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Hey Henry is our own little vent section.  Read others' vents, and post one of your own. You'll never look at life the same way again.

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Hey Henry, a federal judge just ruled that NSA phone spying is legal. Relying on federal government officials to limit the federal government is just plain stupid. They should be renamed to The Department of Redundancy Department.

Hey Henry, I have three words for all of the folks who are whining about FedEx & UPS not delivering their packages for Christmas, Waah, Waah, Waah. Oh, and I have four more words, Order Earlier Next Year!

Hey Henry, did you know our own Mrs. McDonough Plus America 2014 has been seen all over the state of GA supporting her platform “Female Veterans with PTSD related to Military Sexual Trauma and Physical Assault.” She was even on the Dee Armstrong show on the CW in Columbus, GA. We need to support our own.

Hey Henry, I would love for you to wear a dark long-sleeved shirt to do your job in the summer. Especially if you have to do any running. I bet you won’t care about their tattoos if you are having a police, fire or medical emergency - you will just be glad someone showed up to help you. I think there are more things to be concerned with such as seeing the kids with their pants halfway down showing their underwear. Lets start with something that would have a better impact on the younger generation.

Hey Henry, I don’t know about you but I have to say I can’t wait for school to start again. Christmas was good but I’m ready for things to get back to ‘normal’!

Hey, Henry, why is it that politicians make six figures when the people who teach your children and the people who risk their lives are barely making $30,000 and still facing more furloughs?

Hey Henry, many thanks to Mayor Robert Price and Locust Grove City Council and Staff for the delicious Christmas fruit baskets they delivered to the senior citizens in “The Grove.” Their thoughtfulness made us feel very special.

Hey Henry, they must have forgotten to give us our secret decoder ring at our home closing because the covenants we agreed to bear little resemblance to what the HOA board thinks the covenants are.

Hey Henry, to all the tailgaters out there: you are not getting to your destination any faster by following too closely. Slow down and leave a few car lenghts. It won’t kill you and might actually prevent some accidents. Plus that way you don’t look like a complete jerk.

Hey Henry, to the writer who lives next door to the “drug” house, and had damage to his property on December 2, as he/she wrote about, and doesn’t get any follow-up by detectives. Dude, by any chance do you own an aluminum helmet?

Hey Henry, didn’t Warren Weinstein suspect there might be some risks involved when he was offered this job in Pakistan?

Hey Henry, your chosen elected officials will soon be sworn in. How about doing something revolutionary and telling them face-to-face how to improve the quality of life here instead of hiding behind anonymous vents.


Hey Henry, you kids who are throwing bottles at cars are doing a lot of damage ... broken windshields, headlights and other damage. When you get caught it is going to be bad.

Hey Henry, save your money on buying aluminum helmets to ward off NSA and alien mind reading devices. The NSA has already scanned the county and reports no intelligence was found to warrant further monitoring.

Hey Henry, this is for everyone who goes out to eat at a sit-down restaurant. The servers work really hard to earn their tips and that is their livelihood. A lot of people use their debit cards, but when they leave a tip on the card the servers do not get the tips until their next pay check after it has been taxed, so please try to carry a few extra dollars in cash so they can get their tip that day. Also remember that they only work for about $3.00 an hour so they really count on their tips!

Hey Henry, what is the county thinking removing the road at 20/81 and re-opening a new road with no traffic light. The people that make these decisions must be highly educated.

Hey Henry, some may not agree with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, but as an American with freedom of speech Phil has the right to his opinion. This is a problem cropping up all the time - get with the freedom of speech folks. Let folks have their opinions even if it differs from your own! That’s what freedom is all about! That he was fired for expressing his opinion shows how prejudiced the studio has become.

Hey Henry, it appears they have clothed the mannequin on Hwy. 81 so she won’t freeze to death. Phew, I was worried about her!

Hey Henry, what is it about the residents of Henry County not using a turn signal, especially the one’s who drive those jacked up redneck four door diesel trucks they can’t afford to buy gas for in the first place. Anyone with common sense wouldn’t drive one because of the way gas prices are.

Hey Henry, on Dec. 2, between 5 and 7 p.m. some damage occurred to my property. A policeman came out, took a report and some pictures, gave me his card with a case number on it. He told me that a detective would call me and come out to follow up. Two weeks later I have not received a call from a detective much less a visit. By the way, I’m the same person who reported the drug house next door to me. In a previous situation in which I had to call the police one of the policemen indicated the problem was probably because of where I live. That’s odd. I thought the laws were applicable regardless of where I live.

