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Hey Henry is our own little vent section.  Read others' vents, and post one of your own. You'll never look at life the same way again.

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Hey Henry, kudos to Rodney L. Brown at the Locust Grove Driver’s License office for his courtesy and professionalism. The desk greeters were also very courteous and efficient in welcoming a long line of customers.

Hey Henry, to the adults who joined the library’s reading club: remember to turn in your “bingo cards” sometime in July to be part of a drawing for prizes!

Hey Henry, what’s the deal with the Stockbridge Tower at the intersection of Rock Quarry Road and Eagles Landing Parkway. The money could have been used to keep the libraries open. How effective will it be; especially since it’s view is blocked by a pole.

Hey Henry, frankly, our funding priority must be to fund only those essential projects and/or services that are “basic” and “common” to all of our respective citizens. Moreover, we must further filter those projects and/or services eliminating those projects and/or services that are commercially available and/or prudent for the average citizen to acquire by their own means.

Hey Henry, to the woman who stole my lanterns with my luminaria candles from my front porch, I want to let you know I have video of it. May 22, 10:39 p.m., You drove past my house then turned around, parked your SUV between my house and my neighbors. You ran between my house when a car came by, then you stole my lanterns. This is a felony. Please return my property and I won’t take the video to the police. No questions asked.

Hey Henry, whose bright idea was it to install a 4 way stop at Georgia Hwy. 20 and Eastlake Road. When school starts at Timber Ridge Elementary School traffic will be backed up to Conyers. Smart idea DOT.

Hey Henry, to all those so called good Christians. Leave the judging to God and love your neighbor as God has instructed. I was going to join a local mega church in Henry County, but when I went to fill out the membership form it asked if I believed in the biblical way of marriage. I do, but, I also know this is the U.S. and all people have the same rights. So I left said church. To me that is a form of hate and God is not about hate, but love.

Hey Henry, in these miserable last 5 years, no one can honestly say the libraries were singled out when every department has taken terrible financial hits. I know the library is your pet project, but it may not be the priority of other taxpayers.

Hey Henry, I would like to ask County workers to please stop making our community a cut through. The new street light at Autumn Lake Drive and Hwy. 81 seems to make everyone constantly cut through. We even have up to 10 school buses cut through during school. We only have three schools that should be coming through. We are having way too much traffic cutting through. We have kids in this community and would hate to see one get hit due to you using our community as a cut through. This is a homeowner’s association and we don’t like the traffic.

Hey Henry, to the lady driving the black Tahoe on Hwy. 155 around 3:12 pm. Just in case you haven’t heard it is illegal to text and drive. When you almost ran into the side of the semi I thought you would have been smart enough to stop, but you kept on and almost caused several more accidents.

Hey Henry, I want to wish my husband Don a very Happy 50th Anniversary on July 16! We made it! Thanks for a wonderful 50 years.


Hey Henry, congratulations to the five Henry County Parks and Recreation Special Olympic Athletes and Unified Partners who were chosen to participate in the Special Olympic USA Games in New Jersey June 14-21. They did an amazing job and brought home lots of medals! Henry County should be so proud of these young people and their accomplishments!

Hey Henry, if the global warming crowd is correct, it is too late! China and India, with 2 billion mouths to feed, will never stop industrial output. On the bright side, less fossil fuel will be used for heating and Georgia will be the most popular beachfront vacation spot.

Hey Henry, instead of voting along party lines, why don’t you do some research and vote for the BEST candidate! If people actually voted for the BEST candidate then we would not be so divided as a nation, and the politicians would actually have to work for your vote and be honest. The ugly smear campaigns with the blatant lies are getting worse as we creep towards November. We are surely in a sad state of affairs.

Hey Henry, a couple of weeks ago the buzz was Henry County was finally getting a Chipotle, Panera, and Five Guys. Now you can’t find any information. I called the business license department and zoning department and they knew nothing about it. Is this another cruel joke on Henry County?

Hey Henry, anyone who believes there is a “war on women” has obviously never spent a day in divorce court.

Hey Henry, slow down on Tye Street. Very upset that someone hit one of the 2 adult ducks that have been there with babies by the nature preserve and just left on the road. I have watched these ducks since they were infants. Please slow down by this nature preserve and slow down in general! We need signs there. Those ducks did not move fast.

Hey Henry, I would like to say Thank You to Hope at Henry County Code Enforcement. You do a great job when it comes to crazy neighbors!

Hey Henry, if you believe the county had to make a “choice” between keeping the libraries open and public safety positions, I’ve got some beach front property I'd like to sell you. There are plenty of places the county could have trimmed expenses to keep the libraries open, starting with the half million they spent on new accounting software. Bottom line is, they could have, they just didn’t want to.

Hey Henry, I keep hearing how the county needs revenue. How about enforcing Georgia law that requires owners of rental property to have a business license? You might also find some under appraised houses due to additional bedrooms and/or bathrooms and illegal homestead exemptions, thereby raising more revenue.

Hey Henry, to whomever dumped the 8 puppies at Heritage Park on July 5, you should be ashamed. A policeman found them and they were taken to animal control. Not only did you put your puppies in danger, you also cost the lives of other dogs there, to make room for the ones you abandoned. I don’t know how you sleep at night. Please have the momma spayed, or find her a good home. Oh, but did you dump her, too?

Hey Henry, can we please put an end to tractor trailers on Speer and Walt Stephens road? Traffic is terrible already with drivers avoiding I-75 gridlock and the tractor trailers make it even worse for the residents that actually live in the area.


Hey Henry, to the young man wearing the “Dysfunctional Veteran: Leave Me Alone” t-shirt at Heritage Park: you are welcome in my life and no doubt you are welcome in the lives of the wonderful military veterans who volunteer at the museum at Heritage Park. You matter to Henry County folks. Walk around the grounds of Heritage Park on a regular basis and you will find caring people. Wear the shirt if you want to. My apologies for not leaving you alone.

Hey Henry, car builders quit putting ash trays in vehicles so now people throw their butts along with trash out the window. Quit putting turn signals on vehicles, people do not use those either, and I’m glad you put the idiot brake light on the back of the vehicle, so now people do not have to replace their tail brake lights.

Hey Henry, I think that the celebration of Patrick Henry is racially insensitive. He was for the oppression of blacks, and was pro slavery, and even owned a few slaves. Hypocritically: he is known to be quoted as saying “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

Hey Henry, when you drive down Hwy. 155 please do not throw your trash in my yard. Didn’t your parents teach you how to hold onto your trash until you find a trashcan? What is wrong with you?

Hey Henry, as we enter the political season remember the people (most of them college age) knocking on your door for surveys are volunteering their time. They are concerned about their future. Show some class by not being rude and slamming the door in their face.

Hey Henry, I just want to say Thanks to the HCDOT for finally cutting the grass on Flippen Road.

Hey Henry, the library system is run by professionals who know library law and best practices. They have 5 and 10 year plans in place, including projected growth. They have been warning the BOC for five years that this crisis was coming, and the BOC are the ones with their heads in the sand!

Hey Henry, you work for the county for 8+ years while going school to better yourself only to find out it does not matter. The county does not promote from within. Do you really have to ask why morale is low among county workers?

Hey Henry, can anyone explain why the gasoline gets more expensive just a couple miles east of McDonough?

Hey Henry, a huge Thank You to McDonough Animal Hospital for being a participating veterinarian in the SpayGeorgia low-cost spay/neuter program available to anyone! You are a great help in reducing the cat and dog population by making it affordable for everyone. Now there is no reason to say you can't afford to spay or neuter your pet.

Hey Henry, I was riding by the old Mercer Tractor place on Macon St. and noticed how bad it looked. They have had an auction sign up with a date that is several years old. There is broken glass and weeds too. Why has the City of McDonough not enforced the ordinance rules on the present owner? I smell a lawsuit.

Hey Henry, ignorance is rampant in Henry County. The saying: ‘the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree,’ is true.


Hey Henry, I would like to thank the beautiful, honest, young blond woman at the Jonesboro Road Chick-fil-A. I left my purse in the serve yourself area. I left the restaurant and when I realized my mistake raced back to find she had turned it in. She had babies in tow. I asked if I could buy her lunch and she said no, she worked there. Tears in my eyes and a hug was all I could do. Words can never express how thankful I am for your honesty. Bless you.

Hey Henry, the four way stop at Highway 20 and Eastlake Road is an improvement, but a roundabout is a bad idea. GDOT please put in a light.

Hey Henry, if you forget you have a child in the car you do not need to be a parent.

Hey Henry, will the money for the libraries come from animal shelters, police and fire or senior centers?

Hey Henry, I am sick and tired of hearing about climate change and global warming. I think it’s hogwash. It would help if there were laws in place forbidding developers to go in and clear cut every square inch of property, not only in Georgia but also the world. When I go on an exotic vacation all the natural plants are gone. Replaced by golf courses and palm trees. I want to see the natural beauty of the place that God designed. Not man.

Hey Henry, thank you to Monroe Roark for his article on HCFD on 911 calls and their dispatch of their fire trucks. Good info to know.

