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Humbly Before God


Brenda Nail DeLauder Columnist

  Having a little puppy in our house, is much like having a toddler. Old schedules and routines are thrown out and new ones are constantly changing. Because he is still too young to join me on my walks, I rise earlier to head out before sunrise. Over the last few days, the mornings have been cool and crisp. I have found myself hurrying to the tops of high hills so I can watch the sun rising. When I arrive back home, I sit on the porch for a few minutes with our kitty, Catcher. Everything looks so fresh early in the morning when the sunbeams start filtering through the trees. The birds and squirrels are arriving for their breakfast, and every leaf and flower is so vibrantly alive! Because it is usually a time of uninterrupted quiet, I like to sit and drink it all in, then spend time in prayer. Even when there is sadness, joy comes in the morning!

  Some of those I have been lifting up in prayer are soon to leave this earthly life. The gravely ill I am praying for are believers in Christ and are ready to see Him face-to-face. While the caretakers also know this as truth, to realize their loved one will soon leave them is still difficult. The praying is easy. The hard part is in finding words of comfort for them, which can be difficult because what will comfort one, doesn’t help another at all. So while I pray for them, I often ask for help in finding the right words to say, as well as for the words to be received with God’s grace and comfort.

  Even with best intentions we have all lacked grace in our words. But one of the worst things I believe we can do is nothing. People will say, “I didn’t know what to say so I kept quiet,” or, “I’m sure others responded and I’m not good at that sort of thing.” Who is? Though wrong words may be spoken, the fact an effort has been made is far more important. Sometimes simply our presence, instead of words, helps the most. To be a listening ear, to offer a shoulder to cry on, or to find a way to help take their mind off the sadness for a few minutes is often exactly what’s needed.

  Prayer time is such an important part of each day because not only does it help others, it helps us to keep a closer connection with our Lord. When we humbly come before God and share our lives with Him, we find not only peace, but an inner strength we didn’t think was possible. Those moments, be it on a front porch in the early morning, on the drive into work, or in your office during a five minute break, can be the most helpful thing we do for those hurting. When we lift up their names and concerns to God, we are helping to lighten their load.

  This morning, the dew was glistening on the grass and leaves, the birds were shouting out “Good morning world,” and I felt a great peace in spending those few minutes sitting quietly in my rocker talking to God. Even our heaviest burdens grow lighter when we take it to our Lord in prayer.

  As for the puppy, he has brought us much joy. I find myself laughing far more than I have in a very long time. His name is Pepper. His tan feet look as if they have been sprinkled in pepper, his body is black, and he has added spice to our lives! A blessing indeed!


 Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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