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  Henry County has been growing so much lately that some places are becoming unrecognizable. In an effort to preserve some of the history of our community, The Times is displaying photos of Henry County from the past. If you can name the persons or place shown above, write us at and tell us about it. In the next edition, we’ll reveal the location of the picture and notes readers send us. Photo courtesy of Henry/Clayton Genealogical Society. Visit the Genealogical Society at 71 Macon Street (in the Brown House) in McDonough Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Last Week's Picture

  Thanks to all of you who knew immediately that this is Janet Childs Wesley and a huge thanks to Janet for being such a good sport about this photo sent in anonymously!

  Here are a few of the many comments from our readers:

  Pam Pullin -... this is Janet Childs located on what is now Zack Hinton Parkway N.  She lived down the street from the old Henry County High School.

  Buddy Upchurch - Suhweet! A 1966 Chevelle adorned by Janet Childs Wesley.

  Brian Wesley - That is my mother, Janet Childs Wesley, leaned up against my dad’s 66' Chevelle SS 396 at my grandmother’s house on Cedar St., now Zack Hinton Pkwy.

  Clark Rainer - Clearly, and with no doubt that many, many, many people will recognize this one (after 2 weeks of no guess). This is Janet (Childs) Wesley in her parent’s driveway next to Ricky Wesley’s car. (Janet and Ricky were dating at the time. Janet and Ricky would later marry and have two great children, Brian and Candy.) Lookin’ Good, Mrs. Janet. You haven’t changed a bit! The real question that everyone is talking about is “Who submitted the picture?” Ed. note: Clark, this photo was sent in anonymously, but maybe with everyone asking they will let us know, so that we can tell you.

  Mike Elrod - This is Janet Childs! The photo was taken in her mom’s driveway, diagonally across from the Henry County High School, now the BOE Administration Building.

  Becky Bala - We at McDonough Elementary love this “super model.”  She is a different kind of “super model” today. Ask any of the kids at McDonough Elementary School and they will tell you how much Ms. Janet Wesley does to make their lives richer and their education fuller. Thank you Janet for being the “super model” we know you to be in 2013!

Have a picture of Henry County as it was? Send it to us at or 35 Griffin Street, McDonough, GA. 30253. All pictures will be handled carefully and returned to owner.



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