Stockbridge has support in stand against de-annexation

By Monroe Roark
Times Correspondent

Stockbridge has a lot of support in its efforts to halt the proposed de-annexation of its property to create a new city.

More than 100 cities in Georgia have expressed public support for Stockbridge on this issue, according to a statement released by the city last week.

“Stockbridge Mayor Anthony S. Ford, Mayor Pro Tem Lakeisha T. Gantt, Councilman Elton Alexander, Councilman John Blount, Councilwoman Neat Robinson and Councilman Alphonso Thomas are thankful for the continued support of the various local government entities that stand united against a proposal by one group of individuals in the Eagles Landing Area to take existing property that legally belongs to the established City of Stockbridge,” according to the statement.

Cities across the state cited specifically in the report include Atlanta, Acworth, Norcross, Loganville, Albany, Forsyth, Mount Vernon, Clarkston, Lavonia, Barnesville, Guyton and Sylvania. Closer to home, local cities such as Locust Grove, Hampton, Griffin, Jackson, Jenkinsburg and Flovilla have all submitted public resolutions in support of Stockbridge.

Bills currently under consideration in the Georgia House and Senate would allow voters in certain areas of the city to decide whether to break away from Stockbridge and create the city of Eagles Landing.

“[Neither] the governing body of the City of Stockbridge nor the voters of the City of Stockbridge have consented to the introduction or passage of this type of legislation yet such legislation has been introduced in the Georgia General Assembly to de-annex portions of the City of Stockbridge in order to create a new municipality,” according to the city’s latest statement.

“This unprecedented proposal of de-annexation by one group of individuals would have a negative and long-term impact on the value and livability of residents of the City of Stockbridge. The reputable University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government reported that the City of Stockbridge could very well lose between 4 and 7 million dollars in revenue under the proposed de-annexation. This potential financial impact will affect the stability of the City of Stockbridge.”

A town hall meeting was scheduled for last Thursday as Stockbridge officials continued their efforts to combat the cityhood movement.