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Hey Henry is our own little vent section.  Read others' vents, and post one of your own. You'll never look at life the same way again.



Hey Henry, why would we want to go to another country to fight terrorists when we have them in our own country? We need boots on the ground here. Just watch the news every morning, it’s the same thing day after day.

Hey Henry, before we bash the Library Board too much, keep in mind that counterfeiting is against the law. The Library Board can only spend the amount of funds it receives in appropriations, it can’t create money on its own.

Hey Henry, wonder why the school system has had a new superintendent approximately every two years? It is so each super can maximize their retirement, which is based on their highest two-year salary. Why does the Board buy into this farce? It costs the taxpayers and takes money away from teachers who haven’t had a raise in many years. In fact, teachers have lost money with the unpaid furlough days and more costly benefits.

Hey Henry, to the officer who stopped and asked my daughter why she was stopped half-in, half-out of the turn lane in front of CVS, I think it would be obvious that her car had stalled and she was frantically trying to restart it. I can’t imagine what you hoped to gain by intimidating a teenage girl, but I hope it made you feel like a big man.

Hey Henry, no library employee is ever permitted to work off the clock. It’s illegal, and there is a strictly enforced policy against it. Having said that, the Library Board can only operate on the budget the commissioners provide. If you don’t like the way the buildings look, call your commissioner and tell them libraries need better funding. While you’re at it, ask them who cleans their building? They say we all have to “tighten our belts” and “share the sacrifice,” but I don't see them scrubbing their own toilets.

Hey Henry, as a new GA resident, I believe the “Welcome to Georgia” law is ridiculously excessive. No wonder people aren’t registering their vehicles. Who wants to pay $2,000+ of taxes on a vehicle you’ve already paid taxes on in another state? If you want to grow your economy, more taxes isn’t the way. How about figuring out how to create real jobs? Oh, I know, why not build another warehouse? Lord knows there’s not enough empty ones around here.

Hey Henry, it’s amazing how some of the foremen of the Henry County School Maintenance Department can sit on a computer and play solitaire half the day and get paid sixty-two thousand a year, and our custodians are contracted out.

Hey Henry, with all those horrible square plates around McDonough, I feel like I’m driving in bumper cars.

Hey Henry, this is in response to the genius who claims anyone who drives a pickup truck is stupid. I know you! You are that person who straps a queen-size mattress to the top of your VW Beetle. You’ve got one hand on the steering wheel and one hand out of your window trying to balance it while doing 5 mph. All while leading a string of traffic down the interstate.

Hey Henry, what is it with people who back into parking spaces? Are you preparing for a quick getaway, or are you just special? It’s unnecessary and wastes others’ time.

Hey Henry, if you’re OK with Clayton County kids going to Henry County schools, then please give your name and address so they know where to send the bills. Why should Henry County taxpayers pay Clayton County’s bills? Feeling that you’re entitled to whatever you want is nothing to be proud of.


Hey Henry, just know that when I drive, I mentally detract 25 points from the estimated IQ of every driver I see in a pickup truck, and then add or subtract points based on the vehicle’s size and the degree to which said truck is actually utilized in anything involving actual work. Translation (for the idiots I know are out there among you): If you drive a two-ton duallie without a speck of dust on it that’s never hauled anything heavier than you and your wife, I estimate your IQ at 50.

Hey Henry, he’s driving down the street in his smart car, drinking his smart water, and using his smart phone, yet he still looks so dumb!

Hey Henry, we are lucky to have good and interesting neighbors in the Oak Leaf Drive neighborhood of Stockbridge. Thanks to all of you!

Hey Henry, to the person who said it’s legal to pass in the turn lane: you must have gotten your law degree the same place you got your driver’s license. Mail order, I’m guessing. The Driver’s Manual says no such thing. It is never safe or legal to use a turn-only deceleration lane as a passing lane, then whip your car back into traffic.

Hey Henry, so what if Clayton County kids are riding our buses and going to our schools. Who are you to deprive an innocent child of a decent education and school environment? Being stuck up is nothing to be proud of.

Hey Henry, you can claim to own as many homes as you want where you want, but if you live in Georgia, then you have 30 days to register your vehicles in Georgia and pay Georgia taxes on them. It’s the law.

Hey Henry, judges need to crack down on drivers with no insurance. They are costing insured motorists a lot of money and are never held financially responsible. No insurance should mean a trip straight to jail until restitution is made, no exceptions.

Hey Henry, I would like to thank the nice man that helped my daughter with her car at the QuikTrip on Jonesboro Road. It was so very much appreciated. Good people are with us.

