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Eye Openers


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  On a wall in Mom’s house is a painting of the two men on the road to Emmaus walking along with Christ. When Mom’s book “Then My Eyes Were Opened” came out, her dear friend Sarah Murray gave her the picture. Each time I view it I feel a sense of calm peace as I recall the story found in Luke. Christ was with them, yet at the time they did not know it was Jesus.

  Here these two men are walking back from Jerusalem, after the crucifixion of Jesus, feeling sad and full of grief. Along comes this man, whom they are kept from recognizing, wanting to know what they are discussing. They can’t believe this man has come from the same direction, but doesn’t seem to know what has gone on. Still not revealing His identity, Jesus listened to what they had to say, then began to give them food for thought. By the time they arrived home the conversation was so enthralling they did not want it to end, so they invited Jesus to spend the night. Finally when they sat down to eat, Christ revealed Himself to them. Imagine the switch of emotion they felt. One minute they were feeling sad, then in the next astonishing instant their eyes were opened to Him. Sheer joy would probably be a good description of how they felt.

  Think about times in your life when your eyes have been opened to Christ. Maybe after a struggle or great sadness you looked back and suddenly realized you did not walk alone through the difficulty. Even when grief hits and leaves you with raw pain, there will be a moment you remember feeling wrapped in His love. Not only were you given strength, but you were guided through the battle.

  Christ is there with us not only during the tough times, but for all parts of our lives. When we include Him in everything, then we find a better journey. It doesn’t mean life is without difficulties, but it does mean we are not alone during those troublesome times. To know the Holy Spirit is within us is amazingly wonderful. Think about the joys we have and how much He has been a part of them.

  As I write this, we are celebrating our pup Pepper. One year ago after a lot of praying over finding a dog, I drove out to a rescue house to see a puppy I had found on line. I remember talking to God on the drive there, worrying if I was making a mistake, when it came to me so clearly, “You will know.” I waited on the porch for the rescuer to bring him outside and when she walked out the door holding this precious boy, it was indeed instant love. Those big ears and melting eyes took less than a second to know prayers were answered. He was the one.

  Ric and I quickly got into puppy mode and it has never been anything less than sheer joy. Laughter had returned to our home. Of course we miss those we had for many years and they will remain in our hearts forever. Time however moves on, and it was time to open our hearts and home to a new one. We are so blessed for having done so. Every day I thank God for bringing Pepper into our lives.

  In those “eye opening” times of our lives, be it during sadness, hardships, or joyful gladness, we are given glimpses of Christ. Through Him we are shown how a door opens or a way is provided that otherwise could not have happened. Hallelujah! God is with us!



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