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A gift of persimmons and a gift for my garden



   My Japanese Persimmon, Diospyros kaki ‘Fuyu’ has simply outdone itself this year. It is absolutely loaded with beautiful orange fruit. This is a small deciduous Asiatic tree that will fit in almost any landscape. It gets about the size of a dogwood or redbud and produces large quantities of sweet fruit.

       Special photo

  The fruit has a waxy peeling that I find too tough to eat, but the fruit is eaten like an apple and you can do just about anything with it that you do with an apple. I like them raw, but there are recipes for using them in a pie, bread or jam. There is no core to this fruit and no seed. You will eat every morsel except the peeling.

  The fruit must be ripe or it will be just like its American cousin, Diospyros virginiana, our native persimmon. That quality of turning your mouth “wrong side out” is cause by astringency. You never forget that feeling.

  There are approximately 118 calories per fruit, mostly coming from sugar. It is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium and is a very good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin A and manganese. Best of all, it is delicious and a very handsome addition to your landscape.

  The biggest problem you will have is finding the tree. Johnson Nursery is Elijay is a possibility if you cannot find one locally. If I find a good source, I will let you know - I am looking for about 6 myself. Johnson Nursery is 888-276-3187 or on the web at

  A few years ago on a Easter remote broadcast of my radio show, a lady came up to the table with a tool, the working end of which was covered with two paper plates decorated like a bunny rabbit. She placed it on the table and said, “this is the best gardening tool that you will ever use.” Then she walked away. I took this funny looking thing home and put it in my garage with the paper plates still in place. Never did I even look at what was underneath.

  Weeks later I wanted to plant a few perennials, but could not find my shovel. Looking around the garage, I found the bunny and remove the plates to discover a strange shovel - it was cut much like a sharp pointed leaf. I took it to the garden, used it and quickly went to my office to search for the lady’s name and the brochure that she had attached to the tool. I called her and ordered 4 for my business.

  To make a long story short, she had seen this tool in Clarkesville where a friend’s husband was using it to cut down his blackberry patch. She asked where she could get one and he said he had made it for that purpose and would make her one. She used it in her garden and perennial bed to dig, cultivate and mix the soil.

  I loved the tool - she was right - it was the best, so I started talking about it on my show and soon, Mr. Ted Fugel was in business. He began to buy advertising on my show and going with me to my remote broadcasts and gardening shows. His business was growing by leaps and bounds. Mr. Fugel passed away a number of years ago and I lost touch with his son.  All my “Kombis” were worn out from years of use.

  Now the good news. I googled “Kombi” and found Richard Fugel still producing his father’s Kombi. I ordered one and it came within a couple of days. I even ordered a little one for closer work. There are several styles. This is a grand gift for any gardener. Be careful, though, it is not a tool to be used by or around children - it is sharp and works well on almost any task in the soil. Find it at or call (706)-754-2875. Ask for a brochure or just go ahead and order one. You deserve it.



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