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On-line shopping


Beverly Wittler Columnist

  I know I’ve mentioned that when Beverly Rooks was being built in heaven, an angel in training at the laptop accidentally pressed the ‘loves cars’ button instead of ‘loves to shop.’ Well it turns out that angel knew exactly what he or she was doing … because it’s tough for me to shop now, except on-line. Oh, it’s easy to get in and out of Publix of course, Walgreens, and if I want to make a stop at Food Depot, I let Norman wait in the car because their checkout is swift too. But, some items we need at The Henry Hilton can only be found at Wal-Mart.  Thank goodness for the Internet and for my part-time job that keeps me up to date on pointing and clicking. And thanks too for our wonderful delivery people, sometimes FedEx, and then UPS.

  My latest on-line shopping joy arrived in my mailbox though, fine by me. Alan Jackson’s new album “Precious Memories Volume II” has given me so much joy; I even posted about it on Facebook! The CD actually sounds like he’s right there in the Camry with us, playing his guitar in the back seat … awesome! During a couple of the songs, I wondered if somehow he’d enlisted Mt. Bethel’s current pianist to accompany him; also could have sworn I was at one of our afternoon singings from long ago. And you can hardly make this hardened female shed a tear, but when he sang Amazing Grace … well I had to grab a tissue and mop away.   

  Wouldn’t have been able to navigate the physical Wal-Mart aisles pushing a wheelchair to pick up my latest joy, but it was easy via my little Toshiba laptop. Same with the bedding supplies, some towels, and the list goes on. Found a new author via my latest Readers Digest condensed books and ordered two more Mary Alice Monroe books via Barnes& Of course ordering books without reading the first paragraph can be risky but since Ms. Monroe writes about beach homes, turtle watching, and seafood noshing, I figured I’d wing it and order. Turns out I was right; I pre-read the first couple of pages…yep, two more good publications I’m glad I bought. (Much cheaper to scroll through the books at my McDonough Library just down Highway 81 east though.)  

  I am still grateful I had a Mom and Grandmother who encouraged the joy of the written word to me. Love sitting outside with a good book, or, cuddling up with my cats and a warm cup of coffee on the sofa. Reading takes me away from stress, slows me down, and sometimes I learn something new, too. But, I insist on having an actual book in my hand, not the little reader-thingy … just old school I guess. Love the smell too of a good book.  Sometimes at the library though I’ll open one and receive an aroma I don’t like … back on the shelf for that book. If, I say IF, I ever shift over to the e-reader idea, I’m sure the book smell is eliminated but it does have its positive sides. I know of at least one Methodist who carries her little ‘book’ in her purse, and it comes in handy if she has to wait in a doctor’s office or while her car is serviced. 

  Well, I’m happy with the on-line shopping, my at-home, on-line job; have made lots of hotel reservations via the Internet, and now it’s helping me keep up with household supplies we need. Once again, we can give God the credit for leading us humans a step further into the future. And once again I wonder…what’s next?

   Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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