Hey Henry, just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hey Henry, the Stockbridge (Cochran) Library staff is glad to welcome Erica Ware as our new Branch Manager starting January 1. Good to have you with us, Erica. Y’all come by our branch and meet her!

Hey Henry, what happened to the Wendy’s off the McDonough Square? All the lights are off. Did they close?

Hey Henry, I’ll really be glad when the Times fixes the Hey Henry website. (BTW the new email address for Hey Henry’s is


Hey Henry, why would they do roadwork on Jonesboro Road during the busiest shopping season of the year?

Hey Henry, I saw on the news where Henry County police officers are now required to cover up tattoos and body piercings. I think that’s good. Let them wear long sleeve shirts. We need to have a standard for our kids, lets start with county workers and the police department.

Hey Henry, try sleeping fearlessly at night when you live a stone’s throw away from thieves and vandals. When we call the police for their county code violations, no one comes because the violations are minor, thereby encouraging their behavior. We would move if our home was not underwater. Those “neighbors” could care less about their rental houses and it shows, thereby lowering our home’s value further. We are trying to improve our neighborhood and are getting no help whatsoever.

Hey Henry, wanted: one or more slightly used aluminum helmets to ward off NSA and alien mind reading devices. Call 555-0195.

Hey Henry, I wanted to take this opportunity to (again) say, “Thank You” to each of the firefighters who responded to our home back on Sunday, November 10. They are: Acting Captain Erick Shelly, Lieutenant’s Ben Patterson and Marty Miller, and firefighters Harris, Wentz, Dame & Walton. I know you think you’re just “doing your job,” but believe me, for those of us on the receiving end of a house fire, the things you do day in and day out are truly amazing! So, from a grateful heart to a bunch of GREAT guys. Merry Christmas and MANY blessings to each of you and your families!

Hey Henry, I live on a dead-end street and there is an active drug house next door. Traffic zooms constantly to and from this house. A little boy would have been hit had I not saved him. I was nearly hit myself. I called the narc squad twice with no results. I reported it to the police and I was told to call the narc squad. Am I going to the Board of Commissioners? Not if I want to stay in one piece!

Hey Henry, all the concrete they are using between the new road crossing over the bridge at Jodeco is enough to pave another lane. Very wasteful.

Hey Henry, I recently went into a store and their computer was down. My purchase came to $13.39. I gave the cashier $14 and she told me since the computer was down she couldn’t figure out how much change to give me. Have we become so dependent on machines that we have stopped thinking for ourselves? What kind of life will this clerk have if the computers keep going down?

Hey Henry, I still don’t understand the Federal government. They shut down for two weeks and cut off benefits for our nation’s veterans but leave the IRS in operation. They closed and I still paid federal taxes, but the people who provide our freedoms got shafted. DC needs a reality check.

Hey Henry, Henry County residents’ taxes pay for the education of Henry county kids. It’s not a welfare program. It isn’t just one or two kids, it’s hundreds. The Henry School Board has plenty of money. Tell them to stop whining about budgets and the “need” for SPLOST.


Hey Henry, posted this before, never gets posted to Hey Henry ... watched another BOC meeting ... More money spent for engineering services to the tune of $55,000 to design a road ... Henry County has engineers on staff, at least 3 are PE’s ... can no engineer with Henry County design a road? $55,000 could be spent better elsewhere ... HEY HENRY, are you afraid to put this up? Or do you have friends in high places? Editor’s note - We have friends in both high and low places.

Hey Henry, somebody tell Stockbridge the yellow block wall looks cheap and tacky.

Hey Henry, if you are not in the Christmas spirit yet, attend some of the wonderful free events in our cities and churches. You’ll leave with a good feeling.

Hey Henry, call me a miserable Scrooge, but I just don’t think people should ask for help to send them on a mission trip in a Christmas card.

Hey Henry, I thought that all the work on the water/sewer lines was going to be finished by November 27. What happened?

Hey Henry, it looks like the old Truman Restaurant will soon be beyond repair. Another lost opportunity for McDonough.

Hey Henry, I would like to give a shout out to all law enforcement officers in Henry County. We have great officers who put their lives on the line everyday for us. When we call, they are there immediately. They are friendly, approachable, and because they do not display a bully attitude, we feel comfortable when being approached by them. Every time you see one of our great officers, let them know how much you appreciate them and thank them for allowing us to be able to sleep fearless at night.