Hey Henry, The Board of Commissioners do not believe it is their responsibility to keep Henry County Libraries open. It is their responsibility to decide how Henry County tax dollars are spent. If you want to keep you local libraries open you need to let your county commissioner know. If they decide not to fund Henry County Libraries, we need to vote them out.

Hey Henry, voting for a democrat is like voting for the devil. There’s not a one I’d ever vote for.

Hey Henry, congratulations to Kaye West, who just celebrated her 40th anniversary with Henry County Libraries. She’s still sweet and pretty too!

Hey Henry, as a new resident of Georgia and Henry County, I have two observations. Did everyone around here get a discount for not having blinkers installed or are you just low on blinker fluid? Also, I watched a group clean up along Hwy. 155 in front of Greenwood Industrial and two days later it was totally trashed again. For such a beautiful state, there are a lot of slobs here.

Hey Henry, why do the Locust Grove police have to sit in the middle of the road to give tickets, especially in downtown LG in traffic. #accidentwaitingtohappen

Hey Henry, did any of the library administrators do any budget projecting over the past five years or so? Any competent business does that, so this shortfall in funding should not catch them so off guard. Perhaps they need better financial people instead of all “book” people.

Hey Henry, I have hired a witch to put a hex on all hackers that are messing up my computer and stealing my time.

Hey Henry, to the person that wrote “a Georgia Republican would as soon vote for the devil as he would a Democrat,” how do you know you haven’t already voted for a few “devils” regardless of party affiliation?


Hey Henry, a Georgia Republican would as soon vote for the devil as he would a Democrat. Jason Carter has no chance to be governor.

Hey Henry, in response to the person who wondered why a firetruck comes to a scene with only medical issues: the person may need advanced life support where extra paramedics are needed to assist in difficulty breathing and chest pains. The bigger question is why is 911 is called for a stubbed toe or a toothache?

Hey Henry, the students who didn’t graduate probably failed the EOCT - End Of Course Test. These have been required for years and have nothing to do with Common Core. Many students are struggling with the math curriculum these days.

Hey Henry, to the person or persons at Padres Mexican restaurant on Hwy. 155 South on May 8. On behalf of the McDonough veterans support group, from the bottom of our heart we would like to thank you for your grateful and generous gift over and beyond anything that we could imagine. It is people like you that make us proud to have served and there is a special place for people like you.

Hey Henry, to the person wanting to pave Laney Road: why do you want it to be paved, so you can go faster through here? Most people are going so fast through there that it’s ridiculous. If you don’t like it, then why don’t you take South Ola to New Hope? My family has been living on Laney Road for close to 200 years and even when it was a dirt road we didn’t have a problem. We don’t want a paved road.

Hey Henry, in regards to my new cable box from Charter: I do not appreciate the graphic descriptions of the porn available on pay per view. I don’t want to read about hot girl on girl action or whatever on my screen. The name of the channel should be sufficient for anyone.

Hey Henry, why is it that just when you think someone with half a brain has fixed the traffic lights in McDonough, they get all screwed up again backing traffic up by blocks. OMG! Is it really that difficult to get these lights right?

Hey Henry, glad to know gay people don’t have an agenda. Here I’ve been under the impression that I was a bigot if I wasn’t willing to participate. What a relief!

Hey Henry, to the State DOT: I realize the Jodeco Road bridge over I-75 is a work in progress. But if you had created some turn lanes to access I-75, it wouldn’t now take 20 minutes just to cross over the bridge!

Hey Henry, the rest of society has to kowtow to the whims of a minute percentage of the population? Feeling that an agenda is being crammed down your throat by the media makes you bigoted? If that’s the definition, I’m proud to be one.

Hey Henry, people need to stop judging others. God will take care of that.

Hey Henry, I’ve worked for the county for over 15 years and known Chief Nichols for as long. I’ve had conversations with him throughout my term here and he is a good man. I believe that over the course of time something’s going to happen that can’t be controlled. What I do see is that Tommy Smith wants to be in control ... what’s the deal? Look at the county’s statistics on crime compared to the rest of metro. And Michael Harris was one of the best and the BOC let him go ... for real?


Hey Henry, Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy, Richard Campbell! I love you to infinity and beyond! Dawn.

Hey Henry, on May 20 my life changed, with you no longer in it. Bob Shepherd, I miss you terribly, ache to talk to you and wish I could see your smile. We all miss you and wish you a very special first Father’s Day in Heaven. We Love You Dad!

Hey Henry, Happy Fathers Day John! You are the best dad ever! Love S.

Hey Henry, to my wonderful parental unit who goes by the name of Michael: you’re the best dad there is, by far and I’m so lucky to have you! Thanks for your continued love, support, and guidance. I love you so much!

Hey Henry, Happy Father’s Day to the perfect dad for me! Custom created to be my dad, I couldn’t be more blessed to have Donald Walburn as a father! Now that I have my own child, you continue to be such a positive influence in my life. Love you, Daddy!

Hey Henry, Happy Father’s Day to the best dad around - Clarence Roe! We know our Dad loves us because: He tells us so every day. He loves God and teaches us to love Him, too. He comes to all of our school events. His cheer is one of the loudest at the hockey games. He plays outside with us. He teaches us how to do things like cut grass and fix or build things. He helps us on science projects. He teases our friends. He works hard every day, even Saturdays. He makes us laugh all the time. Dad, we love you. You are definitely the best dad in the whole world, created by God especially for us! Ashlyn and Levi.

Hey Henry, Happy Father’s Day to my father - the marine, the police officer, the fisherman, my role model and financial advisor. I love you. Thank you for allowing me to make my own mistakes and always being there to help me get back on my feet. Love N.

Hey Henry, a big thank you to the most important man in my life, Mike, or lovingly known as “Dad.” Thanks for all that you do, you are THE man!

Hey Henry, I’d like to give a shout out to my father, Jim Allen. Dad, you’ve always been my hero and, as I get older, the father I aspire to be. I love you! Tony.

Hey Henry, Happy Father’s Day to Don Stephens! You’re a great Dad and Papa. We all love you!

Hey Henry, we would like to say Happy Father’s Day to our father, John Gleaton. We appreciate you and love you very much! Daddy you are the Best, your babies, Joshua and Jayla.


Hey Henry, caution to all who work out at LA Fitness. I had items stolen there and I am not the first. I asked about cameras in the main areas or sign postings, but there are none. I filed a police report but don't expect much. This is the second time a thief has stolen items from me in Henry County. Beware.

Hey Henry, in the future, you may rest assured that if each library property contains a basketball court, baseball diamond or soccer field they will never experience one penny in budget cuts.

Hey Henry, as far as the gay thing goes I couldn’t care less about the petty whims of a minute percentage of the population. But on the subject of pedophiles, within the next 20 years they will be petitioning the courts for rights and in some western and New England states they will win.

Hey Henry, I will be glad when the election is over, so my phone will stop ringing off the hook, wanting me to vote for the candidate that is calling. Let me have your number so I can call you and tell you who I am voting for.

Hey Henry, to the people who live on Laney Drive: just because it’s the weekend does not give you the right to shoot your guns all day! Living in the country is supposed to be quiet. Sounds like World War III out here. Plus we have a hole in the siding from a stray bullet. Thanks.

Hey Henry, to all the teachers in Henry County, Thank You for your hard work this last year! Now, I have an opening day assignment: the word of the day should be “converse!” Please teach our youth that “conversate” does not belong in the English language!

Hey Henry, my son tells me that he has my mom on speed dial. Then he tells me, he calls that Instagram! My son, future comedian of America, or at least Henry County!

Hey Henry, my mother instilled in me the value of a thank you note. Dear Sir, Thank You so much for your very generous gift left on the table at the Huddle House last Tuesday evening. Your thoughtfulness has helped to pave an easier road to college graduation. Please know that your kindness was greatly appreciated.

Hey Henry, when are we going to have the much needed new exit (as proposed) I-75 between exit 212 and 216. Looking forward to the congestion relief.

Hey Henry, congratulations to Coach Brad and the 1999 Henry County Girls Thunder Soccer Club on winning State Champs. They will represent Georgia, in Alabama, for Regionals June 12-15. Good Luck Girls!

Hey Henry, based on the new library budget which branches are closing, or are we going to 3 days a week now? What an embarrassment.

Hey Henry, from watching the Commissioners on T.V. it appears that there will be more fiscal belt tightening this year. That is sad, but don’t dare think about raising taxes. They will be high enough when values return.

Hey Henry, the students who didn’t graduate probably failed the EOCT—End Of Course Test. These have been required for years and have nothing to do with Common Core. Many students are struggling with the math curriculum these days.


Hey Henry, if you knew anything about the fire department you would know that most firemen are also trained EMT’s and paramedics. They can often get to a place faster than an ambulance since they are more spread out in the county.

Hey Henry, eshew obfuscation.

Hey Henry, no one ever said you had to agree with the lifestyle, but whoever told you it meant you had morals not to condone it is obviously being raised with the same “morals.” Raising your children to be narrow-minded and unaccepting of our diverse world does, in fact, make you a bigot and very narrow-minded. Maybe a different choice of words would help argue your side a little more effectively.

