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McDonough couple
celebrates 60 years


By Melissa Robinson
Contributing Editor 

  Sixty years ago and fresh out of the Army, Colvin Moseley, a farm boy from one of the oldest families in Henry County, married his best friend, Shirley, a city girl from Atlanta, and for the past six decades, the Moseleys have shared their ups and downs, raised three children and called McDonough home.

Colvin and Shirley Moseley hold a picture of their original wedding photo from 1953.                 Photo by Melissa Robinson

  The pair met at Sandy Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Flovilla at a church meeting and over the next few years, got to know each other better. Colvin had returned from military service and Shirley had just graduated from high school, when they were married on May 23, 1953, at Bethany Primitive Baptist Church on Moreland Avenue.

  "She graduated on a Tuesday and we married on the following Saturday," said Colvin.

  Colvin grew up on a farm right off of Kelleytown Road – the same property they built a house on 21 years ago – after his retirement. From a large family with one brother and five sisters, he thought about going into farming at one time, but instead, attended the University of Georgia, earning his degree in agricultural engineering. In college he was a member of the advanced ROTC and enlisted in the Army, serving two years before getting out and embarking on a career in banking. In the late 1950s, he began working at First National Bank of McDonough, which eventually became SunTrust, and retired as its vice president in 1992.

  Shirley grew up in Atlanta, an only child, whose father was away in the service when she was a little girl. She said that although she grew up as an only child, she loves when her big, extended family gets together. In addition to their three children, the couple has 12 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.

  “I love having a big family, and it’s so different than the way I grew up,” she said.

  Their different upbringings give credo to the saying that opposites attract, which is evident in their long and loving marriage. And although she was primarily a home maker and her husband worked, now in retirement they spend most of their time together, even enjoying grocery shopping together.

  They are active members of Ozias Primitive Baptist Church, and they enjoy travelling and dining out, as well as spending time with family.

  For Shirley, the key to a successful marriage is to be friends first. She said although she was married young, she knew Colvin and the couple had a long engagement before walking down the aisle.

  “I knew his sister and got to know his family,” said Shirley. “We were good friends first and then we were engaged for a year, and even though he was a country boy and I was a city girl, it's been great, and I would do it all over again.” Colvin said the key to success might be a little simpler. “I just did whatever she said,” he laughed.

  And although he joked about that, he said being loving and committed are important in helping a marriage succeed. He added that trust is an important part of any relationship and said that he and his wife have enjoyed a trusting and loving relationship and continue to do so.

  For their 50th anniversary, their children sent them in a limousine for a fancy dinner in Atlanta.

  “We didn’t let them throw us a party for our fiftieth, but they convinced us for our sixtieth anniversary,” said Shirley.

  Friends and family of the Moseleys are invited to come by the McDonough Woman's Club on Saturday, May 25, between 2 and 4 p.m. to join the couple and their children in celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. There will be a card basket available, but they request no gifts. 

  “Their lives, consistency and devotion to each other and their family have been a special blessing,” said daughter Joy Puckett. “They have truly set wonderful examples of faith, hope and love to all whose lives they have touched, especially their children and grandchildren."

  The McDonough Women's Club is located at 199 Turner St. in McDonough.



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