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Nothing Insignificant


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  The little girl was so excited as she rushed home to tell her Mama the big news. She had been chosen for a part in a play. Her whole body radiated sheer joy, with her eyes shining and ponytail bouncing, while she tried to spill out words to describe the play. Her mama listened then said, “Well, we will need to start practicing your lines,” and the little girl responded, “But I don’t have any.” So the mother asked if there was dancing or playing and again the little girl replied “No.” The mama was baffled as she considered what part was so thrilling to have gained, yet had no speaking or action involved. So she asked her daughter to explain the part she had gotten. “I’m the second big tree from the left!” the child exclaimed. And the mom asked what the tree did and the daughter said “It’s a really important job. I stand there in silence and be still!” The wise mother answered “Then we will practice being the very best silent tree on the stage.”

  As Christians, many times we say to Jesus, “Here am I. Send me.” There you are, ready and willing to serve in whatever the Lord wants you to do. Is it to help someone in their hour of need? Is it to labor in building a home for someone? Is it volunteering at the food pantry? Your energy’s flowing and you’re all pumped up and ready to do His bidding, only it turns out to be quite different from the way you envisioned it. The task is something small, unnoticed, and probably in your mind, unnecessary. The choice of attitudes on what you do next is up to you. You can decide to decline because you are far more worthy of something bigger and more challenging. Or, you can accept the task because you have come to realize, even the tiniest part we play in God’s plan, is bigger than anything we can imagine. If it was given to you to do, it was necessary.

  A dear cousin and her husband recently went on a mission trip to South Dakota with their church. It was a week long trip and before they left, Melissa said she wasn’t sure what part she would be doing, yet hoped it would be something good. So we prayed for it to be what God wanted, which of course, would be good. On their return she called to tell me about it and when I asked what her task had been, she laughed. “I was the support of the support in the kitchen.” Yet she had an opportunity to gain the trust of one who was very leery of outside help. Had she not been the “support of the support,” the chance to build that trust would not have occurred. Melissa listened to God, answered His request and felt joyful for having done so.

  During the play, the second big tree from the left, did a great job. It turned out, the spotlight was on that tree for most of the play as the actors performed under her branches. Her big smile could be seen by the entire audience and as people left the auditorium, they all commented on the smiling tree. It had warmed hearts and lifted moods of many in attendance.

  It just goes to show, God doesn’t hand out small insignificant parts, making every task  important and worthy of our best efforts. Setting aside our disappointments, humbling ourselves before God, leads us to do our best work. We should take the attitude of the little girl in sharing our joy of life, no matter the task.


  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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