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  Henry County has been growing so much lately that some places are becoming unrecognizable. In an effort to preserve some of the history of our community, The Times is displaying photos of Henry County from the past. If you can name the persons or place shown above, write us at and tell us about it. In the next edition, we’ll reveal the location of the picture and notes readers send us. Photo courtesy of Henry/Clayton Genealogical Society. Visit the Genealogical Society at 71 Macon Street (in the Brown House) in McDonough Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Last Week's Picture

  Rick Berry tells us, “This is now John Frank Ward Blvd as it was it the 1960s. The courthouse is in the background.  Moye’s back parking lot is now on the left and the Judicial Center is now on the right. You can just see the old blacksmith shop also on the near right.” 

  Janis Price says, “This is a picture of Covington Street, now called John Frank Ward Blvd., as it was before the one way pairs project. The yellow looking building on the right was the former Henry County library. You can see the Courthouse with the clock tower on top. In the area of the old library, now stands the State Court Building.”

  Kat Story writes, “This is a shot of J.F. Ward Boulevard when it was still a two-lane road. The hill on the left side next to Hazelhurst Street is where the McDonough Police Department sits.

  Buddy Upchurch tells us “This is McDonough in the 70s. This photo is taken on Covington Street, now John Frank Ward Blvd. looking west towards the Square. That VW pop-up camper is driven by Charlie Cates.  Probably getting off work from Planters.”

  Ellyne Hand says, “This is Covington Street in McDonough. The piece of building in the right corner is the blacksmith shop. The next building is the library (now at Heritage Park) and the next building is the cotton warehouse. The truck parked out front belonged to Ben Oglesby, the owner of the blacksmith shop. The little vehicle on the other side of the road is the mail car driven by Ronnie Jeffers or Jeffares who has the Heron Bay Pharmacy.

  Clint Castellaw said he walked this street to and from school for 11 years. “This picture was taken comeing from the old McDonough High School street going toward town --with the McDonough Theater on your left --Post Office on your right--Henry County Court House in the distant.

  Pastor Mike Moon wrote to say, “This is Covington Street coming in from the East side of the Square toward the Courthouse. The picture is from the early 1970's because that is my late Father's old pickup truck parked next to Clay Plaza in the far left of the photo. He would go to town and get things at Hammock's Hardware around the corner and a haircut down under Clay Plaza. This brings back good memories right now because I lost him on October 8, 1997. Thanks for the memory.”

  Rob Gulley says, “Looking west on what is now John Frank Ward Blvd from behind what is now Moye's. circa 1976 The fire plug is painted red white and blue.”

  Lucile Jinks Tomberlin writes, “This is the Henry County Court House, taken in 1960's from the bottom of the hill on Sims Street, now know as John Frank Ward Blvd. You can see then Texaco sign of the service station next to the court house at Atlanta Street and the square. Part of the old Post Office facing the corner of Lawrence street & Sims Street. On the left is the Clay Theater facing the square. My! Oh! My! How this street has changes in the past 50 years.”

  Finally, Marvin Davis says, “Planters warehouse back side.  Looking toward the square.”

Have a picture of Henry County as it was? Send it to us at or 35 Griffin Street, McDonough, GA. 30253. All pictures will be handled carefully and returned to owner.



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