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Great Gifts for gardeners



  The holidays bring about that seasonal stress that drives all of us to the point of screaming - choosing a gift for someone who has almost everything or one who is difficult to find something that they will enjoy.

  The gardener is one of those people. To be a good gardener you must have tools and most of us have what we need to garden, but not necessarily the better quality tools that would make gardening easier.

  For example, you may have a pruning shear that cuts, but unless it is a good pruner, it may make pruning difficult. Felco #2 pruners are probably used by more professional horticulturists than any other brand. Although Corona has produced a replica of these, I still maintain my belief that Felco is the best. There are several styles for different uses.

  Good gloves are always a great gift. I love my Bionic Rose Gloves more than any pair I have ever used. Bionic short gloves are also great. These are designed to make work easier on the fingers and hand joints.

  Trowels are useful for planting in well-prepared gardens. A long handled trowel is one that allows the gardener a little more leverage. A.M. Leonard and Lee Valley have a stainless steel utility trowel that is one of the best I have ever used. It has a sharp point and long angular blade. There are also English garden trowels that are excellent and strong.

  A Japanese root knife is an amazing tool. It works well when dividing clumps of liriope, daylilies, iris, or any other plants that need to be separated. I have a couple of these that I keep in the garden and greenhouse. They also cut roots that may be in the way when you’re planting annuals and perennials.

  A tool that serves a number of functions in the garden is a spading fork. This is a necessity when re-working a perennial area, preparing garden soil or just about any soil preparation. I could not garden without my spading fork.

  British garden tools are the best - they produce a tool that is expected to last for years and years if properly maintained and stored. 

  If you are looking for tools for older gardeners, look for ergonomic tools which take the stress off of joints and take less strength to use.

  Gardening books or magazines are also great gifts.

   Of course, every gardener likes to receive plants. A special tree such as a Japanese Maple, or Japanese Persimmon or a ‘Little Gem’ Magnolia may be in order. A Rosemary shrub (some are available trimmed like a little Christmas Tree), a Camellia Japonica or a Daphne odora may be just the ticket to get you a holiday hug. A bag of bulbs, an indoor flower, an unusual succulent or some packets of seed are always appreciated. I knew a man who gave his wife a load of manure and she was delighted. Who knew?

  Some gifts are hard to find, so you might have to look online. Remember, whenever possible, buy local or buy “Georgia Grown.” It is important to our economy.



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