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Under construction


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  Whenever a workload becomes extremely heavy, with everything needing immediate attention, it can become overwhelming. This causes our emotions, as well as our blood pressures, to rise, causing us to become a bit out of sorts. Why do we allow ourselves to get into such jams? Often the most hectic times in my life start out appearing as simple and easy. Soon they begin to escalate until I’m drowning in a sea of work. I find that true with any sort of construction done to our house. Neat and clean descriptions sail out the windows, replaced by swirls of dust and dirt filling the air leaving the house a mess, with no time to run away from it. The occasional crash or loud noise, followed by “oops” is enough to make a person cringe.

  Of course once the work is done, the workers have gone on their way, and the cleaning is finally accomplished, it’s usually worth all the hassles. It’s during all the chaos you begin to question why in the world you paid people to create the mess. After it’s done, we can usually laugh at some of the craziness. This is good, because we always need laughter.

  Pepper is my reason to laugh. This puppy is growing quickly and is now six months old and 50 pounds “plus.” Everything fascinates him which requires much sniffing, tasting, bumping, and biting. He still loves all his toys and while the workers moved around, he was constantly checking to make sure none had been removed. From his view, everyone is his friend, whether they choose to be one or not, is beside the point. Even the guy, who claimed not to like dogs, was taken on as a challenge to win over, and success belonged to Pepper. Granted trying to keep a pup corralled all day is a job in itself. Having a 50 lb. puppy attacking the mop while you try and clean up is muscle building. Watching to make sure he doesn’t steal a tool or chew something he shouldn’t, can be exhausting. Yet, without a doubt, even in my fatigue, I found myself laughing.

  It occurred to me that Pepper is much like the house. Our house improves room by room from the construction. He too is under construction as he works on improving his manners and minding. Even for us older humans, we are a constant work in progress.  It’s a wonder little “under construction” signs are not attached to every human, because as children of God, we surely do need a lot of work done on us.

  During a heavy workload, with already more stuff to accomplish than humanly possible, it seems there are more fires to put out and problems to fix. Trying to figure out how to balance it and make sense of it all, only adds to the challenges of each day. Usually I can take those extras thrown my way in stride, but there is a breaking point when I scream “no more!” This only adds to the frustration and stress, leaving me no less overwhelmed, taken advantage of, or physically worn out. Still, letting the anger boil over a bit, instead of holding it inside, is better than gaining an ulcer. It also gives me more reason to go to God in prayer. It is then I seek His forgiveness, but also guidance on how to fix the problems so I can move forward.

  Even while we are under construction, God never leaves us. The struggles are part of our  construction, which gives us a firmer foundation on which to stand. I’m so glad we do not stand alone!

  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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