Hey Henry, why are politicians allowed to enter my home with their messages 10, 20 and more times a day. I’m sure most of you hang up and never hear their message but why do we have to tolerate it? Maybe we should dump the land line. Are you listening, AT&T?

Hey Henry, I will be so glad when the Jodeco bridge project is finished. Hey DOT, can you at least create a short turn lane to get on I-75 so that the traffic will not be backed up for 2 miles on either side of the bridge? Good Giggly Wiggly!

Hey Henry, shame on the person that stole the chain going across the driveway of Ozias Baptist Church and also tried to dismantle the poles. You were trespassing as well as stealing. Use Hwy. 155 and quit cutting through their parking lot. It is private property!

Hey Henry, an agenda is a plan or course of action to control someone’s behavior. This means the people who don’t want gay people to marry or have equal rights have an agenda. Do gay people? No, since they don’t want to control the behavior of others. I’m seeing the word moral used a lot. Let’s be perfectly clear. A person’s sexuality has as much impact on them morally as does their eye color. Also, yes, being against the equal rights of a person because of their sexuality does make you a bigot. Don’t hide from the word, embrace it. You earned it.

Hey Henry, I was told by a parent of a senior at Luella High School that there were several hundred seniors that would not be receiving their diplomas at graduation due to failing the ACT (?) test by 1 to 3 points. These seniors will be required to attend several weeks of summer school to improve their grade before receiving their diploma! I was told this was primarily in math. If this is true, The BOE should have an answer for the parents. Is this a result of Common Core?

Hey Henry, it’s sad when the Henry County Performing Arts Center can’t turn on the AC for the students and their family and friends for a chorus concert. Students were getting sick.

Hey Henry, there are around 30 or so feral cats around the area where the new car wash is in Locust Grove. I was told by animal control that they don’t pick up cats because it isn’t against any ordinances. Ridiculous. Let’s just let them multiply. Makes sense to me!

Hey Henry, in driving around the Square recently, I’m reminded of a comment by the immortal Yogi Berra regarding a super-popular restaurant. He said “Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded.”


Hey Henry, why have the Board of Commissioners not approved any minutes of their meetings? The last minutes approved are for last June. All settlement agreements involving tax dollars should be spread on the public record.

Hey Henry, I want to give a big shout out to my daughter, Amber Hutcheson, on her graduation this week from UGHS! So proud of you! Can’t wait for your next journey...UWG! Love you baby girl!

Hey Henry, for the people who are wishing for a left light signal on Hwy. 81 E. at Bethany Road, try going right on Old Jackson Road for a block, turn left on Bethany Road and you will save time and frustration and possibly be safer.

Hey Henry, why does a fire truck come to the scene when it is only a medical issue?

Hey Henry, the previous comment was incorrect. The 8th Annual Peach Stand Road Race is May 24. Sign up now!

Hey Henry, why are restaurants that fail their Health Dept. inspections allowed to operate before they fix their problems? Also, why doesn’t the inspector post the failing inspection rather than allow the restaurant to post. They leave up the old inspection, endangering everyone who enters the restaurant. If the unit is allowed to remain open and post old inspections, isn’t the public’s health in danger? Why would anyone eat at a restaurant with a “U” score?

Hey Henry, these past few weeks have demonstrated how well the politically correct media have conditioned people to respond to hot button issues. And the kneejerk name-calling has been very entertaining. Thanks!

Hey Henry, so my 15 year old daughter got her learner’s license. Hwy. 81 E. has never felt as dangerous as it does now! By the way, Happy Birthday Choe Ellen Stephens!

Hey Henry, if I wanted my kids to be influenced by the gay agenda, I’d move to Midtown. So, I’d be sort of dumb to send them to an organization that approved of the lifestyle.

Hey Henry, I guarantee you that Karl Rove was bullied when he was in high school. That is the only reason for how he is acting now.

Hey Henry, I hope that fake eyelashes on car headlights is one of those passing fads. The sooner, the better.

Hey Henry, if I hear one more person describe a policy that affects everyone being described as “racist,” I might run into the parking lot, scream and tear my hair out.

Hey Henry, look at the platform of the national party of your candidate. No matter how he/she may deny it, he/she believes in the platform or he/she wouldn’t have chosen that party. So much for voting for the individual.

Hey Henry, not agreeing with someone’s lifestyle choice does not make you narrow minded or a bigot. It just shows that you have some morals and that you don’t condone their lifestyle.

Hey Henry, how many more times does a wreck have to happen at the intersection of East Lake Road and Hwy. 20 for a red light to be put up or an officer there during the school year. The wreck there this morning, 5/13, was really bad! I had tears rolling down my cheeks just thinking if a child was in that vehicle on his/her way to school.


Hey Henry, its funny how people support the freedom of speech until they hear something they don’t agree with.

Hey Henry, why in the world do we allow people to stand at the exit to Walmart (Willow Lane) holding signs saying “Stranded family needs money to get home.” The police and Walmart need to run these people out of that area and the county. I just want to scream “Get a job!”

Hey Henry, amen! To the person preaching about the “no gay Boy Scouts or masters” being a shame. Being gay is not a crime and neither is the narrow minded person saying gay Scoutmasters are pedophiles. The only problem in this equation is this person who made such an ignorant comment. He must be the pedophile looking at little girls inappropriately since he seems to think a gay Scoutmaster would look at little boys inappropriately. Welcome to 2014. Your ignorance is not welcome here.

Hey Henry, imagine, I was intelligent enough to write a Hey Henry, but somehow too dumb to know the difference between pedophilia and being gay. Thanks to the politically correct for the “opinion,” but I'll never give another dime to the Scouts.

Hey Henry, why not just let Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts go camping together? That’s the next logical step.

Hey Henry, Laney Road between South Ola and New Hope really needs to be paved. It would make sense for the crew to do it while they are in the area.

Hey Henry, too many family members working for the county - mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, in-laws. I think its time to privatize non-emergency county employees. That way we can pay our first responders what they deserve!

Hey Henry, I think Publix at Lake Dow needs to cut down those holly bushes at the end of the lanes by the store. It is really hard to see around them for oncoming cars.

Hey Henry, in regard to the person who agrees with not voting for attorneys nor career politicians, and also won’t vote for any Republicans. This is one of the biggest reasons this country is in the mess it’s in. Look at the character and accomplishments, not the party affiliation of the candidates, then cast your vote for the one that you can support. Blindly following party lines gets you nothing.

Hey Henry, we would like to wish our son, Drayton, a very Happy 16th Birthday on May 15. We are very honored to be your parents and you are loved and respected by your four younger siblings!

Hey Henry, it irks me for people to come in at the last minute for situations that they know are going to take a long time to resolve and expect everyone that has worked hard all day to just sit patiently while they tell their sad story over and over. If I needed something taken care of I would certainly go in plenty of time and not expect you to work late because I sat around on my duff all day. Get a life people and show some respect for others.

Hey Henry, over the past six weeks, a recurring Hey Henry theme seems to be that only members of one political party can be Christians. Wouldn’t Jesus be surprised at that piece of news?


Hey Henry, I am in 98% agreement with the person not voting for attorneys nor career politicians. The only difference is I won’t be voting for any Republicans.

Hey Henry, shame on you. “No gay Boy Scouts or Masters?” Being gay and being a pedophile are two completely separate things. One is love and the other is criminal. Being gay is not a crime and doesn’t make you want to touch little boys any more that being a straight grown man makes you want to touch little girls. If you think there isn’t a difference then you should probably stay away from little girls. Shame on you.

Hey Henry, riding your car on the white line, creeping over into my lane and cutting me off, doesn’t indicate that you want to change lanes. That is why you have a blinker! I will let you over, but don’t assume I know what you want to do.

Hey Henry, being gay does not mean you are a pedophile or that your “gayness” will rub off on a Boy Scout. Get your head out of your you-know-what!

Hey Henry, you have my permission to drug test any government employee as long as you still test the people on any kind of public assistance.

Hey Henry, do all liberals have to rant and label those who disagree as haters? Are they all cafeteria Christians who believe some parts of the Bible while forgetting inconvenient ones? By the way, Moses didn’t say that; Paul did. You’d have a better argument if you were a bit more studious.

Hey Henry, from the look of the traffic jams around the new Krispy Kreme in Stockbridge, people in Henry County have never had doughnuts before!

Hey Henry, I agree with the earlier comment. We most definitely need a turn lane from Hwy. 81 turning left onto Bethany Road. Sometimes you cannot move due to the traffic for several lights. It’s ridiculous.

Hey Henry, did you know that storing batteries in your refrigerator or freezer does NOT extend their life? Just FYI!

Hey Henry, it was not Moses but the Apostle Paul who said in 2 Thess. 3:10. “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” That was a command not a suggestion. Feeding the poor and helping people who cannot help themselves is indeed the work of the church. It should not be the work of politicians who want to take money from one person and give to another in order to buy votes. Our giving should be done of our own accord not forced. Let me choose my charity as led by the Lord not the state. And God save us from people who want to use the power of that state to enforce their idea of religion on the rest of us.

