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Local man honors wife’s memory with cookbook


By Melissa Robinson
Contributing Editor 

  McDonough resident, Dr. Gene Crumbley, said that after his beloved wife of 58 years passed away, he was inundated with requests for some of her delicious recipes, and that was the catalyst for him to publish a cookbook in her honor appropriately titled “Norma’s Recipes.”

  “After Norma left, my granddaughters would call me up and ask for a recipe for cornbread or something. So I would go to this big notepad she had where she wrote all her recipes, make a copy and mail it to them. It got to the point where I thought I would just make a little book for my grandkids, since I’ve got 12 of them, plus four kids,” said Crumbley.

Dr. Gene Crumbley holds a copy of “Norma’s Recipes,” a cookbook he put together to honor his wife. Crumbley includes a narrative of his marriage with Norma to go along with her recipes.                                                Photo by Alex Welch

  Crumbley takes the reader back in time through the anecdotes that follow many of the recipes.

  Married in 1953, the couple was together until Norma’s passing on September 13, 2011. Crumbley said it was after that that he decided to go through Norma’s recipes and find both hers and his favorite ones to share with others. He peppered the book with short narratives about their lives, starting with stories from both of their childhoods, their courtship, and their many years together through more than five decades of marriage. He also includes several jokes and observations, offering a little wisdom along the way.

  He said the recipes are all from notebooks she kept, and she served several of her best dishes while operating the Tea Room in McDonough

  No stranger to publishing, Crumbley has two other books to his credit. He said the recipe book took a little over a year to complete, but that it truly was a labor of love.

  Crumbley admits to having quite a sweet tooth and said there is no shortage of sweet recipes in the book.

  “My favorite desserts are the banana pudding, the caramel cake and the Japanese fruit cake,” he said.

  As far as savory dishes, he said Norma was known for so many good ones, but a family and friend favorite would have to be her chicken and dressing.

  “The one dish everybody else has loved is her chicken and dressing, which is awesome,” said Crumbley. “Everybody that ate it, loved it. Her chicken and rice was also awesome.”

  Crumbley said he has received positive feedback about the book and loves when people tell him which recipes they have tried, although he has heard from several people who bought the book, that they enjoyed the stories even more.

  “Some get it just for the stories, because they don't cook anymore,” he said. “Some are buying the book as a wedding gift for new brides (what a great idea) and also as Christmas gifts for daughters and granddaughters,” he said. “I would be happy if something I wrote about helps even one marriage.”

  “Norma’s Recipes” is available for purchase in Bliss and in Tina Derrick's booth in Emily's Attic, both on the McDonough Square, as well as in Moye’s Pharmacy on Keys Ferry St. in McDonough and in the gift shop of Veranda Bed and Breakfast in Senoia. Crumbley will sign copies bought directly from him and those interested should contact him at 770-957-3286 or through email



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