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Beverly Wittler Columnist

  And the red line comes across the bottom of my TV again…usually it’s not just ‘breaking news’ but ‘bad news’. Guess I’ll call my favorite TV announcers “The Bad News Bears”. But I did love how they highlighted the story of the mechanic stopping on the side of the road to rescue a crawling baby girl from traffic.  Had that happen to me years ago on the way to Griffin. I didn’t get out of the car, nor did the driver in the vehicle meeting me in the other lane. But we both sat blocking traffic as the frantic Mom came running down her driveway to collect the missing toddler. Whew! Another time I had stopped at the Chick-fil-A on Jonesboro Road to grab lunch when I spotted two little children alone in the back seat of a Malibu. Got my food, walked back out to the car…they were still alone. I waited a few minutes, then went in the mall’s anchor store and asked for the manager’s help. But the lady told me they didn’t get involved in what went on outside and she refused my request to make an announcement over their intercom. Next I stopped in the furniture store next door, but again couldn’t get any assistance. Got back out to the parking lot and both children were crying. I was taking out my cellphone to dial 911 when the mom/shopper came walking up with her bags. We exchanged a few words and I reminded her that I had once cooked an egg in my car in just an hour and a half, plus someone could have kidnapped her dears.  She threw her purchases in the trunk and drove off in a huff …and I thanked God the kids were alright but prayed for them to be kept safe in the future.

  So, I MUCH preferred the story about the baby-saver that just kept coming up on all the news stations. Neat that he received some financial rewards from the crew of one TV channel. He not only repaired his former life but he also made a memory for many of us. Will keep him in my prayers too, that he continues to be what God meant.

  And in other happy thoughts, don’t you just LOVE the Steak and Shake ads with the man in the red robe that looks an awful lot like my idea of our friend Jesus? Neat young man with him too and the whole ad is just a bright spot in my day. Plus love the Subaru ads where the workers in their safety hats all let each other know ‘they lived’. I know it’s a promotion for a vehicle but it’s a great warm and fuzzy ad!

  So, everything on television doesn’t have to be sad or scary.  (Almost like a certain newspaper that will only print good news.) 

  I love my game shows, and enjoy learning the occasional new word plus passing it along to the youngest ‘grands’. My latest discovery, that the word ukulele is a Hawaiian word for flea. Huh? That’s really odd. Then last night as I watched my favorite game show Wheel of Fortune, the answer came to me and even as I called it out loud, I said ‘but that’s not the correct wording’. The answer?  “Dri-vers, please start your engines.”

  But it was supposed to be ‘gentlemen, please start your engines.” Found out after talking to son Ron that they changed that announcement once females started steering those race cars around the tracks.

  Okay, I’ve become a little addicted to the TV lately…but at least I’m still learning, and I keep up with weather alerts, missing children, and…breaking news.


  Beverly Wittler has four children, eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. She lives in McDonough with her husband.




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