Hey Henry, I think that my definition of a vine-ripened tomato and the grocery store’s vary greatly.

Hey Henry, I would like to give a HUGE shoutout to LGHS for their WONDERFUL performance of Annie Jr. last weekend. It was so very well done. I was quite impressed!

Hey Henry, don’t forget the 8th annual Peach Stand Road Race on Saturday, May 24 in Locust Grove. It starts at 8 a.m.


Hey Henry, why don’t we have a drug test for all the House of Representatives, all the Senators, their staff and the Governor’s office in the State of Georgia? Anyone who tests positive is either fired or kicked out.

Hey Henry, loud pipes may save lives, but poor decisions will get people hurt no matter how much noise you make.

Hey Henry, can we please get Hwy. 81 East widened? Pretty please with sugar on top? And maybe a few turn lanes too?

Hey Henry, its a shame that we can’t put our differences aside and work together to make this country great again. We are all in this together, whether we like it or not.

Hey Henry, put my vote in for no gay Boy Scouts or Scout Masters. At some point, common sense has to prevail.

Hey Henry, I’m glad they put a traffic light at Phillips Drive on Hwy. 20. Unfortunately the intersection at McDonough Parkway and Hwy. 20 needs one as bad or worse than Phillips Drive. Maybe in a few more wrecks/years...

Hey, Henry if you are going to call yourself a Christian you should not be following the teaching of anyone but Jesus Christ. Moses said those who don’t work don’t eat, not Jesus. If you spent less time hating Liberals and more time doing what Christ called you to do, you would see that Liberals are those following Christ by feeding the hungry, healing the sick, sheltering the homeless and defending the poor from Republican lawmakers.

Hey Henry, I would like to address all the people I see texting and driving and passing on a double yellow line with bicyclers in front of them. This is on McGarity and Snapping Shoals Roads. Apparently the reason that students in Henry County don’t have any manners or driving skills is their stupid parents.

Hey Henry, in May and November, I will not vote for any attorney, nor for anyone who has served in D.C. for more than six years ... and I won’t vote for any Democrats.

Hey Henry, if the McDonough Police are looking for some extra money they should hang out on Racetrack Road in between highways 42 and 155. Our office is there and we hear cars, trucks and motorcyles roaring up and down the road all day long.

Hey Henry, I wanted to share an act of kindness performed for a couple of classes of Henry County students with exceptional needs.  There was a total of 25 individuals (students, teachers, etc.) that had lunch at Padres on Hwy 81 in the Publix shopping center. We called ahead, and when we walked in the table was set as if dignitaries were visiting! The food was delicious, the restaurant and bathrooms were clean and everyone was so friendly. After having several people running around to meet our every need, the managers/owners, Jonathan and Zaida, paid for everyone’s meal. Please make every effort to support this local business that has been so good to our special students!

Hey Henry, can we please get a turn signal at the light at 81 and Bethany? I’m tired of having to kamikaze it every time I turn.


Hey Henry, to the person who knocked down my mailbox on Prominent Loop, you owe me $100 for replacing it.

Hey Henry, I’m glad our governor and the Department of Community Health has seen the error of their ways and decided to allow more companies to provide insurance coverage for active and retired teachers and state workers. I hope this is not just an election year ploy!

Hey Henry, let me get this straight … someone is arguing that a Republican can’t be a Christian? And I assume the other party that openly supports those that do not work (nor should they eat) and the killing of innocent babies can be? Hilarious!

Hey Henry, I don’t know her name but the new lunch manager at McDonald’s on Hwy. 81 East is fantastic! Everyone is working and she is setting the pace with her energy. Most of the fast food restaurants I visit seem to think customers are looking for “the slow food movement.”

Hey Henry, to the person who wrote that you can take a left on red. There is clearly a sign right on top of the traffic light on the Square that says otherwise.

Hey Henry, I am proud that someone mentioned all of the inconsiderate louts who leave shopping carts. The worst ones leave them in parking spaces.

Hey Henry, thanks to the staff at Fairview Memorial Gardens for the wonderful Sunrise Service.

Hey Henry, should I be concerned with the TV antenna I have on my roof? Can I be sued or forced to take it down like Aereo? What about “rabbit ears?”

Hey Henry, my teenage son knows everything – except how to get a job.

Hey Henry, while I do appreciate the extra parking that our new parking deck near McDonough Square provides, I’d appreciate it more if there was a clearance sign! How do I know if my extra tall van will fit? Spoiler Alert: it doesn’t.

Hey Henry, congratulations to Nick and Bre on their upcoming wedding this Saturday!

Hey Henry, regarding monopolies of garbage service providers. I was skipped twice also because of snow/ice and understood it wasn’t smart to drive their trucks on these type days. But, I called to see if due to no pickup on two paid weeks was I going to get credit for the missed pickups. Their first answer was “didn’t we pick up that week’s garbage the next week? You aren’t due a refund.” The sharp tongued employee held her ground until I insisted I paid a bill for x number of weeks of pickup and I would be shorted 2 weeks at the end of the paid period. Folks, this is what happens when a giant comes in and buys out smaller businesses.

Hey Henry, so I heard that Miley Cyrus had an allergic reaction. Is that what they call drug overdoses now?

Hey Henry, let me see if I understand. It’s ok for gay boys to be Boy Scouts but it’s not ok for a Scout Master to be gay.

Hey Henry, I had a great time at the Taste of Henry on Friday! Can’t wait until next year.


Hey Henry, obviously our present politicians didn’t know my boyhood idol Hopalong Cassidy, who said “If you are gonna ride the white horse you gotta have clean hands.”

Hey Henry, I can’t wait for Friday night and The Taste of Henry. It sounds like it will be bigger and better than ever!

Hey Henry, I’ve attended several recent McDonough council meetings and I’m extremely encouraged by the new and young leadership. Great job voters!

Hey Henry, “Happy Birthday” to Miss Willie Varner on April 20!

Hey Henry, a special “Thank You” to Mr. Billy Grant with DOT, he helped me get out of a ditch last Monday during the heavy rain. It’s good to know there are still good people who will come to the rescue of a senior citizen in distress.

Hey Henry, if you want to complain to someone about the tremendous increase in gasoline prices you should complain to the Federal Reserve Bank about all the money they are printing. Have they not heard of “inflation.”

Hey Henry, I walk most everyday at Heritage Park. I was walking on the covered bridge and found some wood had rotted and you can see down to the creek/grass. If that is not fixed and someone on a bicycle hits it just right you will have a lawsuit on your hands if they get hurt. So I guess you better go check it out and fix it. Also the trails need to be cleaned up as well as the covered bridge area from all the people who throw their trash along the way.

Hey Henry, whenever I go by a newspaper bin and it is overflowing, I find another bin to take my papers to recycle. Apparently this is not the norm because I see them stuffed full to overflowing with the papers blowing everywhere on our streets. Looks just great!

Hey Henry, I would like to give a big thank you to Randy and the mechanics at McDonough Tire on Racetrack Road. You have taken great care of my car for several years now. I appreciate your honesty and friendliness so much.

Hey Henry, turn off those computers and TV’s and read a book! It’s called thinking outside the box.

Hey Henry, what a society! If Meagan Huntsman had some doctor remove those 7 babies a few weeks prior to birth, she would be some feminist icon instead of a mass murderer.

Hey Henry, you are excited to be turning thirteen, and the bowling last Friday night was a scene. When you read this, I hope you don’t find it obscene, but if you were a cow, I’d call you Gene!

Hey Henry, my pet peeve is people who are too lazy and inconsiderate to do the right thing. For example: the shopping cart goes back in the cart return. Not left beside your car for me to hit when I pull into the space.

Hey Henry, I am so tired of trucks hauling dirt on Jones Drive all day Friday and Saturday. The road is only half paved, so you can imagine all the dust spreading from the other half of the gravel road. Who will be pressure washing my house? I also notice that the road has numerous cracks in it now with all the weight from the trucks. Thanks Henry County DOT. By the way, the speed limit is only 25 on that road.


Hey Henry, I drive down Locust Grove Road about every other day. There is an adopt-a-road sign on the side of the road just across the bridge headed towards Noah’s Ark. The sign is misspelled. It says “NAOH’S ARK.” That looks great for our county! Who do I need to call to get them to fix this?

Hey Henry, from what I know about the demographics in the Stockbridge area, the noisy library comment was close to racist stereotyping - check your heart on that one. As far as the employees go, don’t those people wear name tags? Man up and complain to management. There is enough whining on the net without someone with half a college education adding to it.

Hey Henry, good job on Phillips Drive, a new red light at one end and a new intersection at the other. I hope there are plans for resurfacing between these improvements or will this project be put on the infamous “One-Way Pairs” agenda?

Hey Henry, I’ve visited three of the libraries in our county. The quietest ones have no one there.

Hey Henry, chapter 5 page 41 of the 2014 Ga. Drivers Manual states: unless a sign posted at that intersection prohibits doing so, it is permissible to make a “left turn on red” from the left lane of a one-way street onto a one-way street on which the traffic moves toward the driver’s left. You may proceed only after making a complete stop, yielding to all traffic and stopping for pedestrians, and making the determination that you can safely complete the turn.

