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Who put the fox
in the henhouse?


Ralph Thomas


  I feel as though I am a voice in the wilderness. I am astounded at how few people think out of the box. I am also astounded at how many people are reactive rather than proactive. Of course, being reactive is much easier than being proactive. Being proactive requires thought and action. Being reactive allows us to simply do what we have always done and think the way we have always thought, thus not requiring much effort on our part. The result is we then have to deal with the consequences.

  About a year ago I wrote an article titled The Problem is Us. When writing it, I understood I was a voice in the wilderness. My premise was and still is that our current president’s election to the office of President of the United States was “allowed” by a lazy electorate. He was then “allowed” to force his will upon the American people by a lazy, self-serving Senate and House of Representatives, each member of which, the American people also elected. However, the fact that we elected them is something most of us want to ignore. It is easier to point the finger to the president than it is to take the responsibility for making his election and following actions so harmful to our country.

  As a follow-up to that article I began asking people if they voted in the last election. Most said yes, though I knew this would be the case in order to avoid the embarrassment of answering no. I then asked who they voted for. Most stumbled at this point because they didn’t know who represented them even if they voted for them. I then ask the crucial question, “How do you stay in contact with the person you elected?” Again, most people groped for an answer. However, some did say, “I get an occasional email from them.” My last question would usually be, “How often do you email them, write to them or call them? I have yet to find a single person who was proactive in keeping up with the behavior of the person whom they elected. I suspect this pretty much typifies our electorate in general. So, why do we wonder how we got ourselves in this mess?

  The best solution I have come up with in my 60 years of faithfully voting is this: we are electing the wrong people to represent us. I think it was intended we be represented by individuals who represent the diversity of our population. Of course there must be minimum requirements, but they should not be based on occupational status or the ability to attract funding for multi-million dollar election campaigns, thus eliminating housewives, farmers, small business owners, ditch diggers, etc. Instead, we are now represented by those who represent big money interests, many of whom are out of touch with the reality most of us live with on a daily basis. The obvious conclusion is that we are electing these individuals based, not on their experience, but on their ability to fund a successful campaign.

  A December 6, 2013 Congressional Research Service Report showed that in the 113th congress, 55 percent of the senators were lawyers as were 29 percent of the House of Representatives. According to the American Bar Association there are 1,128,729 lawyers out of our country’s population of 317,413,000. This is less than one-half of one percent. Yet, they are the ones who write the laws, interpret the laws and ultimately enforce the laws and eventually reap the benefits of their actions. To me, this is like having a fox in the henhouse. Lawyers are predominantly responsible for writing the IRS Regulations which consists of 73,954 pages, most of which, even the IRS cannot understand. Lawyers also wrote Obamacare, which currently totals over 20,000 pages, with more to come. Now it appears, even those who wrote Obamacare do not understand it. How does this relate to us?

  Our most precious resource is our children. Therefore, we must pay closer attention to those issues that affect our educational system which, many would agree, is being ravaged by government bureaucracy on all levels. Therefore, the current controversy over the new healthcare plan offered to 650,000 teachers and other state employees threatens to have disastrous long-term consequences. There are strong indications the healthcare plan changes are the direct result of Obamacare. But, I ask, where were the current protestors when they first heard about a possible change in our healthcare? My grandpa used to tell me it was too late to shut the barn door if the cows were already out.

  I, too, am saddened over the healthcare dilemma. I will be even more saddened if, at election time, we continue to elect and re-elect those who do not adequately represent us. Let’s get the foxes out of the henhouse.




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