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Take it and Leave it


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  One cold winter afternoon, I stopped for a break of hot tea and settled into my chair by the window. The sun pouring in felt good and I enjoyed watching a colorful show of the various birds arriving at the nearby feeders. It was a good time to have a chat with Jesus about a burden I couldn’t seem to let go.

  Later that day, my dear friend, Val, and I were having a discussion on the importance of turning over our worries to God and walking away from them. For me, the hardest part is the leaving it. Being a “fixer” I often get stuck on trying to decide if I should try and fix something or to let it go. I seem to have trouble saying “Lord, please take this” because I’m wondering if I’m supposed to be working on the solution. The knowing when to let go and when we are being directed to work out a problem is not always as simple as it seems. Or is it? I think we often make things harder because we fail to release the burden.

  I get amused at our pup, Pepper, with his big Milk Bones. He will carry one from room to room, floor to floor, trying to find the right spot to place it. The task can take quite a few minutes as it requires much searching. After Christmas and I’m getting the regular house decorations back out and into place, I too, carry things around. I move from room to room, trying to find the right spot for a special vase, a particular bowl or figurine. As I was finishing up that task recently, it occurred to me, I carry burdens around much the same way. I will bear the weight of the burden for a time, then finally take it to God and give it to Him. Sadly, I too often go back and take it from Him, to again carry it around, trying to find the best path, or the right solution for it.

  It bugs me when I see a problem and can’t help mend it. Recently there was a group of people heading to a meeting, whom I felt needed prayers, so I asked God to guide them. Important decisions were about to be made and I was concerned. After praying on it several times, once again I picked up the burden to carry it around. Before too long I felt led to share something with one of the members of this group. I thought this one individual would probably share it with the others, but interestingly enough, what I shared was needed by that one person. My call had arrived just in time to help them over a tough moment. Wow. I had served God, as how He needed me to, and not as I thought it should be. Gee, how great is that!?

  As Christians, we are given a fountain of wealth. The more we place our trust and faith in God, the more we receive. No, it is not money gushing out of the fountain like water, it is a far greater wealth we gain. When we seek God’s guidance and ask Him to take on a burden, it will be done. There is no limited measure to what we can ask. So why do we feel compelled to tackle burdens ourselves? I don’t have the answer, but I do know Christ loves us anyway and has a plan of action in the works, even when we are carrying them around like a bone. May we grow in strength and wisdom, then take it to the Lord and leave it. 


  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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