Hey Henry, what is the body of water called that is located on Avalon Parkway? Does it have a purpose except for breeding mosquitoes?

Hey Henry, since I buy books, own a computer, heating, air-conditioning and have a bathroom, I have no use for public libraries. However, I remember that my college library was as quiet as a tomb. So, unless you are majoring in complaining or attend one of those farcical online “universities,” give that a try.

Hey Henry, to the person disgusted about the new liquor store to be built on Hudson Bridge Road: if you don’t drink, don’t go there, but I am sure you will reap the benefits from the taxes it will generate for Henry County. People that are going to buy alcohol would rather spend it in Henry County instead of Clayton like it used to be. The last time I looked it up, we are still in a free society. Cheers!

Hey Henry, when do you think we could get the Superior Court parking lot cleaned? We have dirt and sand all over the lot left from when the ice storm hit. Looks so bad.

Hey Henry, insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Four children by four different fathers - and you say that we’re psycho?

Hey Henry, so Oscar Pistorius apologized to his dead girlfriends family. I’m sure that meant a lot to them. I hope they find him guilty.

Hey Henry, great job to the H.C.P.D. and all the officers involved in the apprehension of the fugitive that was wanted in Colorado. Let it be known that our police will take out the “TRASH” in our county!

Hey Henry, happy birthday Monterey!


Hey Henry, with all the recent praise for Code Enforcement, what are the rules on having a PODS container sitting permanently in your driveway? I thought those things were for quick storage and removal. The container sitting in the driveway on Flat Rock Road has been sitting there for months. If it is a newfangled tornado shelter, I want one!

Hey Henry, thank you Shamika Shybaby for all that you do! You are the best!

Hey Henry, we’re in the midst of a campaign season and signs are everywhere! I’ve heard some folks complaining about politicians putting signs on property without permission. Well, I hope you know that if you didn’t give your permission you can take the sign down, call the politician to come get it, or call County Code Enforcement.

Hey Henry, how can America help the Ukraine when we are a financially broke nation? It is time for a letter writing campaign to our representatives.

Hey Henry, how about you also teach your child that the officer may have just finished a 12 hour shift without a break and was famished. They do enough for us that we can excuse a *minor* indiscretion every now and then! Trust me, how many doctors, nurses, etc., do you think get the same consideration from the officers?

Hey Henry, I’ve always said, whoever synchronized the street lights on the Square was drunk as a skunk at the time.

Hey Henry, in response to the comment on teaching our children to drive: it is permissible to make a left turn from a one way street onto another one way street after coming to a complete stop at a red light, and then with blinker on, turn left. So, turning left on the McDonough Square is legal. Teaching them to drive responsibly also means teaching them all laws.

Hey Henry, I’m disgusted to learn that a liquor store is being built next to QT on Hudson Bridge Road. Let’s clean up the county, not degrade it and I’m sure it won’t be as spectacular as the one located at the end of Eagle's Landing. Put something useful in the county that will bring up property values, not lower them.

Hey Henry, I’d like to know why the Henry BOC had to hire the Carl Vinson Insititute to search for a County Manager when there was an interim manager (Michael Harris) doing an excellent job with over 10 years experience with Henry County. How much did that cost the county? Why don’t the residents question the average length of our county managers that are hired from out of state? Do some research, usually about 2 years.

Hey Henry, I feel safer knowing that a convicted burglar who drives under the influence and lives in my subdivision is in jail. Way to go Hampton Police Department!

Hey Henry, I usually go to the library in McDonough to study my college coursework, but I’ve recently visited the one in Stockbridge a couple of times, and I’m sure that it is the loudest library on the planet. Not just the patrons, but the “librarians” talk continuously and shout across the building. I guess I’ll make the longer drive to McDonough. #peaceandquiet

Hey Henry, our school test scores had dropped below the state average, which is below the national average. Would someone please explain why so many students graduate with the HOPE scholarship.


Hey Henry, I am concerned about the new companies we seem to have every 4 miles or so along our main roads. These small shopping centers get thrown up in a matter or weeks and all of a sudden we have yet another wing place, nail salon, dry cleaner, we buy gold shop, cell phone store and tanning bed. How much money do the Big Guys get off of these places anyways?

Hey Henry, many thanks to the McDonough police for their rapid and professional resolution to the incidence of violence that occurred on Veterans Drive last weekend. Good Job!

Hey Henry, we need a law stating that the largest print on a bill or statement has to be the interest rate and the amount due.

Hey Henry, when will you ever learn that it’s not a speedtrap unless you’re speeding.

Hey Henry, how can we teach our teenage drivers to drive responsibly? My daughter, who has a learners permit, witnessed a Henry County Police car making a left hand turn at a red light and speed off just to pull in the Hardee’s drive-through line. Just because they are upholding the law, that doesn’t give them the right to break the law! The public is watching you officers, do the right thing all the time.

Hey Henry, kudos to the County for not having Pinewood Studios. We have a enough self-styled entertainers walking around now.

Hey Henry, I want to say “Thank You” to the Henry Co. DOT. for cutting back the brush on Oak Grove Road at Dailey’s Plantation Drive. As a school bus driver you have made my job so much safer entering Oak Grove Road because I can see around the curve now. “Thank You!”

Hey Henry, to the person who wrote in about all the trash on our roads. Look around you, the people that are here now weren’t here 30 years. ago. Different bunch all together. My husband and I have see them tie their garbage bag on the side mirror of their vehicle and let it (accidentally) fall out in the street. Won’t pay for garbage pickup and too lazy to go to the dump. Oh yeah! Different people altogether.

Hey Henry, to the Henry County Police. I know that the north end of Henry County on Hwy. 42 north of Valley Hill Road is close to Clayton County, but let’s not make it look that way. Please tow the light colored vehicle that is on the northbound side of the shoulder, with the 2 right tires off, on jacks and no tag that has been there for almost 4 weeks. I go by there every day to and from work and either no one cares or the HCPD does not want to go that close to Clayton County.

Hey Henry, I was so glad to hear that Courtney Love knew where the missing Malaysian jet was. We can rest easy with her on the case.

Hey Henry, this is for the male without a helmet on the off road motorcycle flying through the cow pasture off East Atlanta Road. It is one thing for you to be a fool; but the red haired toddler sitting between your legs deserves better. How did I know its hair color? You guessed it, no helmet either!

Hey Henry, how is it the City of McDonough does not repair our streets or upgrade or replace other areas, but the City Council has voted to purchase land in a subdivision at the cost of $20,000 plus installation for a water fountain in memory of a council member’s family?


Hey Henry, I would like to know who sets the traffic light on the Square. I travel through the McDonough Square at least four times a day. The red lights need to be checked out. They are not flowing like they should. Going south, the light at the court house, Jonesboro Street turns green before the light at Hampton Street turn green, then you have a backup and you have to sit through at least three lights before you pass through Jonesboro Street light.

Hey Henry, you’re right, being able to look into someone’s house from the street does not make them a peeping tom. Looking in and being caught doing it does.

Hey Henry, I want to give a big shout out to Henry County Code Enforcement Officer, Hope King. You Rock! Thanks for all your help!

Hey Henry, when is the speedtrap city going to list the roads where they gave out speeding tickets in error. The state need to take away McDonough’s right to give speeding tickets for 5 years. Hit them in their pocket book.

Hey Henry, Ola High school staff / parents, please tell your students not to cut through the The Sharon School parking lot instead of waiting in the line of traffic on Wilson Drive. There are staff and students that have nearly been hit due to this irresponsible behavior.

Hey Henry, well it seems Councilwoman Vincent is out of control again and is trying to bully the city council and mayor as usual. Why does the rest of the council put up with her? Time to go, Sandra!

Hey Henry, to the person quoting Matthew 25: please tell me where this scripture says I have to send my money to Washington D.C. for it to be given to the less fortunate. This scripture talks about charity in a more personal sense. It has been proven that conservatives give more of their own money to charity than liberals. Liberals are only generous with other people’s money.

Hey Henry, I think we should change our town’s name from McDonough, Georgia to Forty-Miles-of-Bad-Road, Georgia.

Hey Henry, since the politicians in Stockbridge ran Lee Stuart out of office, who do they blame their problems on?

Hey Henry, what has happened to our county? I have lived here 30 years and it has never looked this bad. There is trash all over the roadsides. Tell me it is not because we have apartment complexes now. The renters have to drive on these roads too. Do you really want to pass by this garbage every day? I am always picking trash in my front yard. Every kitchen in every home has a trashcan, are you really so lazy you can’t take your garbage inside with you? Come on guys, stop throwing your personal trash out of your car window. Everyone sees you, and you know who you are.

Hey Henry, how about some police patrols on John’s Creek Lane to enforce noise ordinances after midnight. Even Chastain Park pulls the plug at 11 p.m. Not every homeowner enjoys your sonic sound get-togethers!

Hey Henry, rumor has it that Pinewood Studios was scheduled to go into the Tara Field location, but Henry County dug its heels in and we lost it, sources close to the studio confirm the rumor.


Hey Henry, tell us who are your nicest/rudest public service office personnel.

