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Whatís in a name?


Beverly Wittler Columnist

  Neat that our new assistant editor has two names Iím very familiar with ... my preacher since 2007 has the first name of Alex, and a favorite attorneyís last name is Welch. No problem adding new Timesí employee Alex Welch to my memory.   Preacher Alexís last name was a given too as Stroud Road is very close to Mt. Bethel. Probably have mentioned my maiden name of Rooks before and also how my great-great-grandfather knew heíd be snubbed in America, so when he arrived in Maryland, he legally changed from OíRourk to Rooks.    Daughter Sam became a Deutsch when she wed and we learned quickly thatís just the name for Germany Ö Deutsch-land.

  Now one thing Iím having a problem with as I age is remembering every single personís name, especially when new ones come to Mt. Bethel.  So hereís a trick a co-worker taught me.    Say I meet a new visitor and she tells me her name Ö letís pretend itís Debbie.  I immediately say it out loud and then I make a mental picture as we make eye contact, of her in the car with my supervisor Debbie. That really does work and has worked 100% since I started using that neat way to instant recall. But what if I donít have a friend or family member with the same name Ö donít know, it hasnít come up yet. Maybe Iíll just write them down in the back of my big red Bible with a quick diagram of where they were sitting in my neat little church.  (Iíll let you know if it works just in case it does come up.)

  Well, we made our new pastor welcome this past Sunday and I had no problem whatsoever remembering his nameÖat all.  His first name is Charles, and of course thatís my older brotherís name and my Dad and Granddadís. His last name?  Jackson. And you know where I grew up Ö Jackson, Ga. Wow Ö a no-brainer for Beverly!    He has a few other things going for him too. For one, heís been in the military and I greatly respect those who serve. My Dad hung out in Germany awhile, in the second World War, sustained a gunshot to the calf and then when he got out of the hospital, he didnít immediately jump on a boat and come home. Nope, he became a Ranger and continued to serve.  I have his purple heart, plus his olive green dress jacket which I can barely button but always make a point of wearing on Veterans Day. Just grew up respecting and admiring our soldiers and still do.

  Then when I became a mortgage loan officer, I found that veterans were the ones who always had all their paperwork, and if my loan processor called them for anything additional, they didnít complain, just said Ďyes maíamí and produced the document she needed. So my appreciation, admiration and respect for our soldiers and veterans increased even more.

  Iím praying for our new parsonage family, and of course the ones who just took off to another church.  And Iím also praying for my little Methodist church that it will grow, that those around us who donít have a place to hang out on Sunday mornings will be drawn to Mt. Bethel. I still SO appreciate those who go to a little spot in McDonough and feed the hungry, and now theyíre handing out bags of free canned goods, just doing His work. (He did say that when you feed the least of these, you feed Him.)

  We loved the Strouds, before them the Browns, the Outlaws Ö and Iím sure weíll love the Jacksons too. Another PTL!!!


 Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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