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Mary Jane Owen

  I surely do hate to admit that I cannot, absolutely cannot, master technology. Hard as I try, I simply do not understand how this stuff operates and that includes comprehension of the nomenclature. I donít seem to remember a password from an identification number. Alas this has resulted in my e-mail account being shut down for about 48 hours. When I renew my efforts at giving it another try, I only get shut down for another 48 hours and so it goes. Rescue was forthcoming. Fortunately I have a few remaining friends. (That means I have a handful of folks left in my life who have forgiven me for my past bad behavior.. My sonís friends are still entitled to call me ďOuiserĒ from Steel Magnolias).

  However,  I have managed to survive for a few weeks without the benefit of staying in touch with my friends through e-mail. I know, I can just hear you saying it, You are correct! I am not Face -book facile. Have not a clue about that, and likely will never know about that glorious opportunity to peck away constantly on a tiny little device, hence communicating highly personal information. I must admit that Iím a bit offended when my associates who are Facebook fans use our social intercourse time to indulge in that activity. As a friend recently said, eventually we will only recognize each other by the tops of our heads. Think about that!

  All this aside, what really hurts is that two year olds know more than I do. That is challenging, embarrassing even. My grandson, bless his heart, has tried to no avail to help me. First of all, my dog, Lucy ate my hearing aid which really didnít work anyway. So grandson has to speak slower and louder than normal. One can easily understand why that challenges him! Moreover, my not knowing the nomenclature, as indicated above, inhibits communication between the two of us.

  Any attempt to carefully explain stuff is lost on me. Iíd like to blame it on the fact that his explanations, even when delivered carefully, zip past my brain so fast that my head swims. To slow him down only mystifies him because he cannot imagine how little I know about this as compared to him. He has grown up with the stuff. Iím still trying to figure out how to use my TV ďclicker,Ē that is, when I can find it. As a last resort, he wrote out instructions on how to use this device so I could access my VCR or DVD player whatever that thing might be that allows me to see movies occasionally. I still have to telephone him to go over it with me. I know the child thinks he really has an idiot for a grandmother. If he only knew!

  Despite my irritation and incompetence with computers, I just had to have a ďsmart phone.Ē Why I do not know except that I could see the many advantages of having all that great internet information, data, current news, good reading, and a telephone all in one device. In four weeks, Iíve managed to make phone calls, access CNN, find the nearest Subway, and make photos of dubious quality. Iím pretty proud of myself except that I too often just barely tip a phone number which results in calling folks that donít need to hear one thing from me. So while Iím crowing on my success, Iím still challenged and have now also become a nuisance. Cannot win!


  Mary Jane Owen is a veteran educator. She has two children, one grandson and is a member of the McDonough Presbyterian church. Sheís an avid Braves fan, reads, writes, and gardens.




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