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Decisions, decisions


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  We make decisions every day of our lives. It can start with what time to get out of bed, which direction to take a walk, or how to plan out the day. It can be a life changing decision needing lots of thought and prayer, or it can be a quick decision you don’t even think about. Decisions of every size, shape and strength, change lives all the time.

  Becoming a Christian means we choose to follow Christ, which is the most important decision we can make during our lives on this earth. Just as the song “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” says, there is no turning back. We may follow along, then hit a rough spot where we teeter on the edge of a cliff, but we will still follow. There will be times when we are all alone in our decision, but as long as we continue to focus on Christ, we will be able to move forward.

  When Jesus said to the fisherman along the water’s edge that day, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men”(Matthew 4:19), they did not hesitate. Right there on the spot, they made the decision to throw down their nets, leave their boats, and follow Christ. For a long time this verse bothered me. I had a hard time understanding how someone should be responsible, yet simply toss everything aside, including their families, to follow Jesus. They did not just walk away, they followed, which is the part I kept missing. Their faith in God allowed them to immediately go with Jesus, because they knew their Lord would take care of whatever they had left undone.

  “Follow the Leader” was a game we played as children. Everyone would get in a line to follow the one leading. Whatever the leader did, be it leaping over a ditch or zigzagging across the yard, the followers were to do the exact same thing, which was sometimes difficult to do. I can remember it being hard to trust some of the leaders to keep us out of harm’s way. In following Christ, no matter what obstacle course our lives take us on, our faith and trust carry us through it.

  In Luke 9:23, Jesus told the disciples to set aside their own agendas and go with Him. How start-ling it is to think about what if they had not done so! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we would all follow God? We must first seek, find and follow, then and only then, can we truly lead. The best leaders in the world are those who figure out quickly they may be in charge, but God is the one who leads the way. We should talk to our Master about every decision we make. With His guidance amazing things can happen, and without it, often our journey becomes more difficult. So much of the time, decisions we make touch more lives than just our own. If we feel we are being led by our Lord to take on a task or move in a certain direction, we may not understand the path He is showing us. We don’t need to. Our job is to step out on faith and follow where He leads. Sometimes we get a glimpse of the outcome, but much of the time we don’t. As long as we seek His will and follow it, then the rest isn’t important.

  No matter what the decision is you need to make, include God in it. Even the little things of life can turn into amazing opportunities to serve Him. There is no better decision to make than deciding to serve Christ!

  “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” is attributed to S. Sundar Singh.


  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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