past my designated appointment time. No wonder my blood pressure is always higher in the doctor’s office, than at home.

Hey Henry, thank you to Dody Morris for your letter to Dr. Ethan Hildreth. I don’t need to say more. She said it all!


Hey Henry, libraries are becoming internet cafes. I think we should get rid of the expensive computers and get back to providing books. We don’t owe anyone internet access. It’s time to start thinking inside the box again.

Hey Henry, to the person asking why schools don’t pray or say the pledge. Our school does say the pledge every morning. We don’t pray, but we do have a moment of silence.

Hey Henry, I work for a group of physicians in Stockbridge and would like to thank a guardian angel, Julian, who came to the aid of an elderly patient today. Our patient lost his footing in the parking lot and he fell. His wife and I were unable to lift him up. Julian saw our dilemma, stopped his car and came to our aid. Many, many other people just walked by and never offered any assistance. He treated our patient with dignity and respect and his kind gesture should be recognized. His kindness restores my faith in mankind. Thank you again.

Hey Henry, what ever happened to “respect your elders?”

Hey Henry, who’s bright idea was it to build a round about at the intersection of Hwy 155 and Fairview Road? People have a hard enough time at a four way stop.

Hey Henry, to the one who burglarized our home in Locust Grove. Try it again and let me know how it works out for you.

Hey Henry, yeah, we only paid for the courthouse and the parking lot. What nerve we have thinking we can park in the reserved spaces. Maybe there shouldn’t be any reserved spaces.

Hey Henry, over the past three years, I have called City Hall to ask why they are not spraying for mosquitoes, considering there have been cases of West Nile reported in surrounding counties in the Metro Atlanta area? What is it going to take for taxpaying citizens to get the City of McDonough to start spraying? I will continue to call until I get some answers.

Hey Henry, why does the Henry County School System go so far out of their way to avoid teaching special needs students? It would take less time and effort to do it right the first time.

Hey Henry, the county needs to make a rule that you have to take down yard sale signs after the sale ends. Sometimes you see them up for weeks later. Maybe a fine should be given if they are not taken down two days after the sale.

Hey Henry, to the parent complaining about their children wearing coats to school. The very first thing parents were told when the year started was for children to bring a light coat to leave at school because it is going to be cool. When you get 20 to 30 kids in a room, it gets very hot for the teacher who has to move around working with the kids. I would rather be cool any day than hot!

Hey Henry, when you have an appointment that means it is your designated time set aside especially for you. So, come on time and don’t get all huffy and mad when the office reschedules. Everyone knows Henry county has a traffic problem so plan accordingly.

Hey Henry, to the thieves who broke into the Youth Building at Philippi Baptist Church in Locust Grove. To be a thief is pathetic, and to steal from a church is absolutely pitiful! You need to get a real job, and take care of yourself! You stole from teenage kids. I hope you feel good about yourself. We are praying for you, because unless you repent to the Lord, you will pay the price for your horrible deeds!


Hey Henry, why is it taking so long to complete the bridge over the railroad on Rock Quarry Road? We are by there regularly and half the time no work is being done. Will we see completion by December?

Hey Henry, to the writer who missed the memo about the “Yield” signs now becoming a “Merge” sign - I missed that memo as well as the memo regarding making a right turn on a red light. Just because the law allows a right on red, you still have to stop and do not have the right to cut off on-coming traffic.

Hey Henry, I asked one of the ladies at Fairview library about the cell phones being used and she said that it was probably because the customers wanted to use them and got mad when they were told they couldn’t. I’m sorry, but that’s no reason. I don’t want phones and noise in the library.

Hey Henry, is anybody wearing flip-flops to work this summer?

Hey Henry, can we get some pickleball courts in this county? People are going crazy over it, but there is no place to play.

Hey Henry, to the Wal-Mart on Hudson Bridge, I could not shop Saturday for having to move to either let someone put up stock, or for empty stock carts in the way or the floor sweepers asking me to move. What’s up with that?

Hey Henry, is there a reason that some of our county schools and ball parks, which are government run, leave the flag flying at night? The US Flag Code (United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1-The Flag, §6. Time and occasions for display) states that it is customary to fly the flag only from sunrise to sunset unless properly illuminated.

Hey Henry, I had forgotten there is a McDonough elephant until I saw it on Griffin Street just past the churches.

Hey Henry, if the Henry County Board of Commissioners can pray and pledge the flag before the beginning of each meeting, then why can’t the schools?

Hey Henry, if you come to the Henry County Courthouse, and are not an employee, please notice that the parking lot behind the courthouse has signs at both entrances that read “Parking For Employees Only.”