Hey Henry, you people REALLY voted to increase your own taxes? I have shake my head at how gullible we are as a society. And please spare me the argument about, “this way, others will have to pay for our infrastructure too.” Using that logic, I will have to also contribute to every other county’s infrastructure that I visit. Don’t you see how we are being led into increasing our own taxes. Politicians everywhere can then say, “well, you voted for it yourselves. You have no reason to complain.”

Hey Henry, since U.S. Government employees received unemployment for the shutdown, why can’t teachers get the same for their unpaid furlough days? Time for a teachers’ union in our county.

Hey Henry, to all the people who constantly complain in Hey Henry about roads and the way the cities and county are run: why not go to the meetings or to the departments that make decisions that affect you and try talking to them? These are run by people you elected and they will listen to you. If not, write a letter to one of our newspapers to inform others. Become a citizen advocate and “put your money where your mouth is.”

Hey Henry, the Locust Grove Christmas parade just keeps getting bigger and better. Good job!

Hey Henry, when will Hwy. 81 become a four-lane highway? It is greatly needed since the slowpokes do not know how to drive at least 55.


Hey Henry, while waiting for a train on Jonesboro Road, a young man approached our car and told my 84 year old husband that our tire was flat. As we pulled off the road, he and his buddy hopped out of their white pickup and changed our tire in record time. After a quick tire repair we were on our way. That Saturday, “Southern Hospitality” was shown to us, two visitors from Seattle, WA. Thanks, Henry!

Hey Henry, what happened to getting help in the afternoon at the recycling center? I went there Tuesday afternoon and there was not a person in sight to help me. 

Hey Henry, as a taxpaying citizen of the county I apologize for slow, albeit free, computers at the library. Is there anything else we can provide to make your life perfect?

Hey Henry, I just moved to Henry County after living in Clayton all of my life. You all have nothing to complain about.  I am thankful to live in such a wonderful county!

Hey Henry, it sure would be nice if the City of McDonough would let people know the schedule for trash pickup and recycling especially when it changes for holidays. It seems like they could post it on their website.

Hey Henry, it seems that drivers trying to use the closed Moseley Road do not notice or know how to read “Road Closed” signs that are posted on bright orange signs by the DOT for about a mile before the blocked fencing. They continue to speed down the road and come to a screeching halt at the blocked fence. It would be laughable if not a sad commentary on today’s drivers. By the way, Moseley Road will be closed until at least December 18.

Hey Henry, the Christmas lights at the raceway are much improved, but I would hardly call them a "Gift of Lights" at $20 per car.

Hey Henry, I heard that Troup County has 2 major companies coming to their county. What was the incentive? How many businesses have closed  in Henry in the past year? The county needs new businesses and needs to keep the established ones.

Hey Henry, you can say the economy is bad and not getting any better, but you can’t fool someone with 20/20 vision. From what I can see just about every eating joint stays full daily, shopping centers stay crowded with people buying like crazy and you hardly see any old cars on the road, mostly new cars. Don’t tell me the economy is bad. Maybe for a handful of people.

Hey Henry, a huge shout out to the organization Caring for A Cause! Nikki and Michelle (and many others), you may never know what a blessing you are to the families you work so hard for. I am thankful for what you are allowing God to do through you. You are amazing!

Hey Henry, recently in Clayton County three young children were placed in a home where there was a known pedophile. Guess what happened. Sunday on our streets here in Henry a homeless woman died from the frigid temperatures. A society is supposed to look out for those who can’t look out for themselves. And we refer to ourselves as part of the Bible Belt. This is one Christian woman that hangs her head in shame. WWJD?


Hey Henry, sad to say, the widening of Hwy. 81 was going to be funded by the metro Atlanta T-SPLOST in 2012. It was voted down. Improving our roads costs money.

Hey Henry, can’t the County’s technology department help speed up the computers at the County libraries? The computers choke up too frequently. Didn’t the County put in supercable or super servers? What gives? Please somebody step up.

Hey Henry, to the ignorant person who thinks the BOE is paying for principals to go on exotic trips. Please do your research and know that with the BOE applying for the Gates Foundation grant, the grant requires and pays for them to go on trips to look at other schools doing different things. The money is not coming from the BOE. Get educated and stop spewing garbage!