Hey Henry, to the Democrat who accused we Republicans of not being Christian. I would ask that they simply look around and see what the last five years have produced - have they signed up for health care, gotten their free phone, drawn their welfare check? Someone is paying for this! Oh yes, I almost forgot - “judge not lest you be judged.”

Hey Henry, why would anyone pay $45 to the Water Authority when they can fish for free along the stream banks on Rocky Creek Road? Nearly everyday there are at least 4-5 people fishing in the stream that feeds the Cole Reservoir. Based upon the license plates of the cars and trucks parked alongside Rocky Creek Road, most of them are from Spalding County.

Hey Henry, I vote Republican and send monthly donations to Good Shepherd Clinic and Our Lady of Perpetual Help, groups that treat only the uninsured. I also write regular checks to the greatest feeders and clothiers in history, the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities. However, I do not advocate using someone’s tax money in order to force them to do similar acts.

Hey Henry, everybody remember to watch the new ABC show “Resurrection.” It was filmed in McDonough and many of your friends are extras.

Hey Henry, thanks for straightening those Republicans out on charity. Now if you could just do the same for that party that supports killing babies in the womb.

Hey Henry, thank you McDonough Police for the great job you do to keep us safe. Not everyone thinks the same way as the speeders think!

Hey Henry, I read Matthew 25 and I’m proud to say that I am a conservative Republican and a Christian. I give to my church and other charities. I don’t think Jesus was telling his disciples to run to the government and demand that they rob Peter to pay Paul.

Hey Henry, to all the wonderful caring people who stopped to see if I needed help on a cold, rainy night this past Thursday on Jodeco Road: Thanks for caring enough to stop and offer help. Almost every car that turned onto Peach Road stopped to check on me. There were more people that stopped than people who didn’t. You all know who you are. Way to go Henry County neighbors!

Hey Henry, I learned two lessons from my cat this week: If you didn’t make a rule, feel free to ignore it. If you can’t be prom queen, at least be drama queen.

Hey Henry, if there’s no such thing as coincidence, why is there a word for it?

Hey Henry, who gives John Kerry permission to send tax dollars to the Ukraine? Just wondering.

Hey Henry, happy 21st Birthday Jacob Smith! Sending you birthday wishes above, wishing that heaven wasn’t so far away.

Hey Henry, HOA = Home Owners Association, not Home Occupiers Association. Stop spending our money to benefit renters!


Hey Henry, every Republican who holds elective office and who claims to be a Christian should carefully read the twenty-fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, especially the last four verses, and then decide whether he or she is a Christian or a Republican. Based on this Gospel, it's impossible to be both.

Hey Henry, why was the paving on East Lake Road stopped at Airline Road? The rest of the road to Hwy. 20 is really bad. Guess they aren’t paving it since rumble stripes have been installed. Also, need a traffic light at this intersection. How many more wrecks or deaths need to take place before something is done here? Timber Ridge school is located within feet of this intersection.

Hey Henry, to the person who agreed with the recent verdict of the Dunn case, the attempted murder charge went out the door when Davis died. Maybe you call it disrespect because he had his music too loud, but I am sure you did some disrespectful things as a 17 year old that adults did not appreciate. He surely did not deserve to die. He should have kept his mouth shut and kept rolling.

Hey Henry, so McDonough police got caught cheating on radar gun locations. What a surprise the cops are not so honest. They think they are above the law. And what about the $165,000 taken from citizens illegally? Is the city going to pay that back? If they don’t then they are no better than the thugs that walk into a convenience store and rob it.

Hey Henry, I don’t think Henry Countians are ‘beliebers.’ We are non- Justin Beliebers. But if the young man can be respectful of neighbors and laws, it’s still a free country. Justin, Clayton County has plenty of space.

Hey Henry, instead of complaining about how you want things to be different, Make A Difference! This year’s Hands on Henry event is on April 19 and needs sponsors, volunteers and projects. Visit for more information and to sign up.

Hey Henry, it would be great if all our towns and cities in Henry County would look to all the local bands and musicians for their functions and festivals. Support our local musicians!

Hey Henry, am I the only person in McDonough who knows you can turn left on red on the Square? Left hand turns on red are legal if you are turning from a one way street on to another one way street. Learn your traffic laws people. You are causing unnecessary traffic jams on the Square!

Hey Henry, the Henry County DFACS office is broken. When you call they leave you on hold for hours. I know from personal experience. Go there, you are turned away and told to call. The Governor vowed to fix this? DFACS Director, Cassandra Jones, what are you doing to fix this? Will it take something tragic happening in Henry County for you to take notice? It’s on your shoulders Ms. Jones. What are you going to do? Be an undercover boss and see how your own system is not working.

Hey Henry, the county commissioners promised to bring jobs to Henry when taking office, so far all we have are near minimum wage jobs at a Home Depot warehouse. This was not anything to be proud of. When will the county do something to draw real jobs to Henry?

Hey Henry, I’ve been married 40 years! Figure if I keep him long enough, he’ll come back in style.


Hey Henry, regarding Michael Dunn who was recently found guilty of 4 counts of second degree murder in Florida, I agree with the verdict. The concern I have is with the comment I heard attributed to the victim. ‘…this is America and we have the right to play our radio as loud as we want.’ I was always taught that ‘our freedom ends at the tip of our nose’ meaning we need to respect the rights of others when exercising our own. Just wondering.

Hey Henry, “Well, let's say this Twinkie represents the normal amount of psychokinetic energy in the New York area. Based on this morning's sample, it would be a Twinkie... thirty-five feet long, weighing approximately six hundred pounds.” We will miss you Harold Ramis.

Hey Henry, as a taxpayer, I want to live in a county where people or businesses that want fiber optics pay for such things themselves. And don’t give me that drivel about business growth. What does a nail salon need with fiber optics?

Hey Henry, what’s up with the detour’s? You get on the detour and they have that road blocked. Work on the Square and the roads at night or plan better.

Hey Henry, thanks to the unknown young lady who is always picking up trash on Crumbley Road. Shame on all you riders on Crumbley Road who throw out your trash for her to pick it up! We should keep Henry clean. What a great example she sets for the rest of us.

Hey Henry, I moved from Decatur, to Jonesboro, to Stockbridge and I finally figured out my error. I didn’t skip a few counties. Hello, Zebulon!

Hey Henry, concerning the railroad platform in Locust Grove--to me it’s a waste of money. Why would you want to stand in the heat/cold/dust and watch a noisy train go by? That money would have been better used to fix up some of the empty buildings and try and attract some new businesses.

Hey Henry, I am so happy there is finally a decent coffee house in the McDonough Square. They are such nice people and make amazingly delicious products! Proud to support their local business.

Hey Henry, when do you plan to have the submission form fixed?
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Hey Henry, so the solution to “peeping toms” is blinds and curtains? Turn our home into a prison? Makes sense, lock the law abiding in so the lawbreakers can do as they please. Wake up! Stop being an ostrich with your head you-know-where!

Hey Henry, why don’t you just put gravel roads coming in and out of the McDonough Square. Lets see how many holes we can dig in the roads. Good Grief.

Hey Henry, I see way too many law enforcement vehicles tailgating drivers without their emergency lights on. If we have to follow the law, then so should you.

Hey Henry, if Atlanta doesn’t want Justin Bieber, or “Bizzle,” then Henry County will take him!


Hey Henry, a special “Thank You” to Henry County DOT workers Josh Combs and Billy Grant for keeping sand on the hill on my road. These two dedicated workers kept the road from being a dangerous and hazardous situation.

Hey Henry, in regard to the comment about the Train Viewing Platform: it’s a Southern Thang. During the early 1900’s, probably up until mid-century, going to the Train Depot to watch the activities (those surrounding passenger train routes especially) was a social occasion. This is documented by articles in gossip columns of various newspapers from that era. Folks back then were more connected with friends, families, and their communities, even if it was just to be a little nosey. No TV, no internet, few radios or telephones, and certainly no cellphones. Don’t make me go Phil Robertson on ya! Wish I could have been there. It would have made me proud!

Hey Henry, a BIG thanks to Georgia Power for restoring our power in 2 hours so my wheelchair-bound husband wouldn’t get any colder!

Hey Henry, how sad that a mother has to blame the school district because she didn’t clear the ice from her own steps! I surely wouldn’t have admitted it to the TV station!

Hey Henry, is there a church anywhere in this county that actually holds regularly scheduled bible study classes? I know more than I need to know about sports.

Hey Henry, a quick fix for cars parked illegally in handicapped spots: take a pic of the vehicle’s license plate and send to the police!

Hey Henry, regarding the Zimmerman comment: and here I thought Fayette County would be the next Clayton. As soon as property values return, yet ANOTHER move!

Hey Henry, to the person shooting a shotgun at 11 p.m. at night around Harper Road and Jones Drive on February 16: this is the reason people get hurt, putting a firearm in the hands of someone who is either intoxicated or just dumb and certainly not following the law.

Hey Henry, I agree with the reader that stated that the train watching platform is a dumb way to spend money. I live in LG and we have been laughing about it since it was announced. Welcome to Hooterville.

