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Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  I finally had a day to catch my breath, after two long weeks of construction hassles and hours of hard work cleaning up all the messes. The house was clean, the laundry was caught up, the puppy was asleep, and it was pouring rain outside. A perfect time to sit down and enjoy a restful moment. There was one problem with this great idea and that was not being able to find my “off” switch.

  There are times when I truly feel led by God to stop. Those times usually come when I have ceased to listen and need to be still long enough to hear Him. This time wasn’t a lack of communication with God, but rather a feeling of being unsettled. Even after all the labor to get my house back in order, I remained restless.

  Earlier in the week I had gone to the farm in hopes of gaining a little peaceful solitude. That wasn’t possible because of all the noise coming from the nearby building of new houses. Granted, it’s good to have jobs in construction increasing, it’s still sad to see the destruction of nature. Then down the hill from our home, we have been enduring a crew with huge machinery, clearing a wide path for a new sewer line. The continuous rumble which vibrates the house is annoying, and I worry about the critters in this wetland area being disturbed. Finally by early evening, the constant noise ceased for the day and I quickly headed to the porch for some peace and quiet. Pepper wasn’t too thrilled to be left behind, but it was Catcher’s turn to gain my undivided attention. I rocked and he purred in response to my scratching his head. Soon we hit a rhythm and I let my mind float off to another time and place.

  Mom and I enjoyed a beautiful rainbow recently and as I thought of it, I remembered another one from years ago. Granted there have been lots of rainbows to enjoy over the years, but some, too amazing to be forgotten, pop to the front of the mind when recalling them.

  A mighty storm had stewed over us all afternoon, bringing great torrents of rain. Finally after several hours, the wind started to blow the storm eastward, allowing the late evening sun to peek through breaks in the clouds. I remembered standing on the back stoop at home looking out across the fields, watching the rain pour down, yet enjoying the various shades of colors in both earth and sky. As the sunbeams grew stronger, the contrast of colors became richer and more dramatically pronounced, while the rain continued. Soon, not just one, but two complete rainbows filled the sky! Not caring if it was still raining or not, we moved out into the back yard. I remember it felt as if we were standing directly under this magnificent feast of colors.

  After a bit I realized I was back in my rocking chair, but the memory had released my mind and let me float away for a moment or two. It was exactly what I needed to help me relax and enjoy a quiet moment. All during the hectic two weeks, I had asked God for strength and He provided it. Yet when it came time to stop and rest, I had failed to ask Him for help. I’m so thankful my Lord knows my every need, even before I know I have one. A beautiful memory of a happy time coming “out of nowhere” was a fabulous treat God provided. It was the best mini vacation I’ve had in quite some time. Isn’t He awesome!? 

 Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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