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Recycling Center marks successful second year



 It was nearly two years ago that Henry County took over management of the Henry County Recycling Center and officials are pleased to announce that the decision has proven to be a wise one, not only because they have been able to clean up and organize the facility, but because they have been able to turn a profit as well.

  The Henry County Division of Public Works took over management of the center in January 2011 in an effort to improve services to citizens and better protect the environment, while making operations more efficient. In order to continue those successful efforts, the Henry County Board of Commissioners awarded new bids for vendors for the Recycling Center. The action came at a regular meeting earlier in December.

  Bids were awarded to LB Recycling and Waste for the removal of scrap metal, aluminum cans and automotive batteries. SP Recycling was awarded the bid to haul and recycle plastics #1, #2, #3 and #7, office paper and newspaper. Sonoco was awarded the bid to recycle cardboard and corrugated board, for which the County will be responsible for furnishing the container and hauling to the site. The County will continue to use the same vendors for glass, cooking oil, books and computers as there were no new bidders for these categories.

  As an additional service to residents, the County will continue to collect yard waste, but instead of hauling it to a site, it will now grind it on site for rough mulch which will be available to residents free of charge.

  Terry McMickle, Division Director for the Henry County Public Works Department, gave a presentation at the Board of Commissioners’ regular meeting and said the center is self-sufficient and making a small profit which he expects to continue.

  “Last year our revenue exceeded our costs by just a slight amount and this year we expect to do a little better,” said McMickle. “By rebidding these contracts, we cut out some of our middlemen so I think we will make a little more this year, based on that.”

  When the County took over operation of the Recycling Center, several changes were implemented to provide better service and enable the center to become self-supporting. A number of improvements were made to the site, such as the addition of clearly marked bins and sturdy stairs to facilitate easier and faster drop-offs. The biggest change is that it is operating strictly as a recycling center, and does not accept any trash, bulk items that can’t be recycled, tires or antifreeze. Residents dropping off recyclables must also separate items, including plastics by number and glass by color.

  District IV Commissioner Reid Bowman said that in addition to the cleaner facility and the fact that it’s not only self-sufficient but turning a small profit, there’s an additional benefit of citizen satisfaction for residents who use the free service.

  “There’s another very large benefit and that’s all of the phone calls I’ve received over the past couple of years about how much better it is, how helpful the people are how and well it’s run,” said Bowman.

  Chairman Elizabeth ‘B.J.’ Mathis echoed those sentiments to McMickle.

  “You have done a phenomenal job, because we take our recyclables there and it is clean, whereas before it was a disaster with overflowing bins. It is a night and day difference from where it was a few years ago and I cannot say enough good things about that center,” said Mathis.

  Hours of operation are from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and on Saturday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. and an attendant is on the premises during operating hours to direct citizens to the appropriate bins.

  The Recycling Center is located at 65 West Asbury Road in McDonough. For more information visit or call 770-288-6410.



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