Hey Henry, I hope the run-off election sent a loud message to our elected officials: you can’t use public funds to pay for your pet projects, while crying crocodile tears about reductions in public safety, libraries, and maintenance. Also, don’t underestimate the intelligence, or the memory-span, of the voters.

Hey Henry, how long is it going to take the county to paint the lines on Coan Drive and Old Jackson Road. I figured about another ten years because it took them at least 20 to repave the roads.

Hey Henry, sure would love to find an administrative job in Henry County. All this talk of growth, yet no jobs are available. What gives?

Hey Henry, I think kids 8 and under should be admitted into Henry County sports/games for the price of a child’s ticket. $2 maybe? Not the $5 adult admission price. Some families need a break!


Hey Henry, we need a like and dislike under all these comments. Sure would be nice.

Hey Henry, please call the administrators at the McDonough branch of the Henry County libraries and complain about the idiotic decision to think about allowing cell phone use in the library. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of.

Hey Henry, so sad that yet another employee is leaving the City of Stockbridge. When will the Mayor learn that his attitude is the problem, not everyone else?

Hey Henry, my kids are wearing jackets to school in August because the teachers keep the AC up so high. How about letting the teachers wear shorts instead?

Hey Henry, hats off to the Henry County Fire Department and the City of Stockbridge for burning down the perfectly good 168-year-old Hightower home for no reason.

Hey Henry, whoever had the bright idea about cell phones in a library needs to think again. I go to read and study and do research. If I have to listen to more noise, I won’t go back. What a stupid idea.

Hey Henry, I was impressed with the excellent service I received at the Stockbridge tag office. Quick and painless. On the way out I penned a quick compliment and dropped in the suggestion box. Last week I received a phone call from the Tax Commissioner, David Curry, personally thanking me for the compliment! As if the man is not busy enough he takes the time to personally call customers... Impressive!

Hey Henry, when all the good teachers leave, enjoy that data!

Hey Henry, to Jimmy Cochran: thanks for the memories of books! The Bobbsey Twins, The Boxcar Children. I have not thought of them in years. I have all the Bobbsey Twins books. Thanks again for the great write up.

Hey Henry, please vote on November 6, but check your facts first. $716 from medicare is being used to reduce the cost from insurance companies and the cost of prescription drugs. I guess you want an $8,000 voucher. How much is that going to get you?

Hey Henry, the speed limit on Leguin Mill Road is 45 from Peeksville to Unity Grove Elementary and 35 from Unity Grove to Old Jackson. You can ride my bumper all you want, but I am not going to go any faster. I live on Leguin Mill, I have had multiple accidents in my front yard because people going way too fast and losing control. If you are in that big of a hurry, leave earlier. They should have never paved the rest of Leguin Mill many years ago.

Hey Henry, for the person complaining about their children being 10 minutes late, get up earlier!

Hey Henry, I just moved back to Clayton County from Henry. Got a great deal on a house and my commute is cut in half! Figured I might as well since Henry is going down the tubes so fast.

Hey Henry, I have never seen such nasty political campaigns before the current election. Some of the fliers I received were so vulgar my mailbox would have been rated X. Clean campaigns achieve the desired result.


Hey Henry, my family has been dealing with pure heartache and tragedy this past week, when we lost our wonderful Jason Holland, however the support and love that our great little community of Ola has poured out to us has been beyond believable and only heard of in fairytales. Our Ola schools, churches, and businesses have really come together to embrace our family, and for that we are forever thankful. On behalf of our families, we thank you Ola. We are very blessed to live in such a loving caring community. As we state: WE ARE OLA! That saying could not be more true and not only said, but acted on as well. Thank you again. God Bless you all.

Hey Henry, does anyone know what happened to the Kroger that was supposed to be built on Racetrack Road? The signs are gone (Kroger building site) as well as all the construction trailers and equipment.

Hey Henry, bring hockey back to Georgia! R.I.P. Atlanta Thrashers (1999-2011).

Hey Henry, the speed limit on Phillips Drive in McDonough went from 35 mph to 25 mph. No sign was ever posted indicating a speed reduction. Just saying!

Hey Henry, senior citizens are you aware that the federal government has used $716 billion taken from Medicare to fund the Affordable Care Act? That’s money we paid into the system that will not be available now. If you have Medicare Advantage, wave bye bye. It’s going away. Do some research and remember it when you go to the polls on November 6.

