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I am Pammy


Pam Ward

Humor Columnist

  First, I want to say a big “thank you!” to the person who wrote to “Hey Henry” about my last column. I got such positive feedback from family, friends and even strangers! I know it was different from my usual topics and believe it or not, way easier to write. This head of mine is full, not only of useless medical facts and dreams of new PJ’s, but lots of memories too. So, since I’ve been writing this column for nearly three years, I thought maybe I’d do a little update about my life as Pammy.

  When I was five and my family moved to LA’ Grove from Atlanta in 1964, all the roads were dirt. We could ride our bikes all day long with no worries of being mowed down by someone hurrying to get somewhere. My friends and I would play outside till dark, and nobody worried about us being abducted. Nobody had air conditioning then either. We slept with the windows wide open all summer. Mama worked at the post office with Gwendolyn Combs, and daddy was, for a while, on the city council. He was also an electrical engineer in Atlanta, and I loved sometimes going with him, playing under his drawing board all day. Daddy’s mama, “nanny” lived with us and I loved to sit with her at night and watch the cowboy stories on TV; Bonanza, Wagon Train, The Rifleman. Mama’s parents, mamaw and grand-daddy, lived in what is now called “Little Five.” It was very different then and we could wander the neighborhood. Mamaw made the best vegetable soup ever and granddaddy was a police officer for the city of Atlanta. I miss my grandparents to this day. It’s a strange phenomenon, being 54 years old but still feeling like that same little girl sometimes. It’s funny how time can fool you like that. So much has changed in this “little” town over the past 50 years. Where Tanger Outlet is now,  there were only trees. I even remember when I-75 was being built. At Christmas, daddy, Nancy and me would sneak into the woods beside what is now Bill Gardner Parkway, and daddy would cut us down a cedar tree to take home and decorate. I remember it being such a covert and thrilling adventure! Speaking of daddy, he was an avid rabbit hunter and raised beagles. I still have a soft spot for those long-eared pooches. And beagle puppies? The cutest ever! Oh, the puppy breath! At one time I remember having 19 beagles and three hounds out in the pen next to the barn! On warm evenin’s daddy would turn them loose and let ‘em run rabbits in the woods near Miss Lane’s pond. He loved hearing those little dogs howl.

  Back then, it seemed life would be forever and I would be forever young. My painful hips are here now to remind me that is not the case! Technology is passing me by, and I’m struggling to keep up. I don’t mind that so much though, basically I am, was, and always will be just a country girl from LA’ Grove.


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