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Godís Glorious Autumn


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  The golden poplar leaf floated down, landing on the deck rail in front of me. I picked the leaf up and studied it while I waited on Pepper to finish his scouting around in the backyard. The leaf had a few spots of green remaining, but the rest was so vibrant in its fall color of gold. I studied the veins, noticed a hole where a bug had eaten a meal, and thought of the many storms it had gone through this year.

  Hummingbirds are still coming through and itís fun to watch how they react to me. Some are not afraid at all and continue to enjoy the sweet water in the feeder while Iím within arms reach. Others dash away as soon as they sense a presence of someone. I know soon I will no longer hear them chattering as they continue to move south. It is a sound I miss until Spring.

  Of course all sorts of Fall Festivals are already underway and well attended. Retail stores have both Halloween and Christmas items for sale and business is picking up. But for me, the favorite part of this time of year is in all the changes of nature. I look forward to seeing what the season will bring us. Fall is the beginning of cooler mornings and nights. Itís when the breezes hold a hint of what will follow come winter. The trees grow more beautiful each day, changing to vibrant shades of golds, oranges, and reds. Hay is being cut and baled during the dry days of early fall, while other fields are being cut and reclaimed from the wilderness they have grown into during the summer months. Muscadines and scuppernongs are ripe and tasty and it wonít be long before the persimmons are finally good to eat. In a short time we will hear the geese and Sandhill Cranes high above us, making their way down south.

  On clear nights, ďshooting starsĒ are not hard to find and there is quietness to the evenings. Most air conditioners are no longer running, people move inside, and with the darkness arriving earlier each day, quiet moments are more readily found. I love to slip outside at night, look up to the heavens and enjoy the peacefulness it offers.

  Iím always looking and listening for new sights and sounds and Iím seldom disappointed. During the late summer we started hearing a unique bird sound and discovered it was coming from a juvenile red-bellied woodpecker, or what I have been calling ďa woodpecker-in-the-making.Ē The favorite hangout for this youth is our backyard and it has been great fun watching and listening to the young one, as well as the teaching parent.

  I like to imagine what God was thinking when He created each season. Spring is fresh and new, summer is ripe and bountiful, winter brings us quiet, but fall is when we see beauty. Autumn takes the dullness out of the trees from late summer and turns them into Cinderallas, all dressed up for the ball. The sound created by the wind rustling through the leaves is a symphony of nature.

  Anxiously I await the first sunset of a chilly night where the breeze will be brisk. The depth of the blue in the sky will be breathtaking, as the birds hurry to find a place to roost in the fir trees. Anytime Iím standing in the midst of nature, I always feel Godís presence, but in moments such as these, I sense He is even closer. If ever you doubt God, simply step outside during His glorious Autumn and pay attention. He is right there amongst His handiwork.


  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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