Henry County's Pet Of The Week

Photo by Seth Jackson

Our Pet of the Week is Molly, a five year old beagle who belongs to John and Jessica Harmon of Locust Grove. “Molly loves to go on walks, but not too far because she’s a bit out of shape. She loves to be pampered by our oldest daughter, Hannah. This includes being snuggled up in an assortment of blankets and pillows. Molly loves to be anywhere we are. She loves to bay and if we start “baying” she joins right in. When we come home after being away for awhile, she often times will bay for a solid thirty minutes because she’s so happy we’re back. As far as treats, she’ll eat anything, except broccoli, bananas, and lettuce. She will go to whatever lengths to get someone’s food. Once, I went to answer the door and when I returned (maybe 1 minute) she had devoured my whole Chick-fil-A sandwich. Yes, she will jump up on the table if she knows she has a chance of getting some food. She also "stole" several cookies from friends of mine who were over and eating them on the couch. She snatched them off their plates when she had a chance. She probably ate four cookies that night. However, when she’s not being sneaky, she loves to eat bacon flavored treats or a simple dog biscuit. All in all, Molly is a sweet beagle. She’s fat, loves to eat, loves to snuggle, and loves our three kids. She has been a great addition to our family over the past three years, even if she has caused quite the ruckus,” said Jessica.