Hey Henry, to those complaining about fire trucks at Wal-Mart, maybe they missed lunch because they were running a call. Maybe they missed breakfast AND lunch, because they were running calls. Or maybe they were there shopping for something for a project. If you want to know, go ask them before you blast them. As for leaving the truck running, it’s cheaper than a tow bill. If they return to their truck and it doesn’t crank, what do they do then? Finally, as for the person in a Fire Dept truck parking in a handicapped spot... Just plain lazy.

Hey Henry, I was in McDonough library today and heard two ladies talking about the libraries starting to let people use their cell phones inside the library! If they make this stupid decision I will have to go to Clayton county where it is quiet and more peaceful! Tell me this is a joke!

Hey Henry, if the county can’t afford a red light at the intersection of Hwy 138 and Hemphill Road, has anybody thought about shaving the ditch and taking more of the curve out? It is very dangerous, especially pulling out of Hemphill Road and turning left. Think about it!

Hey Henry, maybe if so many kids were not crossing attendance lines for school choice, etc., their parents could get to school on time. The ones who are always late should be forced to go back to their home school and ride the bus!

Hey Henry, when HCFD receives a call that there is an accident, medical emergency or house fire, they don’t have time to retrieve their personal auto. Just because these hardworking, underpaid men and women need to eat shouldn’t be a problem. Get a life and let these people continue protecting it. Thank you all for a “Job Well Done.”


Hey Henry, today was the second time during the past month I have driven up to the McDonough Bank of America ATM and found the machine asking me if I want an additional transaction because the person in front of me did not follow directions and press done. Not everyone is honest and could wipe out your accounts. Just a reminder, when you have completed your transaction, please be sure to hit “done” and don’t leave the ATM until the home screen returns.

Hey Henry, to all people who are boycotting Chick-Fil-A because of Truett Cathy’s personal feelings about marriage... The penalty for being homosexual in Saudi Arabia is death. Are you going to stop buying gas also?

Hey Henry, if the County is in dire financial shape can someone explain to me why a fireman would drive a big fire truck to lunch and run errands at Wal-mart and leave the fire truck running and wasting fuel?

Hey Henry, just want to say thank you to the lady with the baby who found my purse in the Kroger grocery buggy Monday evening. Cannot thank you enough for your honesty! Nice to know there are still awesome people in McDonough. God Bless you.

Hey Henry, why is the Post Office here in McDonough allowed to look like the city dump. There is trash strewn all around, the flowerbeds are never weeded, the trees all need trimming as well as the hedges and and the grass needs regular cutting. What an eyesore in this city.

Hey Henry, kudos to the staff at the Locust DDS office! They do a great job helping calm in the confusion and maintain an orderly flow. The office is understaffed but does the best with what they have. Not so much for the customers who obviously can't read/comprehend clear instructions.

Hey Henry, congratulations to Henry County resident, Connor Price! He left last Wednesday for the United States Navy. He's one of many who protect our freedom everyday.

Hey Henry, just watched the commissioners meeting of 8/7/2012. They awarded a contract for $70,320 for engineering services to design Frog Road. I know for a fact, Henry County has at least 6 engineers on staff, with 3 of them being registered. Why are we paying for outside services, in this economy, when we have engineers working for us? Are they incompetent, and not qualified to design a road? Seems we are wasting a lot of money somewhere.

Hey Henry, and all people in Georgia: Please stop breeding animals, as the shelters are full of homeless pets!

Hey Henry, the field of medicine to be in over the next 5-10 years is chiropractic, because the number of kids that will begin to experience curvature of the spine, due to keeping their necks always bent down to text! Come on parents, this could be the next epidemic of the 21st century! Great Job.

Hey Henry, to all the cyclists who insist on riding on Hwy. 20/81 at rush hour. Can you please do this at some other time rather than rush hour every evening? Traffic is bad enough without having to dodge cyclists and someone is going to get hit.

Hey Henry, for the person complaining about their children being 10 minutes late, get up earlier, duh!


Hey Henry, I must have missed the email when they changed yield signs to mean merge!

Hey Henry, I know these 5K walk/runs are for a good cause, but can’t they do them around a high school track instead of shutting down residential streets for 45 minutes with no warning? The first time someone dies because an ambulance cannot drive through thousands of people flooding the streets, someone in this county will show some common sense and change this practice.

Hey Henry, what is with the Henry County Fire Department’s regular sized truck parked in the handicapped spot at the Publix at Lake Dow. This truck has no handicap tag or any visable sticker stating they are disabled. This is the second time I have seen the same truck parked there. If you are an able bodied working fireman don’t you think those spots are for disabled people or the eldery who are not able bodied? Anyway, isn’t that a $500 fine?