Hey Henry, why is it that all I hear coming from the Stockbridge City Hall these days is the sound of shredding? All day and all night.

Hey Henry, how many lawsuits is the county subjecting itself to due to the terrible construction and design of the new replacement bridge on Walt Stephens Road?

Hey Henry, just warning all the unbelievable people out there, who run school bus stop signs, your time is rapidly approaching your first $300 fine. The buses are being equipped with cameras that get your picture and tag number. What a great way to get revenue for the county. So, think about your wallet next time you run one, because you sure don't think about the children that are at those stops.

Hey Henry, I would like to give a shout out to the Union Grove High School Marching Band for their performance at the games this year. Thanks Mr. Kramer for your services.

Hey Henry, don’t despair if you lost an election last week! One city in Henry County has a whole class of jobs just for people who have lost public confidence! No special skills required.

Hey Henry, if Red Oak school on Walt Stephens Road is in Henry County, why are there so many Clayton County students attending school there? There is always a long line of Clayton County plates in the parking lot. If they live in Henry County, they need to register their vehicles in Henry County within 30 days. Henry County needs to be diligent about illegal students.

Hey Henry, the Henry County Libraries are having a blanket drive in celebration of Kindness Week. Bring new or gently used blankets or afghans.

Hey Henry, why is there one police officer that lurks in the Woodland area (Flat Shoals, Old Conyers Road) giving out tickets every morning but no cross guard on Fridays turning onto Mosley from Hwy. 138 - the busiest day of the week?

Hey Henry, I am a retired teacher and Mary Jane Owen contributed to my training many moons ago. Her column this week is right on. I admired her so much 30 years ago and have to say she still knows what she is talking about! Thanks, Mary Jane.

Hey Henry, to the guy who acted like a jerk to the manager at IHOP on Saturday 11/23. I hope your girlfriend dumps your sorry butt. There’s no way you treat her any better than how you treated that manager.


Hey Henry, I have noticed during this cold weather that the mannequin girl on Hwy. 81 East is still dressed in shorts. They need to dress her appropriately. Put her some clothes on or she is going to freeze to death.

Hey Henry, it’s sad that a simple turning lane on Hwy. 81 would have saved two young people’s lives last week. How many more people do we have to lose before we can get some real road improvements on this overcrowded and busy highway?

Hey Henry, I want to give a shout out for the Luella High School Varsity Competition Cheerleaders placing 1st at Regions this past weekend making them the Region 2 AAAAAA Champions!

Hey Henry, the beautiful old house on Macon Street (across from the church) is in desperate need of the Fuller Center. I'm sure the frail old lady who lives there would have replaced the 2 x 4’s holding up her porch by now if she could afford to.

Hey Henry, would like to give a shout out to the Locust Grove High School Wildcats who have made history by making the playoffs for the first time. We are so proud of the team! Thanks to the coaches, football players, cheerleaders, band members and the parents for being such a wonderful part of the Locust Grove community! Go Cats! #65 #77 #42 #1 #2 #3 #31.

Hey Henry, on November 11, 38 parents and students chose to speak out against the changing of school zones for Union Grove/Eagles Landing and Smith Barnes/Patrick Henry. This is a big decision that will affect many families, and yet one of the board members was not present to listen to them. There is not a transcript or video so that member will not know what was said and yet they will still be a part of this decision. What’s wrong with this?

Hey Henry, recently ran out of gas in Locust Grove. One officer stayed with my truck while I went to get gas and another officer picked me up from the gas station. I never got a chance to say thanks to the two officers who helped!

Hey Henry, to the Board of Education: Teachers and staff are getting furlough days yet you are sending the Principals to exotic locations for training? How much did the trips to Florida and California cost?

Hey Henry, to the man who backs into his driveway and shines his truck lights in our living room window every night: Please be considerate of your neighbors.

Hey Henry, someone should tell the “Marietta Chickens” formerly the Braves, that they traded one ghetto for another. Convenient for who, Cobb county? Pack your feathers and leave the state. Professional athletes are overpaid idiots playing kids games.

Hey Henry, since we are talking about our co-workers let me tell you about ours. First of all she talks on her cell phone all day long. When someone comes to the counter for assistance she ignores them. Our boss is also aware of this and does nothing. This co-worker plays games on the computer, reads books on her kindle and stays on Facebook most of the day. Oh yeah this is your county dollars at work.


