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A Simple Cog


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  Each morning during prayer time I ask God to please embrace adults, children and animals, who are homeless, hungry, abused and afraid. Even in their darkest moments I want them to feel the love of Christ hugging them. I do the same prayer when I see someone stranded on the side of the road or when I know someone is hurting. This occurred yesterday when I was in the grocery store.

  A young woman walked through the doors and came over immediately to the sales associate helping me. Tears ran down the woman’s face as she talked to the clerk. I couldn’t hear the conversation, so I was startled when the employee asked me if I knew where the young woman could get financial aid. It seems the young woman needed immediate help or she would lose her home. At first I thought the sales person knew this troubled soul, but soon realized she did not. I did however quickly recognize she was a Christian. Simultaneously we ask this troubled person her first name so we could pray for her, and she said “Jenny.” I felt troubled for Jenny when she told us she had given up on God because He had let her down. Not only are we now praying for Jenny to get the help she needs, we are praying for her to not give up on God, because He surely has not given up on her.

  Prayer is such a powerful thing and when we trust God to already be working on the solution, it will be done. I think Jenny was directed to us strangers, not to hand over the several hundred dollars she needed, but to offer advice of where she might gain help, as well as to lift her up in prayer. Could Jenny have lied about her situation? Absolutely. Though I don’t believe she did, either way, God will be with her. There are times when I am led to pray for a stranger, followed by the push to do more. I know many of us are familiar with feeling “led by God” to do something for someone. It can be something we see, or even a sound in a voice we immediately recognize as a call for help. Perhaps the person you have a conversation with is having a bad day, or has just learned sad news. Something clicks within your heart and you are able to “hear” their need for help. Simple words of comfort or encouragement could be the very thing you are sent to provide. Other times, like yesterday’s opportunity, where I felt the information we gave her, along with continuing to pray, were the responses asked of us by Christ.

  If I see a car broken down on the side of a road, I pray for their safekeeping and for help to arrive. On a rare occasion I have felt an urgency to stop. I always remember how very thankful I have been when I needed help and gained it. Because it is dangerous, I leave it up to God. If I’m supposed to do more than pray, He will guide me and I stop worrying.

  When I think of God’s plan of action, I realize many cogs are needed to make the wheel turn. Such as a gear tooth in an old-fashioned clock, each cog helps move the hands to keep time. When we stop and help a stranger, or pray for them, we are one of the cogs sent to be in a certain place at a particular time, in order for the wheel to turn another notch. Isn’t it thrilling to be a simple cog!?


  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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