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Weathering the storm


Brenda Nail DeLauder Columnist

  The weather plays such an important role in our lives. We complain when it’s too dry and the drought continues. Rain comes and we complain about it being too wet and the storms never stop. The heat makes us long for winter, but when it arrives, the cold nights find us eagerly awaiting spring. It’s safe to say “us humans” whine a great deal about the weather.

  Most of us have grown weary of the months of constant rains and high humidity. It’s difficult to get outside chores done, mosquitoes may now indeed conquer the world, and even the vegetation seems to be saying “enough!” Realizing the dreary days were starting to bug me, I began trying to focus on the positives of the excessive rain, but it grew harder to do.

  On yet another cloud-covered morning, I headed out for a walk. At the early hour, the air was already thick, making it harder to breathe. I was muttering as I climbed the next hill, when I heard a sound I couldn’t quite place. Turning to see what it was, I spotted a pair of Great Blue Herons. They were having quite a chat as they cruised across the sky, just above the treetops. Walking on, I passed a yard with three bunnies having a morning feast on the tender grass. It finally hit me to pay more attention to the things in nature I so richly love. I continued my walk down a favorite path by a field of wildflowers. It was such a magnificent show of colors, lasting longer this year, having thrived on the moisture. I passed by a little wet weather pond and noticed frogs, turtles and a few fish are now calling it home. By the time I had rounded the last corner, I was walking with more pep in my step and a smile on my face. It occurred to me, finally, that when there is darkness, God provides us with light.

  Each time I start to grumble at the rain, I’m now taking a moment to find a joy in it. The other day I was caught in a powerful downpour which made driving a challenge along the flooding streets. I laughed when I thanked God for giving my dirty car a really good bath. While the news media always focuses on the “tree that fell,” so many trees have been saved by this rainy year. The drought had really taken a toll and the excessive moisture is doing wonders to rejuvenate many of them.

  If I find myself feeling as dreary as the weather, I start looking for the positives and amazingly, they are not hard to find. For several days in a row last week, the only time I saw the sun, was at sunrise. Yet each one was more fabulous than the one before. The rays of light filled the horizon with many hues of rich colors, often shining against dark clouds, making them appear to be lined in gold. I found myself eagerly getting out of bed, so I could reach the top of the highest hill in time for the best view.

  I’m thankful I stopped allowing the excessive wet weather to dampen my spirit, yet sunshine is always a welcome sight! When I sit on our porch while “it comes up a cloud,” I remember the thrill of such a shower during the drought. We were always glad to have moisture fall from the sky. Extremes are not what we like to see, but finding joy in all we are given, makes it so much easier. Give thanks to God, for He is good!


  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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