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Slaps and Claps


2012 year in review


By The Henry County Times staff


  With the year 2012 over and the world still here, despite what the Mayans may have predicted (or did someone read a little something into that?) the Henry County Times staff thought it would be interesting to take a look back at some of the events and people in Henry County and beyond who in some way influenced, infuriated or inspired us. Here we present the third annual Slaps and Claps for all those that we would like to give a hearty round of applause or just a well-deserved slap. Although we couldn’t possibly include everyone who deserved a slap or clap, please find below a short list of some of our favorites as we remember the year that was.

A slap goes to…

  The politicians, both Democrat & Republican, who are holding the American people hostage with their partisan politics. We are tired of the brinksmanship that the leaders of both parties seem to enjoy. Let's get back to the middle of the road where most of us want to be.

  Medical practices that over book and keep patients waiting for ridiculous amounts of time. Whether ego or greed—unacceptable.

  People who, even now after the tragedy in Connecticut, still defend the sale and possession of automatic assault weapons. You are more concerned with your perceived “right” than what is right. Sad.

  Mean girls who never grow up or grow out of that horrible preteen personality.

  Former Stockbridge mayor, Lee Stuart, for throwing his elbows and playing by his own rules—no matter how good initial intentions were, you let power go to your head. You weren’t the loser, the taxpayers were.

  To the Mayans and all of the idiots who believed…three days worth of food, water and supplies--smart. Two years worth of supplies--get a life!

  Corporate CEOs making millions in bonuses while many American’s are still losing their homes.

  Parents who say “not my child” when confronted with their little darling’s bad behavior. Own it and fix it.

Now some claps to…

  Habitat for Humanity for decades of building affordable, decent housing for people, most recently in Stockbridge, GA where they helped to give a six year old boy his very own backyard in which to play.

  Nola Love and the staff and volunteers at Helping In His Name food pantry for their unwavering dedication to helping those with the most basic of needs--no fancy parties or glamorous fundraisers--just hitting the bricks and banging on doors to put food on the table for the county’s most vulnerable.

  The police, firemen and EMTs of Henry County for doing their part to protect and keep us safe, often at great personal risk.

  Salvation Army for using most of the money they raise for the greater good, not for over-inflated salaries and administrative costs.

  Tushar Mittal from Dutchtown High School, gymnast Jaymes Marshall and other kids like them who are smart, motivated and doing positive things.

  Community Gardens of Henry County for using their time and talents to cultivate their Helping Harvest gardens in which to provide fresh produce to seniors and others in need.

  Teresa Garmon, this year’s Miss Face of Hope, for bringing comfort and support to those facing cancer.

  The Henry County Times' readers and advertisers for supporting their hometown paper each and every week.

  To Christmas with the Arts, particularly the littlest performers who bring so much joy and delight to the audience.

  The United States Government for finally recognizing Southern Nixon and the nearly 20,000 other African American soldiers who served in the segregated camp, known as Montford Point in NC in the 1940s. In 2012, they were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

  The United States Olympic athletes who showed the world what Americans are made of and made a country proud.

  Teachers and students who are taking bullying seriously and doing what is right instead of what is easy.

  Girl Scout Troop 474 and Brownie Troop 11306 out of Hampton for warming the hearts and bellies of veterans with their annual Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner.

  All of our veterans and service men and women…thank you for putting your lives on the front lines in the name of freedom.



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