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Special photo

The Times traveled recently with Tony and Gloria Barrett of Locust Grove on a trip to Eastern Europe. This photo was taken on the Embla Viking River Cruise Ship on the Lower Danube River. They flew from Atlanta to Budapest by way of Frankfurt, Germany and started their trip with a two night stay in the Budapest Marriott Hotel, and a tour of Budapest City in Hungary. Some of the places they saw were Kalocsa, Hungary, Vukovar, Croatia. A motor coach took them on a tour of Osijek, the 4th largest city in Croatia, then overnight they cruised to Belgrade, Serbia. They toured the ancient capital at the confluence on the Danube and Sava Rivers. They saw the Lower Danube, and the Iron Gate, one of Europe’s most dramatic natural wonders. In Vidin, Bulgaria they visited Belogradshick Fortress, which features strange red-colored rock formations and a maze of rock columns and pillars built by the Ottoman conquerors. Next they went to the former Bulgarian capital of Veliko Tarnovo. They saw Traravets Hills and viewed the ruins of the royal castle. They cruised across the river to Giurgiu, Romania and spent the night. After disembarking the ship they traveled to Romania’s capital city, Bucharest and continued on to Ceausescu’s lavish and expansive “House of the People.”


  Want to get your vacation picture in The Henry County Times? It’s simple. Just take us along. Pack a copy of The Times in your bag and when you get to a picturesque location, have someone take a photo of you or a member of your family holding The Times. Then send the photo and information by email to, or by mail to The Henry County Times, P. O. Box 2407, McDonough, GA, 30253. Please include a phone number in case we have any questions.











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