Hey Henry, you have to be kidding. When you call to put yourself on the “do no call list,” you are signing yourself up to be on the call list. You don’t think your info gets sold? Think again.

Hey Henry, so the muppet master is banning Chick-fil-A. I say yipeeee. I am so sick of these people thinking that banning Chick-fil-A will hurt them. I think his business speaks for itself. God has his hands firmly on Truett Cathy’s business and I am glad to see a company stand firmly on it’s Christian beliefs. We would all do well to follow Mr. Cathy’s example. I think our country would be in much better shape. I say Mr. Cathy for president.

Hey Henry, it’s my understanding from the organization officials of the softball games that take place in Locust Grove that no coaches should be chewing tobacco during any practice and/or softball games. Our coaches should be setting a good example for our future generation and chewing tobacco is NOT setting that good example.

Hey Henry, please ask the Street and Roads Department to remove the “Deer Crossing” sign on Airline Road just east of Highway 155. Too many deer are getting hit by cars there and hopefully the Department can find a safer place for them to cross.

Hey Henry, to the wired up Henry County cop at the Chick-fil-A on Saturday afternoon: (the confrontational one trying to exit in the wrong lane, driving directly at the front of another car, and then yelling at other drivers on the PA system) my 12 year old daughter wanted to know why you were acting so badly. I didn’t have a good explanation for her.

Hey Henry, a big big Thank You to Tracy and the ladies in the Locust Grove City Hall for helping my daughter, Anna! I know how busy ya’ll are and you really went above and beyond!

Hey Henry, if Missy Elizabeth apologizes for that stand on “T-Splost we might vote to re-elect her again. Love you Liz but following the "Good Ole Boys” about cost you big time! This old Warrior loves the Henry County Times, and Moyes RX, y’all keep up the good work!

Hey Henry, the first day of school on East Lake Rd, particularly East Lake Elementary, was a disaster. Parents, who want to walk your kids into school, please park on the road so when you are pulling out of your parking spaces you are not delaying the carpool lane. We are trying to get our kids to school, too. My son was 10 minutes late after sitting in line for 20 minutes and then it was another 15 minutes before I was able to escape the madness. A complete nightmare!


Hey Henry, why are citizens who work out at the J.P. Mosely Gym forced to watch only Fox News. We are told that Fox News is the only channel on both televisions that we are allowed to watch. This is neither fair nor balanced.

Hey Henry, I think the citizens of McDonough should pool their resources and buy a chipper for the City. I have had limbs piled on my property for over a month. Every time I call City Hall they tell me the chipper is not working.

Hey Henry, to the incumbent who’s so proud of cutting the budget by 20 million dollars: we know. That’s why library hours have been slashed, vacant positions are unfilled, services are lacking, and county departments are understaffed. Are you sure that’s something you want to brag about?

Hey Henry, to the person so interested in keeping up with the school buses in the summer. Just to let you know, summer school is going on for special needs students and bus training for new drivers. We are not just out joyriding!

Hey Henry, to the people with cell phones, shut up and drive, before you cause an accident.

Hey Henry, just take a moment and pause to think of the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us. If you think good thoughts, good things will happen.

Hey Henry, does anyone know what Take Gap, Give Gap means at the red light at Highway 42 and Jonesboro Street at the Square in McDonough? People, please be courteous. The next time it may be you coming from the other direction.

Hey Henry, I have always been under the impression that when law enforcement calls a wrecker to pick up the vehicles after a traffic accident, the wrecker driver is required to clean up all broken glass and parts, not push the parts off to the side and leave glass in the street for all the cars to pick up in their tires. Henry County needs to enforce this better.

Hey Henry, thanks to Mayor Lee Stuart for a doing a good job. You are appreciated.

Hey Henry, in response to swimming in the South and Yellow Rivers? The rivers are not clean like they used to be and a 2-year-old child does not have the resistance to bacteria that an adult has. Have you not followed the Amy Copeland story?

Hey Henry, how can I trust our government with billions of T-SPLOST money when they can’t even get a little bridge over the Rock Quarry railroad track built? How many other half-done, lengthy projects would we be signing up for?

Hey Henry, If you are going south on Highway 155 and turning right onto East Lake extension... you have to yield to the people making a u turn. If you have a red light you have to stop on red and yield to those who have a green light, even if you are making a u turn! Green trumps red... every time!

Hey Henry, a shout-out to the South Side Charity Ride for Alzheimer’s, Inglett & Stubbs Int’l, all bike riders, bars, everyone who donated time and money and to Leadfoot for rocking out this past weekend to benefit the Georgia Chapter for Alzheimer’s.on’t need all the calls.


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