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Working Together


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  Pepper wasnít sure what to make of the powerful wind blowing his ears back during our walk this morning. When we first started out he kept his head down and trudged up the hill, looking more like a pack horse, carrying a heavy load, and less of a dog. Finally we made a turn allowing us to get out of the direct line of the wind, and he was able to get back to finding ďfun!Ē It didnít take long for a whirlwind of golden leaves to catch his full attention. Acting much like a choreographed dance, the wind and leaves moved in unison across a yard, whipping up more and more into the funnel, making it look like a yellow creature. I thought about how well these two elements of nature worked together to form this flying color storm.

  For years I have enjoyed hearing the geese and Sandhill cranes going over as they head south for the winter. Then last year I missed them, both coming and going, and now this year too. Sadly for me, Iím guessing their routes changed slightly and while Iím missing out, perhaps someone else has gained the opportunity to enjoy them. It is such a thrill to be able to watch them, particularly the larger groups. When they are so far up in the sky, they look like dots. I love seeing the V formations, but itís quite interesting to see them change leads, watching them work it out. It may take a few minutes, but once they settle into place, they will fly for many more miles before changing again. It makes me think if only we humans could work together as well, we could move through life more smoothly!

  Our bird feeders are active places for various birds and many squirrels. Sometimes they all seem to get along. Often I have observed the furry critters and various kinds of birds taking turns at the feeders and bird baths, as if they are enjoying the fellowship. Then there are times when they seem to all squabble and try to run everyone else off. Yet if a hawk sails through the sky, their differences vanish and they instantly sound the alarms, alerting one and all to run for cover.

  Whenever I hear someone complain about not being able to get along with family members, fellow workers or church members, I think about how some of the best training we can find, is right in front of us. If nature and wild critters can work together, we should be able to do so as well. Thankfully some have figured out how to, with excellent results.

  My Momís Sunday School class is made up of unique and amazing individuals. Their personalities are all quite different, yet they have become a strong support system for each other. If someone is sick, injured, or suffered a loss, they have a calling tree in place, making sure everyone is kept up to date on what is going on. In a short time they know who needs additional prayers and help. Itís sort of like they each hold a link from a strong chain. Then when a situation or concern arises, they work fast to put their links together, forming a chain of love and support around whomever is in need. Their bond of Christian love is heartwarming to witness.

  Imagine Godís joy when we can step over our differences, finding ways to help each other. Sometimes a smile, squeeze of the hand, pat on the back, or a nod of approval can lift someoneís spirit. May we work together for God. When we do, the results will be outstanding!


  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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