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Praising God anytime, anywhere


Brenda DeLauder Columnist

  “It is good to praise the Lord!” Psalm 92:1. When we are in a joyful mood or enjoying an uplifting service in church, it is easy to repeat those words. Yet during our everyday lives of good, bad and ugly, we may forget about them. Troubles and frustrations have a way of clouding our eyesight and we stop seeing simple joys of each day. We probably think we won’t allow darkness to touch us, but it does anyway. Thankfully, God knows when I need a wake-up call, and this morning was it! During my devotional time, I chose one of my favorite books and read how a simple plaque on the wall changed an attitude. The sign said “try giving thanks”and when the person did, all their troubles began to swiftly roll away. It was just the jolt I needed.

  Earlier this morning I had been grumbling about the messy geese. During various times of the year, a trio of the local geese come from a nearby pond to hang out in our yard. I do grow tired of the mess, but admittedly they are fun to watch and I will miss seeing them when they leave. For now they have become part of the “regulars” who visit our yard. Even the box turtle, who has been around all summer, doesn’t mind sharing the water bowl with them. I praise the Lord for these critters and the enjoyment of having them around!

  The hummingbirds are busy battling each other these days and emptying the feeders rapidly as they grow in strength and weight, before they start their long migrating journey. I was busy at the kitchen sink the other day when I felt “watched.” I looked up to see I was indeed being stared at by a hungry hummingbird at the window. It was time to refill the feeder again and I obviously needed reminding. I praise the Lord for the lighter moment during a hectic day, provided by one of His smaller creations.

  It was late when I finally crawled into bed, more than ready to settle down, unlike our dog Pepper, who was still energized from an earlier visit with our kids. With a running leap, he landed on the bed, where he is not allowed. Instead of getting irritated at him, I just laughed. He gave me the “I’m so cute” puppy eyes and scooted over to my side. In a few minutes he grew sleepy and got down on his own, but I was still chuckling when I turned off the light. I praise the Lord for keeping anger at bay and giving me laughter to melt away my weariness.

  Pepper and Catcher, the feral kitty, have grown to be best buddies. They tussle and fight, then nap together. The other evening after supper, the three of us were coming up the driveway from our nightly stroll. At the same time the neighbor came out with their not-so-friendly dog, who spotted Catcher and started barking. While the kitty moved to his friend’s side, instead of Pepper’s happy squeal he normally shares with the dog, he barked back as if to say “Hey! He’s with me so you leave him alone.” I praise the Lord for bringing these two wonderful creatures, who provide us with unmeasurable joy into our lives!

  For me, God’s wonderful nature and creatures are both reminders and reasons as to why I want to praise the Lord. Praising God anytime, anywhere is a wondrously joyful thing to do for every tiny part of our day, or every miracle along our path in life. Thanks be to God and Praise His name!


  Brenda Nail DeLauder is a native of Henry County. Her heart remains in her hometown.



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