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HCFD presents Emergency Preparedness Award


  Henry County Fire Department recently presented Briggs & Stratton of McDonough with an “Emergency Preparedness Award” for their outstanding performance and dedication in creating an emergency prepared workplace.  Fire Chief Bill Lacy, Operations Chief Brad Johnson, Training Chief Ike McConnell, Battalion Chief Stacey Ponder and Captain Billy Kunkle were on site Tuesday morning to honor and recognize the plant’s efforts that ultimately resulted in the saving of an employee’s life last November.

Front row l to r: Captain Billy Kunkle, Operations Manager Ryan Guilette, Team Facilitator Jimmy Hodges, Curtis Reid, Battalion Chief Stacey Ponder. Back row l to r: Training Chief Ike McConnell, Fire Chief Bill Lacy, Safety and Security Engineer Shannon Asmus and Operations Chief Brad Johnson.

Special photo

  At just after 2:30 in the afternoon, on that day in November, Curtis Reid of Griffin collapsed while working on the assembly line at Briggs and Stratton located at 535 Macon Street in McDonough.  Employees immediately put their training into motion, initiating the first link in the “Chain of Survival.” 

  While the man lay on the ground lifeless employees worked together to coordinate and perform measures that would later prove to be lifesaving.  Reid’s supervisor and Team Facilitator, Jimmy Hodges recognized Reid was pulseless, breathless, lifeless, and in cardiac arrest. Hodges began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and activated the emergency response system. The plant’s nurse quickly attached the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and performed defibrillation following the commands of the AED.  After one shock, the man regained consciousness.  Last information revealed that Mr. Reid was planning to return to work soon.

  Fortunately, Briggs and Stratton is committed and proactive where life safety is concerned, providing annual First Aid, CPR, and AED training for their employees.  Through an Emergency Response Team consisting of Briggs and Stratton employees, various training is coordinated and provided to personnel just for instances like the November 28, 2012 incident.  Other safety training employees undergo include: fire and weather drills, hazardous preparedness, and fire extinguisher training.

  Across the United States AED’s continue to be the common denominator of “Saves” among heart attack victims.

  The defibrillator at Briggs and Stratton was, without a doubt, vital to the outcome for Mr. Reid.  It was applied quickly and a shock was delivered; a key factor in saving heart attack victims.

  “Emergencies don’t keep a regular schedule, so it is important that workplaces prepare for any eventuality no matter the day or time.  The heroic efforts made by the employees of Briggs and Stratton that day were courageous and saved the life of Mr. Reid.  The Henry County Fire Department would like to commend the management of Briggs and Stratton, who ensure their employees are properly trained to intervene when called upon,” stated Captain Sabrina Puckett.



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