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STRIVE program helps residents find work



  Beginning this month, Connecting Henry is offering an innovative new program, called STRIVE, to help residents obtain a job and keep it. STRIVE is a four week intensive training program that provides workforce development to individuals who either have had difficulty finding and/or keeping a job because of lack of experience or a lack of applicable skill sets to succeed in a work environment.

  According to Daryl Dotschay, Director of Connecting Henry, this workforce development program will help people identify what is holding them back and enable them to develop the skills and confidence to succeed in either an employment setting or in furthering their education.

  The STRIVE program is based on a model that New Hope Enterprises, Inc. out of Atlanta has been successfully using for several years and they have agreed to partner with Connecting Henry to help implement the program. Candidates apply to the program through Connecting Henry and if accepted, will participate in a four-week, intensive program that requires the participants to attend Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 p.m., where they will learn skills that will help them to not only land a job, but keep a job. Participants will obtain interpersonal skills to learn conflict resolution and goal setting. They will also be able to identify the barriers that have affected them in the past and learn how to eliminate them. STRIVE will also forge relationships with employers in the County and help participants with direct placement. After the four-week program, officials with STRIVE will follow participants for two years to help facilitate the best outcomes.

  “The end goal is really not to complete the program, but it is to change your life,” said Dotschay.

  In his work at Connecting Henry, Dotschay said he has seen a disconnect with a certain group of people who need jobs but are unable to take advantage of training and employment programs because they have no skills, education or experience. He said he expects the STRIVE program to be a connector for that group into the workforce.

  To be eligible for the STRIVE program, applicants must have at least a GED and no violent or sexual crimes in their background. Dotschay said the most important attribute a candidate should have is the willingness to work hard and change whatever it is about them that has kept them from succeeding in the past. Participants are required to commit and work hard and those who don’t will be asked to leave the program.

  “The ideal candidate is someone who recognizes that what they are doing is not working and they are ready to change. Another unique thing about the STRIVE program is that the trainers who will be leading the program are those who have successfully gone through the program. They have been in the candidates’ shoes and have shared experiences,” said Dotschay.

  For the first session, classes will begin at the end of April and those who complete the program will have a graduation ceremony on May 24.

  Connecting Henry is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing programs which strengthen families in Henry County by focusing on educational needs and workforce development. Organizers are also looking for companies and employers who are interested in learning more about how the STRIVE program can benefit them. For more information or to apply to the STRIVE program, please contact Connecting Henry at 770-288-6230.



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