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Homecoming at the Henry Hilton


Beverly Wittler Columnist

  Should I fix a covered dish meal? Maybe invite family for supper the first night Norman is home? Still thinking about that as I get everything ready before Westbury Health and Rehab releases him to my care. Can I do this? I’ll keep praying, but much relieved after reading a calming article in my favorite newspaper.

  First BIG project was to get a ramp built over the front door steps. Son Ron was waiting for a fellow church member’s assistance but couldn’t reach him all weekend. So I called a Mt. Bethel member who does construction jobs from time to time; he said he was covered up for the week but knew someone he could call. Hadn’t even finished the Sunday paper when my ‘builders’ called. Our Methodist Men’s group arrived the next morning, measured, bought the materials and came back Tuesday to perform their miracle! Prayers answered, again.

  Next a Westbury therapist gave me lessons on getting Norman in and out of bed and also the Camry. A wheelchair may not fit in the trunk or the back seat, but the folding walker I’ve ordered should. Thank God for Henry Transit, I won’t have to worry about getting Norman around, just make his medical appointments well in advance and a nice van will collect, and deliver us to the doctors’ offices, then pick us up when I call them.  

  Don’t want to stop watching Dr. Charles Stanley every Sunday so am praying that we can get competent enough with the walker or maybe buy a transport type wheelchair to make my Sabbath complete at Mt. Bethel.  Therapist says I can’t leave him, not even for 15 minutes but he can sit in the car when I make my Publix runs. Thank goodness for Walgreens’ drive-thru. It’s already saving a lot of time picking up my on-line ordered prescriptions without even getting out of my car.

  Family and church have volunteered to come sit, run errands, anything we need; all I have to do is ask. Already impressed with the prayers, hugs, and of course the ramp project too. Wow!

  When builder Red was erecting The Henry Hilton, his main two objectives were to meet county code and not exceed the contract figures he’d signed off on; so he followed the house plans to the letter, squeezed every penny. I did not know the front door was a tad narrow until a local furniture store had to do some deconstruction to get my used piano into the living room. EMTs also observe their carriers won’t fit and both times we’ve needed them, they’ve walked Norman out to the red truck with the flashing lights. I did learn that the equipment delivery people will measure the entrance to the house and other rooms to select the wheelchair that will work best. Have cleaned out ‘the piano room’ to make space for a hospital bed and removed all extra items from both bathrooms.

  Well I really stuck my neck out when I made those vows, didn’t I! For better or worse … okay … I said it, in church, in front of family and friends. And of course my Father in heaven. Am talking to Him on a daily basis, always have, but the chat is more urgent and intense now, more Norman and Beverly involved. He’ll get us through this. I know He will.

  I touch the scriptures, smile, and relax. Sometimes I take out another writer’s message of assurance, read through it again, and feel better.  I’ve already got a small squadron of fellow Methodists and family praying with and for us. I can do this, we can do this. No, wait. He can help us do this.

  Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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