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Oh my Gosh - It’s August!



  Yes, it is - my most unfavorite month of the year. I have pleaded for years for Congress to declare August unconstitutional and declare two Mays or Junes. This has not prevailed. No, kids, it is not because you start back to school. Even though the traffic does increase by my house - your parents do need to slow down! I don’t think they know that a slow-moving, somewhat blind senior lives here.

  My irate attitude is because August is the worst part of “dog days” - lots of humidity and heat. The garden goes to “pot”. I start thinking that my lack of energy means that I have some sort of incurable disease and begin to visit doctors for a diagnosis. As soon as the cool days of September arrive, I am “cured” and ready for fall vegetable planting.

Gramma Climerhaga - A Canadian heirloom.           Special photo

  I have just planted some new tomato “cuttings” for fall tomatoes (since my present  ones are competing for “who can die the quickest”). My best tomato this year:  Gramma Climerhaga. This is an heirloom that I purchased just because the weirdos on the internet said it was the best heirloom yellow! And it is. Awesome flavor and it survived the wilt and Fusarium, nematodes, early blight and late blight longer than any other (including those resistant hybrids) tomato; all the while producing masses of non-blemished fruit. Of course, those who stop by my little tent would not buy them, because they are yellow.

  That is tomato color prejudice and I resent it, but actually do not mind, because I took them home and enjoyed wonderful tomato sandwiches. Your loss:  My gain!

  No snakes this week! I had the pleasure of watching two guinea hens appear with 20 chicks. So cute!!! They have been wonderful mothers so far. My peacock population of chicks this week was increased by 8 new pea chicks. That makes the total of 15. I would have sixteen, but one ventured into the pen with my Pyrenees dog and he played with her a little too rough - he really did not know - he just wanted a playmate.

  I am preparing to plant some snapdragon and pansy seeds for a fall crop. I have not done this previously, so we will see what happens. I am also ordering seed of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collard, spinach, turnip, kale, mustard and even Brussels sprouts (which I do not particularly like) for plants in the winter months. I love the fall and winter garden - fewer insects and diseases and even weeds. These are also good cover crops for the areas where you are going to plant tomatoes next spring.

  My peppers are doing so well.  There is a problem - I do not especially like to eat peppers; I just like to grow them - yellow, red, green, hot and sweet. Maybe a little pepper sauce and some cut up for soups, meatloaf, and gumbo will fill my freezer. I will have some for the neighborhood.  Roasted Jalapeños are great for chipotle flavor.

  In the flower garden the money plant (Lunaria biennis)  seed pods have matured and I am busy cleaning them for decoration. What a beautiful arrangement they make by just putting them in a vase. 

        When meditating on all these positive activities - maybe August is not so bad after all - just a little muggy!



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