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Brenda Nail DeLauder Columnist

  I have terrific hindsight. Of course sometimes itís a good thing to not say or do what quickly comes to mind. There are times, however, when I know I have missed an opportunity to help someone.

  A couple of weeks before Easter, I missed such an opportunity with the garden shop sales associate in a Walmart. Noticing my Easter candy purchases, we struck up a conversation about when Easter occurred and why it was a different date each year. There was nothing wrong with the conversation, and granted my mind was on what I needed to do next, but I missed the perfect opportunity to talk about Jesus. There were no other customers in line and instead of assuming she knew Him, I should have lifted Christ up. It was definitely one of those hindsight moments where I asked God to forgive me for failing Him.

  There have been times where I have witnessed for my Lord, only to be amazed by the words which poured out of my mouth. Without a doubt they were given to me by the Holy Spirit. My voice. His words. Other times though, I have tried and failed miserably to adequately express my love for Christ when reaching out to a lost soul. But even when the words have failed me, the effort was there. If we donít try, then nothing is gained. Sometimes our fumbled efforts turn out far better than we can imagine. I recall one such failed attempt to witness, only to learn years later it had been a turning point for them. I was truly humbled.

  Throughout our lives we have windows of opportunities to serve Jesus by telling others about Him. We can quote Scripture, telling of the wonderful stories of our Lord, or we can simply share our personal journey with Christ. There are times when actions speak louder than words and have a much better chance of reaching someone. If we proclaim the Good News and donít apply it to our own lives, then arenít we being a hypocrite? If we take sides and openly express ugly feelings, are we truly serving God? Jesus said we are to treat others as we would want to be treated.

  In the movie ďThe Bible,Ē which aired in March, I felt some of the parts spent too much time on the ugly dark eras of history. It seemed a shame to skip over some of the wonderful stories, particularly in the Old Testament. Yet my Mom brought out a good point in that by showing all the darkness before Jesus, perhaps it gave more clarity to how Christ is indeed the light of the world. There were some things a little off, but overall, I think they followed the Bible very well. I liked the important focus given to Jesus and I applaud them for taking the movie all the way through Revelation. I have called this movie a good refresher course. It has awakened my interest in books left out such as Ruth, Esther, Job, and Malachi!

  Each year following the journey of Lent and the suffering of Holy Week, we rejoice in the glory of Easter. Then as soon as it passes by, we often go back to our rut of routine worship. We are so richly blessed to walk with Jesus every day of our lives. So why only feel that powerful glory of God at Easter? Donít let go of it! We need to continue to praise Him every day, in all that we say and do. May we let our hearts give witness to the joy we carry in our souls.

  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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