Hey Henry, we can’t read anything on the banners that are being put up before events. The type is too small and they are too cluttered. What, when, where. That’s all you need.

Hey Henry, congratulations to the 8th grade Ola football team on their undefeated season this year and winning the Henry County title in the championship game. Awesome group of boys and coaches. Congratulations Ola! You went “One More” We are OLA!

Hey Henry, I have always supported SPLOST in the past, but this year I had to vote no. I voted no, not because I don’t believe in SPLOST because I do, it’s a fair tax and some is paid by travelers passing through the county who stop for lodging, shopping at Tanger, eating at restaurants and NASCAR events. I just don’t trust BOC to do the right thing. After the last election and attending Commissioner meetings I have lost all confidence in their leadership ability.

Hey Henry, my kids attend Hickory Flat school where uniforms are required. It sure made things simpler, costs less, and they go to school looking great.

Hey Henry, thank you to all the EMS and police officers who responded quickly to the wreck on Hwy. 81 and Snapping Shoals Road. Please say a prayer for the boy in the car that flipped.

Hey Henry, candidates who leave their political signs along the road after elections need to be fined for littering. After a week any remaining signs should be picked up by city/county workers and thrown away. The roadsides look terrible.

Hey Henry, speaking of school buses. Would it be too much to ask, that they actually turn into a subdivision every now and then? You’ve got a mile-long line of cars behind you on a main road that have to stop and wait for every one of your pickups. Just every now and then, actually turn INTO the neighborhood to help the rest of us out!

Hey Henry, who exactly, is getting “overtime” at the BOE? Nearly everyone is salaried, and NO ONE I know gets overtime pay!

Hey Henry, the paving job on the new bridge on Walt Stephens Road is terrible! It is very bumpy and rough. The angle of the bridge is more dangerous than the old bridge. It makes it even more difficult to avoid the crazies pulling out of subdivisions withouth stopping and looking. The county should expect more accidents.

Hey Henry, to the person last week who wondered if the welfare recipients with 10 - 15 kids will get penalized for not having insurance. They have MEDICAID, and YOU pay for it!

Hey Henry, why should the County provide a vehicle for a top official with the Police Department to drive back and forth to Newnan each day?

Hey Henry, you would think since they built a Tractor Supply on a main highway such as 81, the state or the county would want to put a turn lane going both ways to turn into Tractor Supply. Goes to show you how ignorant the state and county are. I am planning on moving, so don’t tell me to move out if I don’t like it!


Hey Henry, congratulations to the Union Grove High School Junior Varsity football team for a 6 and 0 season. Then they won the playoffs - great job boys!

Hey Henry, we have one person in our office that talks all day, makes coffee 2 or 3 times a day, while their work piles up. The supervisor is oblivious to this. The others in the office see it so I can’t figure out why the boss does not. Some days I just want to scream “shut up!”

Hey Henry, the county needs to take lessons from the state on how to redo roads. In other words, look at how on Hwy. 42 they smoothed the dirt on the side of the road and sprayed hydro seed, then look at Old Jackson Road. It has boulders and no grass seed on the side of the road. Go figure.

Hey Henry, it angers me that DFACS just slaps the hand of the parent or step parent who abuses an innocent child, then that child ends up dead. It truly sickens me to the bone.

Hey Henry, I want to give a big shout-out to the Henry Co. Water Authority employee who picked up all the garbage in front of our subdivision.

Hey Henry, I just want to know, are the welfare recipients who are having ten or fifteen kids so they can live off the government, going to be penalized for not having health insurance?

Hey Henry, don’t wonder what Clayton County would say if our children crossed county lines. They would ask for more state and federal money just like Henry County does. Daily attendance is why no kid is turned away.

Hey Henry, I thought the reason for police officers bringing their vehicles home was so they can be seen and will hopefully deter crime in the area. Why do I see them parked inside garages and hidden away. What purpose does this serve?

Hey Henry, to the person or persons who stole golf balls off of our property on Iris Lake Road the week of October 21. Not only are you a thief, you were also trespassing on private property! Guess you didn’t read the signs. That driving range can double as a shooting range.

Hey Henry, I am so tired of seeing males walk around with their pants below their behinds and their manly parts. It does not look cool, it looks stupid. Why can’t there be a law against dressing this way. If it was a female, she would be arrested.

Hey Henry, folks need to stop taking items to the Salvation Army that should be taken to the dump. They have to pay to have it taken away.

