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Silver-haired crowns

Jimmy Cochran Columnist

 “The silver-haired head is a crown of glory…” (Proverbs 16:31)

  One of my simple pleasures in life comes from playing the piano for the senior adult choir in my church. For a church musician, Sundays are almost a “work day” since we have so much going on and changes happening, so that it is often hard to experience a time of worship. It also usually prohibits me from attending a small group for Bible study which further leads to a feeling of just another day at the office. However, the next day brings a rehearsal for the most wonderful, fun and truthfully honest group of people in my church. The senior adults. The old folks.

  Each week when I enter the rehearsal room, I’m practically overwhelmed with hugs and pats from the ladies and another good slap on the back from the men. All of them talking to each other about how their day was and what all they have going on. Since some of them can’t hear the best, their conversations across the room get a bit loud, but no one seems to mind. As the rehearsal gets started and voices warm up, there are some squeaks and peeps coming from the choir, sometimes drawing a laugh, but we all understand that we may be the next squeaker.

  Our choir is working on a couple of songs for an upcoming Sunday service where they will be singing. One of the songs is “Beulah Land” that is a familiar and loved gospel song that speaks of the anticipation of being in God’s presence one day. Often during the rehearsal, different members will speak of loved ones who have passed on in years before and how they look forward to seeing and being with them again in Heaven. Others will talk openly about their aches, pains and illnesses with a calmness and positive tone that they are not worried about their future and about where they will spend eternity. The calmness and happiness of their words encourages me far beyond anything I could hope for.

  Many of this generation have lived through the Great Depression, wars, and the loss of many friends and family members. Many have suffered and come through battles with disease and have seen a diminishment of their senses and abilities. Yet, they continue to sing about their faith in God and their plans for tomorrow, if God allows them another day.

  I may be considered a senior adult by AARP and many restaurants offering discounts, but I have nowhere near the life experiences of these precious people. Oh sure, I make old man noises when I stand up and when I sit down, but my health is good. I hope and pray that when I reach my 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I will have half of their acceptance and joy. As I mentioned earlier about how hectic some Sundays can be, I can easily say that Monday at the senior adult choir practice is always the time for me to worship. I hear the Bible read and a short devotional from someone who lives for God each day of their life. I feel the love in their voices for a God who has comforted and carried them through times of pain and of joy. And I always leave feeling better because I was there.

  Folks, never make the mistake of thinking our senior adults are too old to be of use. They have a heritage of faith that can bless you and encourage you more than you can imagine. They are the true treasure of our churches and communities.

 And for today my friends, this has been the gospel according to Jimmy.


  Jimmy Cochran is a resident of McDonough, author, musician and Minister.



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