Hey Henry, how sad that the County Commissioners and the Library Board of Directors have let our libraries go to pot. They require that the staff clean the buildings, but they have to do it on their time. They are not paid for overtime and can’t clean while patrons are in the buildings. That is why they are filthy. How stupid. At least the BOE outsourced for cleaning.

Hey Henry, I heard that someone put a dead deer in the parking lot of one of our high schools the day before a football game. Does anyone have an issue with this?

Hey Henry, regarding the comment in last weeks paper about the way young ladies are allowed, by their parents, to dress. You should see how some of these young ladies come to church dressed. Is this the new place to go to attract young men?

Hey Henry, how about repealing the SPLOST IV tax this year? It would be nice to see our taxes drop down to 6 percent sales and 2 percent food tax like Cobb County.

Hey Henry, I hate people acting like it is everyone else’s responsibility to watch out for them. An example: if you walk out in traffic texting on your cell, you deserve to get hit. Have some common sense.


Hey Henry, in response to Code Enforcement not patrolling and working off complaints only. It’s easy to complain about someone else’s job, especially when you don’t know the details and have never had to do it! Henry County Code Enforcement only has five officers that handle approximately 700-1000 complaints a month. They are doing all they can and don’t have the time or manpower to patrol areas looking for violations.

Hey Henry, the tomahawk chop will never be the same!

Hey Henry, I live so far into Henry County that I am three minutes from the Rockdale line. I have watched the same green car with a Clayton County tag leave and pick up a child at the local school bus stop for the last three years. I guess the kid will finally graduate, at my expense, this year.

Hey Henry, regarding the stop sign on Lawrenceville Street at Oak Park. Thanks to the hundreds of cars that go through this area on a daily basis, the stop sign is necessary to slow people down due to the bad curve located there. The folks from Oak Park would never be able to turn into or out of their subdivision. Also, people turning left onto Veterans Drive would have a difficult time.

Hey Henry, why doesn’t someone at Ola Middle School do something about the parents of car riders in the morning and afternoon. If parents get tired of waiting in the pick-up line, they just cut through the teacher parking lot and drop/pick-up their kid and leave the kid to cross lanes of traffic. I am afraid a kid is going to get hurt one day.

Hey Henry, regarding the comment about passing in the east bound turning lane on 20/81 at the McDonough Parkway intersection. According to the Georgia Drivers manual, page 24, and GA code 40-6-43, it is legal to pass on the right of the vehicle turning left.

Hey Henry, I’m sympathetic about the problems of foot-high lawns, cars permanently parked in yards and 18 people living in one house. However, if Code Enforcement did “their jobs,” they would need as much staff as the police department.

Hey Henry, the HCPD new patrol cars were purchased with seized asset funds. These funds can only be used for certain items purchased by law enforcement. These cars did not cost the taxpayers of Henry County one penny.

Hey Henry, why do parents allow teenage girls to dress so provocatively? How many of you want a grown man lusting after your daughter because she is dressed provocatively and she looks like a grown woman? As parents, it is our job to teach our daughters to respect themselves and to demand respect from others. If you can’t wear it to school, you should not be allowed to wear it at a school function. I was appalled at the way the teenagers were dressed Friday night at the Ola High School Football game. Very disturbing!

Hey Henry, is anyone else disgusted by and tired of the toe fungus billboard on the interstate going north between exits 216 and 218? We get it! Take care of your toes! Now, let’s remove it!

Hey Henry, has anyone else noticed how defoliant was sprayed on the trees in the marsh area feeding into the wildlife sanctuary at the bridge on Eagles Landing Parkway killing lots more than intended?


Hey Henry, my budget is so tight I am limited at the grocery store and the gas station. I cannot run the AC at a comfortable level, and I am scared of losing my job. I am very offended when my tax dollars pay for parties, lunches, travel and the extreme utilities wasted at city halls. You advertise jobs, but you hire your friends. I am disappointed, and I will vote.

Hey Henry, what a rainy summer! Can we eat those adorable little mushrooms popping up everywhere?

Hey Henry, the school year is back in session. Isn’t it wonderful to deal with the insane traffic and illegal Clayton County students being dropped off in subdivisions to catch the bus, or Clayton County tagged vehicles dropping off right at the front door of Henry County schools? I guess Henry County taxpayers never tire of providing education for Clayton County.

Hey Henry, I do not understand how Henry County can afford new patrol cars but could not give the employees of this county their complete two percent raise as they promised.

Hey Henry, what are our chances of having a class to teach the drivers on Highway 81 East what turn signals mean? I live in the Ola district and must make a right turn to get into my driveway. I always signal well in advance. I just say thanks to the MAN above who lets me get in ahead of the maniac tailgating me. A turn signal means just that ... someone is going to turn.