Hey Henry, to the person who blared his horn at my school bus because I was driving 40 mph on highway 81. Thought you’d like to know that you scared an autistic child so profoundly that he cried his little heart out, for the entire ride to school! On any road, other than an interstate, school buses are restricted to 40 mph. Hope you had a good day!

Hey Henry, what is up with the Henry Water Authority increasing rates 5% in this economy? Someone needs to put some control on the board and regulate water rates in the county!


Hey Henry, congratulations to the Ola Middle School 8th grade football team for a 6 and 0 season! Good luck in the playoffs.

Hey Henry, people wouldn’t believe the things that don’t get done just because someone is jealous of who might get the credit.

Hey Henry, to the person who took it upon themselves to pull campaign signs up on Lake Dow Road and McGarity Road. Five of my signs were taken from people’s yards. At $12.50 per sign or $62.50 total, that is theft! Those signs were not in the right-of-way but in people’s yards. Let code enforcement do their job.

Hey Henry, what can you do when you file a complaint about a local business with the BBB only to be told that there is nothing they can do, so you file a complaint, (or try to) with the local city government only to be told that there is nothing they can do and you should file a complaint with the BBB.

Hey Henry, before you vote this year, think about who is pulling the puppet strings.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about the school zones being changed. I would rather see them changed. The overcrowding at Luella High School is ridiculous. If we can get the numbers down at that school it would be wonderful. It is sad when you have one school that is busting at the seams because it is taking in so many areas of the county.

Hey Henry, can someone help me understand why a small motorcade of motorcycles warrant a police escort? Less than 12 motorcycles led by three sheriff and police cars with two police cars on the end. Is this a wise use of police resources? I think not.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about the “Obamacare” website: you forget that we could have had a state operated website if our Governor and Insurance Commissioner were on board. You get what you vote for, so stop complaining and vote differently next time.

Hey Henry, would it be too much to ask for some sort of notice when crews are going to be scraping gravel roads? Speaking as a resident of one of those roads it is highly inconvenient to be stuck at my house without any warning.

Hey Henry, let’s tell our animal control department to crack down on these dogs that are off the leash before a bite happens. They are there to protect the citizens not the bad dog owners. I’m tired of going for a walk with a bat.

Hey Henry, I am just curious how our Board of Education employees are being furloughed, yet several employees are getting a tremendous amount of overtime. Just wondering how that works. If it is work that can’t be done during school hours, maybe those employees should have their work hours changed for a little bit so that they don’t have to sit each day.

Hey Henry, if you live in Hampton, the SPLOST tax looks a lot like the football Lucy holds for Charlie Brown. Don’t keep falling for it, when our elected officials have repeatedly snatched away basic projects that were promised for District 2 in order to fund extras for the rest of the county.

Hey Henry, did you hear that they just hired a new HR lady at the water authority? She is related to someone there. I thought they didn’t hire family. BTW, did anyone see the ad for the position?


Hey Henry, to the BOE once again in a panic wanting to change the school zones. Here is some advice. Leave them alone. They are fine where they are at. Here is an idea, crack down on the Clayton County kids and it might help a good bit.

Hey Henry, thanks to the wonderful person who, on October 15, found my keys in the Walmart parking lot, put them on the driver’s seat and manually relocked my car. I appreciate your honesty more than words can express.

Hey Henry, 17 days now on and they still can’t verify my ID, even after phone calls and uploading ID. When will we see any improvement with the sign up process on this site? By the way, I am a Georgia native born at Ft. McPherson Thanks a lot Obama.

Hey Henry, why do we have HOA rules if the County can overturn them?

Hey Henry, to the people who vandalized our house last week, teaching your children to do this, not once but twice in a weekend is teaching them to be bullies! You guys stole enough of my yard art for it to be considered a felony. The Karma Wheel is Always Spinning!

Hey Henry, will The Times please print a copy of the ballot for the upcoming elections. I want to vote early, but was told I have to drive to McDonough to get a copy of it. Editor - A list of the 2013 Henry County Municipal Candidates is available on page 3 of this edition.

Hey Henry, if you live within the city limits, you pay taxes to the city in which you live in addition to the county taxes.

Hey Henry, when will people learn and understand that teachers, support staff, etc. for our schools DO NOT get paid for the summer. Their yearly salary is divided by twelve, so they receive a check during the summer, but are only paid for days worked. Principals and janitorial staff work during the summer, so they are paid.