Hey Henry, what’s going on at Jodeco Road and I-75?

Hey Henry, I guess Waste Industries realized they messed up after the first snow storm as they offered individualized phone calls and an adjusted service schedule this time. I was impressed until they apologized for the weather and not their ‘poor business choices’.

Hey Henry, when is Henry County going to catch up with other counties and bring fiber optics to everyone in the county. We will never attract high end jobs at this rate.

Hey Henry, congratulations to the 2A Georgia State Roller Hockey Champs - the McDonough Knights. These hockey players did an outstanding job!

Hey, Henry, the train viewing platform in Locust Grove was funded by private donations (to be used specifically for that purpose) and NOT by taxpayers!


Hey Henry, Too bad the Zimmerman fight was cancelled. I wanted to see him try to stand his ground - without a gun.

Hey Henry, while watching the news coverage of “snowmageddon 2014,” I wondered if I was the only one who noticed that all the drivers stuck on the interstates were wearing aluminum helmets.

Hey Henry, if Spring is just around the corner, can someone please tell me where the corner is because I want to go there quickly.

Hey Henry, A huge thanks goes out to Zaxby's on Highway 81 at Lake Dow for preparing and accommodating our students for lunch while on a field trip. The general manager was absolutely wonderful and the employees were patient, kind, and so polite to us and our students!

Hey Henry, in Soviet Russia, homosexuality is wrong and sharing toilet is right!

Hey Henry, I agree with the person who wrote about the icy sidewalk at Ingles in Locust Grove. If a store or business is going to be open they need to make every attempt to keep their sidewalks clear. It’s good business as well as a potential legal issue.

Hey Henry, kudos to the person calling out Waste Management for hanging us all out to dry last week due to the weather. No recovery effort, we are all just out of luck until the following week. Does this mean we will get a discount for the missed week? I doubt that.

Hey Henry, Thank you to the Henry County Board of Education for ... keeping our children's safety your first priority.

Hey Henry, how many of you went to the “Ribbon Cutting” of the Train Viewing Platform in Locust Grove? If this should make the national news, you will become the laughing stock of the South. What a great idea, watching a 150 car freight train rumbling by at 50 miles an hour. Taxpayer money?

Hey Henry, The political situation in Stockbridge is starting to remind me of Loganville a few years ago.

Hey Henry, in response to the comment about the cat problem. I also live in Hampton. I live in the Clover Ranch Mobile Home Park. There is a problem with cats here. I have also called the animal control and was told the same thing. I am an elderly person and unable to go get traps and catch cats. I think that it is terrible that the county cannot do anything about this problem. What are we paying them for? Dogs are not the only problem in this county.

Hey Henry, lets all jump aboard the Phillip Seymour Hoffman bandwagon.

Hey Henry, in response to “Slipped on The Unseen Predictable Ice Dummy” (STUIPD) who wrote about falling on ice at Ingles in Locust Grove. It’s people like you who always want to blame someone else that’s killing America. If you go in a public area two days after a major snow storm and slip on ice, it’s an accident, created by YOU. Either stay home until all the ice is gone or be more careful, it’s not anyone else’s fault but yours.


Hey Henry, people are quick to question county and school closings due to bad weather. They have to use foresight to make those decisions for caution and safety. Did you see the kids sleeping at their schools, and traffic snarls well into the following day? If they are wrong for erring on the side of safety and caution 9 out of 10 times, I’ll gladly take it, especially if what you saw on January 27 and 28 is that 10th time.

Hey Henry, thanks HCDOT for making Old Jackson Road a mudslide when it rains due to your great shoulder work.

Hey Henry, I want to commend the Henry County Board of Education on their decision to close schools on Tuesday even though the snow did not come in until late morning. I heard too many stories of kids in other counties that were stuck at school and had to spend the night at school.

Hey Henry, don’t you just love it when politicians fail to act then try to find someone to blame. At least we know how to vote next election. Great to see that Henry County officials were in good form.

Hey Henry, to the person driving the black Honda around the Square making four turns without using a blinker then continuing down Hwy. 20 and throwing your cigarette out the window: that was so disrespectful. You need to be more considerate with kids in your vehicle. It is sad when adults have no respect for each other.

Hey Henry, to the person with a problem with “peeping toms.” Blinds or curtains will solve the problem. Someone able to see into your house from the street is not a “peeping tom.”

Hey Henry, ok McDonough, you have dug holes in all the streets to repair the sewage line. When are you going to repave all the streets so we don’t have to get the front ends aligned on our cars every week.

Hey Henry, I live in Hampton and called animal control because of the cat problem in my neighborhood. I was told that they do not come and get cats. They told me to come to the animal control center and get a trap and catch the cats myself and bring the cats back to them. So can someone please tell me what does the animal control do? It seems to me that cats are animals to. If I have to do the job for them than I should get a paycheck.

Hey Henry, last Friday I was at Ingles Shopping Center in Locust Grove and slipped and fell on some ice out front. It didn’t appear to have been salted or had any sand put on top. Fortunately I was not hurt, but someone else may not have been so lucky.

Hey Henry, way to go Waste Management. Now that you’ve been able to buy out all the other sanitation companies, you’re unable to handle the demand. Here we sit with trash pouring out on our streets because there was no recovery effort after the snowstorm.

Hey Henry, my extreme thanks to Chelsa at Fantastic Sams on Jonesboro Road in McDonough. I had a hair appointment the day it snowed and by the time my hair was done, which was earlier than I expected, the snow was coming down. Most stores in the shopping center were closed and my ride was not expected for another half hour. Even though the staff were ready to close early because of the snow, they kept the store open for me until my ride arrived. “Southern Hospitality” at it’s best. Thank you for the terrific hair styling and for being so wonderful!


Hey Henry, I’m curious about the comment in Monroe Roark’s article about Smith-Barnes School being a Rosenwald school. It certainly doesn’t appear to have been built in that era.
~Editor - Smith-Barnes Elementary first opened its doors in the Fall of 1955. It was built on the same site to replace the outdated Rosenwald School.

Hey Henry, congrats to the newly formed Stockbridge Business Association ... Community leaders fostering business and economic development in the city!

Hey Henry, it’s very sad when a landowner calls the DOT daily to have memorial items removed from the site where two young people were killed. I hope he sits in his big church on Sunday and asks for forgiveness for trying to have the crosses removed too.

Hey Henry, the folks who turn onto Highway 81 at the intersection of Snapping Shoals Road and Jackson Lake Road are the worst drivers in the county. On top of all the accidents you cause, there are even MORE near misses. It’s not a tricky intersection, pay attention and quit pulling out in front of people!

Hey Henry, I can’t figure out why the Family Dollar store on the corner of Hwy. 155 and Hwy 42. leaves their sprinklers on every time it freezes. Seems like they would turn them off.

Hey Henry, here’s an opportunity to show your support for one of our own in need. Tracy Chitwood, a Relay for Life superhero, needs our help. Come show your support at a benefit breakfast at the Masonic Lodge in Hampton on Saturday, February 1 from 7 until 11 a.m. All donations will help with cancer-related medical costs.

Hey Henry, to the jerk I was behind on Saturday 1/25 driving the black Honda Accord EX going down Lake Dow Road and then down Airline Road: Henry County Roads are not your personal dumping ground. How about paying for garbage pick up instead of riding down the road throwing your garbage out!

Hey Henry, glass house? We have “neighbors” looking in through our front windows and door. We can be standing in the kitchen in the back of the house and they will be gesturing at us through the front door while they are standing in the middle of the street. They think that it’s fun. When we call the police, they tell us to document it. What do I need to document? They’re looking in and saw us. They gestured and we saw them. How about just coming out and enforcing the county code about peeping toms?

Hey Henry, we would like to send a big, heartfelt “Thank You” to the lovely couple who bought breakfast for our family on December 23 at the Cracker Barrel in McDonough. Our son had just arrived from the airport to spend his military leave with us over Christmas. We usually only get to see him twice a year now so you can imagine how excited we were to see him. Once again, “Thank You” for your kind, thoughtful gesture! It’s wonderful to know that the both of you respect and support the military as much as we do! (By the way, the beautiful young lady sitting next to him agreed to become his wife when he proposed to her on January 11.)

Hey Henry, I get a lot of these robot calls at work, at home and on my personal cell phone. I have to wonder about the intelligence of someone who gets taken in by these scams.


Hey Henry, stop with the aluminum helmets, you’re messing up the reception of my overpriced cable!

Hey Henry, why is everyone complaining about politicians? They are all “post turtles” - someone put them there, they did not get there without help!

Hey Henry, some of us are here with out-of-state tags for an extended period of time to care for family. Why would someone worry about me not paying tag tax when I have to in my own state? Wow, talk about control issues.

Hey Henry, they need to paint lines on Postmaster Lane in McDonough when turning onto it from Highway 81. The road is really curvy and people constantly go too fast and cross into incoming traffic in those curves. I hope it doesn’t take a bad wreck to get something done about this.

Hey Henry, I’d like to thank everyone who came to my Mom’s, (Edna Morris’) home going service on January 11. I was very humbled at all the support from all of our Henry County friends. Our county may have grown over the years but we haven’t forgotten how to love and support one another.

