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The new kid on the block


Brenda Nail DeLauder Columnist

  The Bible teaches us to take everything to God in prayer. We are taught to share all with Christ, whether it’s our concerns, worries, sorrow, or it is our happy moments, hopes and joys. Because we are human, at times we will try to work out the problems, make a mess, then take it to God. Granted we are not supposed to sit back and do nothing, expecting God to do the work, but when we simply include Him in all things, life runs much better.

  A few weeks ago, our old kitty crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge,” leaving our house empty of a pet. Try as we might, our outside feral still says “NO” to crossing over the threshold to come inside. We quickly realized the eery silence in our home was not good. Those of us who like animals and prefer to have them around know just how empty a house can be without them. All place their mark on our hearts when they leave this world, and while they can never be replaced, the emptiness needs to be filled with new joys.

  After our Bear died last year, I knew it would take a little time before I could welcome another. Partly because I didn’t want to compare every new pet to him, and partly because our inside kitty, DK, was in her senior years. In my chats with God, I asked Him to let me know when the time was right for a newcomer. I also asked for the right one to come our way.

  So the search for a puppy began. A rescue and a bigger type breed was the goal. It was hard to look for a pup with there being so many dogs and cats of every age begging to become the chosen pet. The one we finally chose was a German Shepherd mix puppy who looked adorable on the computer screen. The morning I headed out to pick him up found me to be a bundle of nerves. I kept asking God if he was the right one, and were we the right ones for him? Traffic was a snarled mess, then I took a wrong turn, so by the time I arrived at the rescue house, I was a bit frazzled. I sat there for a minute and said, “Lord, is this a mistake?” As clearly as if a voice spoke out loud, I heard, “You will know.”

  I stood on the porch of the rescue house and waited for the lady to bring him outside. The minute she set him down on the floor, he walked over to me, looked up and sat down. I lifted him up and he licked my face. I knew. On the way home he was the perfect angel, so I took the time to thank God for being with me throughout the process and leading me.

  The other day while flipping channels, a guest on a talk show was speaking about faith. He said, “Faith is a working tool.” I thought it was a perfect description of the word. After Bear died, I had faith another would come our way. I had faith to wait for the right time and in doing so, we enjoyed our cat, DK, in her final year so much more. The waiting wasn’t always easy, but I knew the right time would come. To include God in all aspects of our lives, we gain far more than we can imagine. It is always worth the wait!

  This “new kid on the block” has already captured our hearts, but a name has yet to be settled on. Stay tuned!


 Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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