Hey Henry, what’s up with the 20 cameras on Hudson Bridge/Eagles Landing. How many people are you paying to watch those cameras? That many cameras are not necessary. And relieving a few of those employees monitoring those cameras could help with funding of the library.

Hey Henry, to the person who picked up my daughter’s loose dog and inflicted injury to it’s leg - there’s a special place for you down there.

Hey Henry, to the lady who was disgusted with me pulling all of the plastic political, advertising and new home signs off of Airline, McGarity and Lake Dow roads. What were you so worked up about? I’m just trying to keep our beautiful roads free of trash. I encourage everyone else to do the same! Don’t cheapen your political campaign, business or neighborhood by using these eyesores! I’ll continue to pull them around my area of town when I see them. Check with code enforcement before you think I am stealing!

Hey Henry, what is with the Square? It may have worked for residents and travelers 100 years ago, but it’s a humongous disaster in 2013. I was stuck with my screaming baby in bumper to bumper traffic on Jonesboro Street on a Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. I’m all about preserving history, but build a bypass. This town is too large for that to be the major junction that it is.

Hey Henry, if we have to pull over for vehicles with yellow flashing lights how will we be able to get anywhere?


Hey Henry, kudos to Brenda Brown in the Henry County Tax Commissioners Office. She went above and beyond to help this taxpayer! Thank You!

Hey Henry, to the person encouraging people to write their senators and congressmen. I have, and for my trouble all I get back are a bunch of form letters mailed by a secretary. These people are so out of touch it is disgraceful. Even when I ask them not to send a form letter for an answer, they do.

Hey Henry, congratulations to the 13 and under Hardknox Orioles Baseball team who won the Super NIT this weekend in South Carolina and clinched a birth to the Elite 32 World Series at ESPN Wide World of Sports at Disney World. Congrats to all the boys and their coach, Dallas McPherson. They were also ranked No. 2 in the nation by USSSA. Way to go!

Hey Henry, I expect our elected officials to lift our town up with pride and respect. That will attract investors. Selfish, ego indulging ‘impersonators’ on the 5 o’clock news at our expense are disgusting. These people don’t have the best interests of the city in mind as they sling mud at each other. With all the chaos they created, it will take three police departments to handle all the complaints generated just from these candidates.

Hey Henry, since federal workers are applying for unemployment, shouldn’t Henry County Board of Education employees be eligible to apply for unemployment? It’s not like they are laid off, it’s just a temporary lay off.

Hey Henry, to the person on River Road and Highway 81, they are what they throw out. “Trash.” I saw a man throw a Coke can out on Highway 42 right at the light in Locust Grove. Makes you sick.

Hey Henry, the scarecrows on the Square are awesome!

Hey Henry, last week was the first of a monthly marathon of holidays vacations for our schools. Someone needs to rethink this schedule! Starting school a week later in the summer and eliminating this week off would make more sense to most folks.

Hey Henry, why should cleaning the library be a problem? There are plenty of community service workers.

Hey Henry, I would like to send a “shout out” to the announcer for the Stockbridge High School football team. Ever heard of good sportsmanship? Your broadcasting was way too loud, way too biased and way too juvenile! The Tigers and Golden Eagles played an outstanding game. Too bad all the fans couldn’t enjoy their experience at your facility. I’m all for school spirit, but really.

Hey Henry, I don’t understand the federal government. When my cable or internet goes out for a few days, the cable company credits my bill for the days it was out. Will Congress credit my federal taxes for the days the government is shut down? When I don’t work, my boss doesn’t pay me. Will our congressmen deduct their pay for the days the government is shut down?

Hey Henry, why is it so hard to pronounce the word “SPLOST?” It’s not SPLOT or SPLOSH, it’s Lost with an SP sound at the beginning. This is not rocket science, people.

Hey Henry, I will NOT be voting for the candidates who have people standing beside the road waving signs with their picture on them.


Hey Henry, the Library Board can only spend the amount of funds it receives in appropriations. When county library patrons turn out like a real voting bloc, then the Board of Commissioners will find more money.

Hey Henry, my wife and I cannot believe how underdressed some of the girls are at the high school football games. Some of you parents need to pay attention to how your daughters are attired. The devil probably cheers every Friday night.

Hey Henry, if someone is that wrapped up in how big someone else’s truck is and whether or not it is used for work, then I will automatically deduct IQ points! Pickup envy?

