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Disc golf brings tournament
to Henry County


By Melissa Robinson
Contributing Editor 

  Sports and sporting events abound in Henry County, and if you look hard enough, there is something for everyone. There’s the ubiquitous soccer and all of the standards like football, baseball, tennis, basketball and even hockey, but there are even more unique, yet growing opportunities, such as disc golf.

Mike Haney works on his short game at the disc golf course in J.P. Moseley Park.                           Photo by Melissa Robinson

  According to disc golf player and McDonough resident Mike Haney, disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in Georgia, and Henry County is home to one of the state’s premier disc golf courses. He said that on Aug. 10, more than 70 players are expected to converge on J.P. Moseley Park in Stockbridge for the 2013 Hotlanta Disc Golf Tournament, which will attract players from throughout the southeast. reports that there are currently 4,225 disc golf courses in the United States, and J.P. Moseley Park has a disc golf course that ranks in the top five percent in the country.

  According to the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), disc golf is played like traditional golf but instead of using clubs and balls, the player throws a disc with the goal of completing each hole in as few strokes, or throws, as possible.

  Moseley is currently an 18-hole course; however, Haney said the disc golf community has been given the green light to clear land in the park for an additional nine holes, which will give it the potential to attract bigger tournaments. He said volunteers will clear the land for the additional holes.

  According to Craig Nettleship, this year’s tournament director, the Hotlanta Tournament is a tier C tournament that will take place all in one day.

  Nettleship is relatively new to the sport of disc golf but said he played golf professionally from 1996 to 2000, and that disc golf is equally addictive.

  “Everything that has been written about or talked about in traditional golf can be applied to disc golf,” said Nettleship. “No matter how amazing a shot is or how you play, you can always play or do it a little better.”

  Haney has been playing disc golf for several years and is Nettleships’s brother –in-law. He said there is an active and vibrant golf community in Henry County and it is growing. And one of the things he loves about disc golf is that it is for everyone, from kids to seniors.

  “It’s such a great workout. Besides the throwing, playing every nine holes is like hiking through the woods for an hour and a half,” said Haney.

  Haney said he sometimes plays a version of disc golf where he sprints to each hole after a throw to pump up the workout factor.

  Both men agree that disc golf gives the same rush and satisfaction of traditional golf, but at a fraction of the price. Haney said someone interested in starting out can buy a $7 disc and just get out to Mosley Park, which is free to use. For a little variety, you can purchase a starter set of discs for about $20 at most sporting goods stores.

  “It’s relatively inexpensive to start, and when I first came out, I used a Frisbee,” he laughed.

 Top professional finishers will be awarded cash prizes and top amateurs will win credit for merchandise. For more information, visit



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