Hey Henry, I, too, think we need more unions. Most companies don’t give a flip about their employees and think they can treat them however they want (no raises, no lunch breaks, etc). That is one reason you find bad customer service in a lot of businesses, it flows from the top.

Hey Henry, to the DOT worker tailgating me on 75 going south passing 155 exit then going around to pass without a blinker and no other lighting to indicate you were in a hurry: shame on you. That is not your vehicle. Taxpayers pay for that. You had a Government tag but sped away so fast I could not get your tag number. Wonder if you treat your vehicle the same. (This really irritates me, even now.)

Hey Henry, Spalding County paved their portion of Locust Grove/Griffin Road and it’s the best it has been in my memory. Now it’s time for Henry County to step up and pave their part.

Hey Henry, I just want to wish SMJ a “Happy birthday!”

Hey Henry, why does the Henry County School System think it is ok to use parent volunteers as substitute teachers? The parent volunteer only needs to have a high school diploma or GED, pass a background check and take a 10 hour course. They claim budget cuts, but I want to know where the heck my taxpayer dollars go to if we cannot even hire substitute teachers for our kids? The majority of my property taxes are for schools. Somebody needs to balance the budget!

Hey Henry, I just want to thank Ralph Thomas for his column “Who put the fox in the henhouse” that appeared in the January 15 edition of The Times. It is time to vote some of these foxes out. They are only looking out for themselves and their “friends” and couldn’t care less about their constituents.

Hey Henry, to the person complaining about Henry County Code Enforcement. This county does not have a code enforcement patrol. Five officers cover the entire county and with over one thousand subdivision they don’t have the time to patrol. They respond to complaints called in to the office. So quit your complaining and wasting time with e-mails and instead pick up the telephone and call it in. Remember you can’t live in a glass house and walk around naked.


Hey Henry, did you know that texting and driving is a misdemeanor? Even if you cause a fatal accident because you were texting, it’s only a misdemeanor. Seems like since the government is campaigning so hard against texting and driving it would be a felony with a stiff punishment.

Hey Henry, the state of Georgia seems to be in favor of dead beats. They go around town stiffing people and then just incorporate under a different name and continue doing wrong. There should be a local credit board or website where everyone can see who owes what to whom. I guarantee it would shock you.

Hey Henry, while a private business may be concerned about its employees facing the possibility of black ice or unattended children who aren’t with the public school babysitting service, that business can’t close its doors on a whim. It must make a profit. Think the schools aren’t babysitting services? I’m having to explain basic economics to an adult.

Hey Henry, just read the quips about Fayette County getting Pinewood Studios and extra jobs, the out-of-county kids attending Henry County schools and have only one answer for everyone. Fayette County has smarter politicians than ours. And I’m sure they don’t wear aluminum helmets.

Hey Henry, I was glad to read about BJ Mathis last week. I think she did a good job in Stockbridge from what I read. She also did a good job for Henry County but took the fall due to the lousy economy. If we hadn’t had the downturn/recession we would be naming buildings for her like the Jason Harper Event Center!

Hey Henry, politicians don’t make more money because they are smarter, politicians are able to vote on how much money they want to make and when they receive a raise.

Hey Henry, to the person who questioned “why county employees got the day off” on Tuesday, January 7: county (and state) employees in most of the courts (Superior, State, Magistrate and Juvenile Courts) did not get a day off. These courts were open and dispensing justice.

Hey Henry, it’s pretty bad when you go out to eat and you are the only ones in the building eating. We were there an hour and no one else came in and ate. That should have told us something when we walked into an empty restaurant. The people who own the place and the servers were very rude. The food was nasty and they made us sit there with no drinks the whole time while we were eating. We will not return.

Hey Henry, I can only assume that the person who said “politicans are smarter than teachers and those who risk their lives to defend us” would register very low on the IQ scale.

Hey Henry, law enforcement needs to seriously address the illegal out of state tags in Georgia. Just because they don’t want to pay the TAVT fees shouldn't allow them to break the law by failing to register their vehicles within 30 days. If they live in Georgia they need to follow the laws of Georgia.

Hey Henry, we all know that companies are assuming that they can treat employees any way they want just because they believe their employees cannot find another job. Let’s hope that the unions continue to move south so this can stop. One place that needs a union is the Henry County Board of Education.


Hey Henry, my daughter just went through the Chick-fil-a drive-thru on Hwy. 20/81. She got to the window to pay and was told the lady in front of her had already paid for hers. Kindness still exists! What a great and positive way to start 2014! Thank you!

Hey Henry, you guys that are trying to find a job, good luck. If you can avoid companies that hire family members and friends, you might have a chance.

Hey Henry, to the person who wants to know why politicians make more money than teachers and people who risk their lives to keep us safe. It really is pretty simple. It’s because they are smarter.

Hey Henry, our HOA board said that it is ok for children to play in the streets in violation of county codes because we have so little traffic. That is why the county will be painting double yellow lines on said streets.

Hey Henry, most of the stores and shopping malls are already saying that they didn’t make as much money this year during Christmas. This is a false statement because every store and mall has been packed since Thanksgiving until New year’s. I know this because I work retail. These stores say this because they are afraid they might have to give their employee’s a pay raise. They use this as an excuse just like the Henry County Board of Education uses the excuse of not having enough money in their budget, so they haven’t given their employee’s a raise in eight years.

Hey Henry, I am grateful to have a roof over my head, food and warm clothes. So many people do not have these basic things that you and I take for granted.

Hey Henry, did anyone see the January 2 news story about Fayette County’s Pinewood studio and the high paying jobs, restaurants, and other growth it is bringing to the county? The first movie begins filming at the end of January. Hooray for Fayette. They get a movie studio and Henry County gets more strip centers that offer low paying jobs and box homes. Once again Henry is left out in the cold when it comes to attracting high end jobs and taxpaying homeowners.

Hey Henry, I just wanted to say “Thank You” to the sweet lady that graciously purchased several Pez candy dispensers at Toys R Us and left them with the cashier to hand out to little ones. What a wonderful gesture!

Hey Henry, sometimes I wish that the United States would stop being the police of the world and start worrying about things here.

Hey Henry, I drive a wrecker and pick up a lot of people at the school on Hampton/Locust Grove Road. A lot of these kids live in Riverdale. Isn’t something wrong with that? If these kids live in Riverdale, why are they going to Henry County schools? Someone needs to look into this.

Hey Henry, I can understand why Henry County schools were cancelled for Tuesday. Wouldn’t want my kids to stand outside waiting for the bus. However, I cannot understand why county employees got the day off. I’m pretty sure all county offices are well heated. I only found a few businesses closed. What’s the deal, Tommy?


Hey Henry, a federal judge just ruled that NSA phone spying is legal. Relying on federal government officials to limit the federal government is just plain stupid. They should be renamed to The Department of Redundancy Department.

Hey Henry, I have three words for all of the folks who are whining about FedEx & UPS not delivering their packages for Christmas, Waah, Waah, Waah. Oh, and I have four more words, Order Earlier Next Year!

Hey Henry, did you know our own Mrs. McDonough Plus America 2014 has been seen all over the state of GA supporting her platform “Female Veterans with PTSD related to Military Sexual Trauma and Physical Assault.” She was even on the Dee Armstrong show on the CW in Columbus, GA. We need to support our own.

Hey Henry, I would love for you to wear a dark long-sleeved shirt to do your job in the summer. Especially if you have to do any running. I bet you won’t care about their tattoos if you are having a police, fire or medical emergency - you will just be glad someone showed up to help you. I think there are more things to be concerned with such as seeing the kids with their pants halfway down showing their underwear. Lets start with something that would have a better impact on the younger generation.

Hey Henry, I don’t know about you but I have to say I can’t wait for school to start again. Christmas was good but I’m ready for things to get back to ‘normal’!

Hey, Henry, why is it that politicians make six figures when the people who teach your children and the people who risk their lives are barely making $30,000 and still facing more furloughs?

Hey Henry, many thanks to Mayor Robert Price and Locust Grove City Council and Staff for the delicious Christmas fruit baskets they delivered to the senior citizens in “The Grove.” Their thoughtfulness made us feel very special.

Hey Henry, they must have forgotten to give us our secret decoder ring at our home closing because the covenants we agreed to bear little resemblance to what the HOA board thinks the covenants are.

Hey Henry, to all the tailgaters out there: you are not getting to your destination any faster by following too closely. Slow down and leave a few car lenghts. It won’t kill you and might actually prevent some accidents. Plus that way you don’t look like a complete jerk.

Hey Henry, to the writer who lives next door to the “drug” house, and had damage to his property on December 2, as he/she wrote about, and doesn’t get any follow-up by detectives. Dude, by any chance do you own an aluminum helmet?

Hey Henry, didn’t Warren Weinstein suspect there might be some risks involved when he was offered this job in Pakistan?

Hey Henry, your chosen elected officials will soon be sworn in. How about doing something revolutionary and telling them face-to-face how to improve the quality of life here instead of hiding behind anonymous vents.


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