Hey Henry, I don’t care what you say, it’s still a speed trap. 45 miles per hour on a four-lane road, really? Call it what you will.

Hey Henry, isn’t it also time to crack down on readers who cannot comprehend the concept that some of us are able to own homes outside of Georgia and prefer to register our vehicles at those properties?

Hey Henry, and for most useless stop sign in McDonough, I nominate the three-way stop at Lawrenceville Street and Oak Park Terrace.

Hey Henry, why does someone have to complain to Henry County Code Enforcement before they will do anything? Why aren’t they going through neighborhoods issuing citations for abandoned cars, unmowed yards with weeds a foot high, commercial vehicles parked in subdivisions, locating home-based businesses with no licenses, etc? Isn’t that their job?

Hey Henry, why is there only high school paraphernalia for Union Grove and Ola in Walmart, Academy Sports and other local stores? There are several other local high schools that are even closer to the actual stores, but they are not represented. Why just those schools?

Hey Henry, how long is the former BJ’s building going to be vacant? Why don’t we convert it into a couple indoor inline hockey rinks like the Snellville facility? Plenty of parking, convenient to I-75, hotels, shops and restaurants will benefit too. We can’t host any tournaments and bring money in with the Avalon rink (lack of parking during football and park and ride hours, and restrooms, not to mention the unpredictable outside weather factors!) Please consider as a benefit to our youth and community income. The vacant building is helping no one.

Hey Henry, can someone provide Hooked on Phonics books for the ones who park on the street in the Glynn Addy subdivision? It seems the “no parking on the street” sign is hard for some to comprehend.


Hey Henry, isn’t it time to crack down on residents of Georgia (some owning homes here) who continue to run out of state tags on their vehicles? Thirty days to change your residency and tag your vehicles turns into never. It’s time Henry County and the rest of Georgia collect on the new “Welcome to Georgia” law to generate lots of state revenue!

Hey Henry, Henry County BOE board members. How is that outsourcing of custodians working out? Still think it was a good decision? At least Pam Nutt had the sense to vote no.

Hey Henry, the intersection of Highway 20/81 and McDonough Parkway would be perfectly safe if people would stop passing in the eastbound turn lane. Some police presence and a few tickets might put a stop to that nonsense before somebody gets killed.

Hey Henry, you are delusional if you think just because you move in, people give up their county jobs. Be patient; we’ll retire soon.

Hey Henry, there are guys that have a police record, that have served time over the years, etc. but now have families, trying to do the right thing, be straight and most time are not being given that chance. What happens to these people is they get so frustrated and because they can’t get jobs they go back to their past and not because they want to. Can we give these folks a chance to prove themselves and do what’s right and expected. The past is the past. Leave it there. A lot of guys just need a little help and encouragement!

Hey Henry, it’s amazing how you can have 27 counts against you and prosper. Does the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department ring a bell?

Hey Henry, I would like to applaud the staff at Tussahaw Elementary for its excellent service and dedication to our children. A special thank you to Ms. H and Ms. Berry for making my daughter’s first year in kindergarten a smooth and enjoyable one (which makes it that much easier on me as a parent)! Keep up the good work!

Hey Henry, “tourist fans” to McDonough? Are you kidding? To see what?

Hey Henry, how can we bolster the budget of McDonough? Easy. Just place a police officer on each street leaving the Square on a rainy day and have them write tickets to the motorists without their lights on. After all, it’s the law - enforce it!

Hey Henry, what is it with kids walking in the streets at all hours of the night? And where are the parents and parental supervision? Is there no curfew? Can our north Henry County police precinct step in? We need answers and action.

Hey Henry, there are way too many parents in Henry County allowing high school kids to have big drinking and pot smoking parties (bon fires). These parents need to realize if some kid gets killed in a car wreck leaving their house, they will go to jail. So ask yourself is it worth it....being the “cool” parent?

Hey Henry, while reading today’s quips, I was appalled to read that someone in this county is actually appalled!

Hey Henry, if you are not speeding, you don’t have to worry where the police are in the morning (or any time), do you?


Hey Henry, wake up. We need a traffic light at Highway 20/81 and McDonough Parkway near the BP. This is the most dangerous intersection I have ever seen.

Hey Henry, if you are unwilling to follow the covenants and meet neighborhood standards, then you should not rent a house in an area with a homeowners association. That’s the price you have to pay for the amenities offered.

Hey Henry, when you come to get a pizza from our restaurant, don’t be rude and shove your money in our face and treat us like idiots. We’re people too. We’re not responsible for your bad day, so don’t bring us down too!