Hey Henry, I wonder what Clayton County would say if our children crossed county lines. Not that we would want to, I’m just saying.

Hey Henry, a big “thank you” goes out to Matt of Home Depot in Lovejoy for funding a children’s project at Fortson Public Library in Hampton.

Hey Henry, I once worked for a library in the county next door. If we checked out 700 books on Monday, we checked out 200 on Saturday. I would imagine the only convenience in closing on Saturday is that, in most cases, it is the slowest day.

Hey Henry, thanks to Obamacare, I can now get health insurance! Because of our ages (50s), my husband and I were quoted $32,000 per year in health insurance premiums (not possible for us even though we both work). It’s now going to be $6,000! That’s possible!

Hey Henry, how are two of the HCPD officers that were demoted for the sex scandal able to stay on the SWAT team in leadership positions?

Hey Henry, after seven years, two head coaches and countless amazing softball players, Woodland High School finally beat Union Grove 8-7! Congratulations girls and Coach Kelli for an amazing win and exciting comeback.

Hey Henry, with the mayor race coming up, how do I know if I live within the city limits?

Hey Henry, someone needs to give lessons for the traffic circle at 155 and Fairview Road Why do people insist on stopping in middle to let other sides go? If I hit someone doing this, whose fault is it?

Hey Henry, defoliant was sprayed on the trees in the marsh area feeding into the wildlife sanctuary at the bridge on Eagles Landing ... your tax dollars at work.

Hey Henry, regarding the Libraries in Henry County, they are open every single hour they can afford to staff the buildings. Those Friday closures? Their 52 unpaid furlough days a year for the full-time staff. All staff have taken pay reductions as well, just to keep their jobs and keep the doors open. You said, “Friday closings are convenient for government workers...” yeah, that pay cut is real convenient. Thanks for rubbing salt in the wound. Your time would be better spent calling your elected officials and demanding more library funding.

Hey Henry, here’s a fresh idea. For those politicians who have held office before, ask them what they accomplished.


Hey Henry, the “Thriller Parade” has been cancelled? This was a great event, fun for all ages, spectators and participants. Last year it was over the top terrific! Who makes these kinds of decisions?

Hey Henry, I don’t get why there are kids running track on Hampton Locust Grove road at 6:30 a.m. in the dark. Whose idea was this? Don’t you have a track at the school for this? And I will tell you right now if it were my kid and you put his/her life in danger like this, I’d tell you to kiss my grits. This is dangerous!

Hey Henry, I knew I had read about a job fair in McDonough but couldn’t remember the date. I went to the city website but couldn’t find it. Then searched local papers. You know where I found the information. Thank you for keeping this community informed.

Hey Henry, could the Henry County Board of Education please explain the difference between a displaced child and a homeless child?

Hey Henry, this Obamacare will hurt a lot of us. We all need to write our congressman.

Hey Henry, I’m surprised that many Henry County residents can see where they are going since they have their noses so high up in the air.

Hey Henry, without asking the question, how would the officer have known your daughter’s car had stalled? Is he a mind reader? Seriously, a police officer asking a question to clarify something is not intimidating.

Hey Henry, I’ve worked for service companies for 30 years, and insurance companies prefer you to back into a parking space, so you can see kids who are not in their parent’s control. And people will still walk behind you when you start to back out. Not smart.

Hey Henry, the libraries should at least be open on Saturdays so that people who are working to pay for the library in the first place can actually use it. I am not interested in what is more convenient for the government workers.

Hey Henry, if you do not want to get paid during the summer or during school breaks, become a bus monitor.

Hey Henry, what is being done by the HCPD to make Swan Lake residents properties safer? My daughter’s lawn mower and weed-eater were stolen from their front porch! Many are having their boat batteries stolen and boat houses broken into.

Hey Henry, to the person who backs into parking spaces because they can’t see around their giant SUV well enough to back out safely, maybe you should get a smaller vehicle that you can drive properly.

Hey Henry, does anyone know of a cable company besides besides my current provider that offers a bundle for less than $200 a month? I can’t have Dish due to being in an apartment and lack of exposure to the heavens. I would love to say to present provider, “You are fired.”

Hey Henry, stop cutting down all the trees...

Hey Henry, to the gentleman who let me know my brake lights were not working this morning - Thank You. I was able to repair the brake light switch in a parking lot and get back to being safe!


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