Hey Henry, all the negative in the news about Henry County this week was really sad. What is happening to our little community? I hope they catch those thugs quickly that robbed the Chevron in Locust Grove and whoever shot at a car on Jodeco Road. We need to send a strong message that we will NOT stand for that kind of trash in our community!

Hey Henry, thanks a lot for shutting down my business by working on the sewer all day. Why not do that from 7 p.m. until 5 a.m.? Oh, I know ... that would actually make sense!

Hey Henry, why do bank customers never know their account numbers or how to fill out their own deposit slip? And for those who use the drive through, don’t get mad at the teller if the line is moving slowly, because I promise it’s the person in front of you who’s making things time consuming.

Hey Henry, the traffic situation at Ola High School is horrible. Surely something can be done to alleviate it. Perhaps a separate side entrance for parents that are dropping off students. It would be a help if the students used the marked crosswalks also.

Hey Henry, 20 years ago, I loved to watch the stars in my lightless subdivision. Now, I’ll take every light I can get.

Hey Henry, when did women’s underwear become a part of the outfit? Those straps with the metal adjusters are not attractive! There’s a reason they call it “underwear.”

Hey Henry, why is it that we have to call the City of McDonough every time the ditches and sidewalks need cleaning and cutting. Don’t we pay someone to make sure this job gets done?

Hey Henry, I want to thank all the drivers who insist on using their foglights on even the clearest of nights. It reminds me just how selfish people can be.

Hey Henry, I agree that county jobs should be filled based on qualifications. If you think no minority people with qualifications are applying, you are delusional.

Hey Henry, to reply to your reader who quipped “why has water been running down East Atlanta Road just south of Flatrock,” the answer is quite obvious. Since East Atlanta Road in that section is on a down slope, the basic laws of nature dictate that the water will not run up East Atlanta Road.

Hey Henry, regarding the speed trap comments: per state law, local police have to be seen within so many feet (500 feet I believe) and can’t pull you over unless you're going 10+ over the posted speed limit. GSP are the only ones allowed to “hide” and can ticket you for anything over the posted speed limit.


Hey Henry, while it had been discussed, Henry County never purchased any movie studios with taxpayer money. But the TV series “Resurrection” begins filming in McDonough this week anyway! Let’s hope it brings lots of tourist fans to Henry County, just as “Vampire Diaries” boosted Covington’s economy!

Hey Henry, in response to the O.J. Simpson comment. White terrorists groups have killed over 3,446 African Americans in America over 86 years. Massacre at Rosewood, Florida, Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, Willie Edwards, Rev. George Lee, Rev. Martin Luther King, just to name a few!

Hey Henry, why has water been running down East Atlanta Road just south of Flatrock Road? This has been going on for three months or so. Funny how the water at our home about a mile away tastes funny now. Anyone else?

Hey Henry, why doesn’t the Board of Commissioners post their meeting agenda consistently prior to meetings? Also, why are their meeting minutes always at least three months behind?

Hey Henry, you can’t see the stars with streetlights on. I prefer subdivisions with no street lights. If you want one, call the power company and have one put in your yard. Otherwise, turn on your headlights.

Hey Henry, regarding the speed “trap” on Jonesboro Road? Webster's defines “trap” as: “something by which one is caught or stopped unawares.” At this point, is there anyone NOT aware that the police are just laying in wait for some moron to come speeding down the lane? You may be in a hurry to get to your job, but the officer sitting there in his patrol car is also doing HIS job! Just let some poor pedestrian get hurt or killed because of a speeding car, and then watch everybody come out of the woodwork to complain about a lack of police presence!

Hey Henry, Honey Boo Boo and family spotted at Tanger Outlets one day last week. There’s a rumor going around Facebook that they may be moving to Eagle’s Landing Country Club! Can anyone confirm?

Hey Henry, will you please ask the school system how they expect the maintenance department to work overtime “until further notice” (per memo) and then force them to take a week off in October without pay? Explain how that works or makes sense.

Hey Henry, regarding the As It Was picture of Wilson Bros. Nursery. We had just built our home in The Farm in 1990 and when Wilson’s opened, we bought most of our plants there and were some of their first customers. They were kind enough to even give us some plants that no one bought. We still have a few of them today. Thanks, Wilson Bros.

Hey Henry, why be concerned about the “speed trap” as you called it on Jonesboro Road if you aren’t breaking the law. Or, is it just “hard working people” as you put it, who think they have special rights? You probably run red lights, too ... because you are “hard working.”

Hey Henry, why is it that roads that don’t need to be paved get resurfaced and no one cares about the dirt roads left in the county? Can you start upgrading our roads too? How about some gravel on the entire road instead of a hit-and-miss project?


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